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Big Men, Little People KINDLE Big Men, Little People Author Alec Russell Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk For Five Years Alex Russell Was The Telegraph S Man In Africa In This Witty And Informative Book, He Looks At Africa Through His Encounters With Its Big Men Each One Represents A Theme Which Has Shaped Africa Mobutu Sese Seko Of Zaire, The King Of Kleptocracy Whose Corruption Crippled Zaire, Jonas Savimbi, The Life Long Guerrilla And Symbol Of The Cold War S Destructive Legacy On The Continent, The Quixotic Hastings Banda, The Ultimate Product Of Colonialism And Nelson Mandela, Symbol Of Reconciliation And Hope For An Entire Continent.Despite Africa S 20th Century Record, Russell Detects Signs Of Hope In The Fledgling Human Rights Troupe He Encounters Deep In The Steamy Heart Of The Congolese Jungle And In The Group Of Journalist Keeping Moi S Tottering Regime In Kenya On Its Toes.

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    At the turn of 20th century, Africa was also swept under the wave of democratization caused by the end of the Cold War The author of this book is a seasoned journalist who managed to gain opportunity to interview some of the Big Men, who ruled over Africa After reeling under colonial powers for so long, the wind of change brought opportunities for Africans to rule their destinies by themselves However, some of them are definitely hungry for power than anybody else Set in the 1990s, this book discussed about...

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    Good overview of African political events in the 1990 s and the Big Men who ruled over specific countries.

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