Life in Half a Second PDF/EPUB Õ Life in Kindle -

Life in Half a Second PDF/EPUB Õ Life in Kindle -

Life in Half a Second [PDF / Epub] ☉ Life in Half a Second ❤ Matthew Michalewicz – Life is short too short In the grand scheme of the universe you only have half a second to live half a second to pursue your dreams live fully and succeed You don't have a moment to lose Truthful and Life is short too short In the grand Half a PDF/EPUB Ã scheme of the universe you only have half a second to live half a second to pursue your dreams live fully and succeed You Life in Kindle - don't have a moment to lose Truthful and hard hitting Life in Half a Second is the first fact based formula for achieving success in life and business Proven through thousands of studies in Half a PDF/EPUB å and decades of research it presents the five doors you must walk through to achieve success in your career business or personal life Gimmicks mind tricks fairy tales and wishful thinking NOT INCLUDED Just facts.

  • Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • Life in Half a Second
  • Matthew Michalewicz
  • English
  • 08 March 2015
  • 9780992286101

About the Author: Matthew Michalewicz

Matthew is an international expert in entrepreneurship innovation Half a PDF/EPUB Ã and success psychology He has established boards that include former heads of state Nobel Peace Prize winners and Fortune CEOs and has a Life in Kindle - track record of starting businesses from scratch and selling them for tens of millions of dollarsFrom – Matthew was the co founder and CEO of SolveIT Software a supply chain.

10 thoughts on “Life in Half a Second

  1. Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor says:

    For entrepreneur and author Matthew Michaelewicz the definition of success is simple success is achieving goalsMore than many other writers on goal setting Michaelewicz deserves your ear He’s a serial entrepreneur having founded three successful companies His last was the third fastest growing in Australia when he sold it in 2012 for tens of millions of dollarsThis awe worthy experience means that the book is based on the exact goal setting approach he used to achieve those successesHe maps out his process using a metaphor of five doors the Door of Clarity the Door of Desire the Door of Belief the Door of Knowledge and the Door of ActionOne of the biggest strengths of this book is Michaelewicz’s humanity and likeability You feel like you’re sitting down for a coffee and having a chat with someone who really cares about your successDespite the sheer number of goal setting books I’ve read in seven years reviewing books for personal development magazines Life in Half a Second stands out for its uality – so much better than I expectedDo you need to read it? If you’re unsuccessful lacking goals or failing to achieve them the answer is absolutely yes

  2. Tucker Tucker says:

    Life in Half a Second is a book designed to inspire the audience to take advantage of the current day rather than waiting until tomorrow Within the intro the author gives an interesting analogy comparing the average human's lifespan to the time since the earth was created This analogy puts things into perspective for the reader by making them feel that their life is not as long as they previously thought By helping the reader come to this realization they are then inspired by the feeling that they may not have as much to time accomplish the things they have always dreamed of After the author gathers the audiences attention he proceeds to give in depth instructions on making the very best of each day you have Michalewicz tells many stories within his book that describe the troubles of many different individuals as they rebirth themselves to take full advantage of the half of a second they are given in this world The tone in this book is extremely supportive as if you were receiving advice from a parent or best friend rather than a judgmental boss With this tone the author inspires confidence in the audience by making them aware that change is necessary but without making them feel that they are guaranteed to fail miserably if they do not alter their perspective

  3. Alain Burrese Alain Burrese says:

    I really enjoyed “Life In Half A Second” by Matthew Michalewicz Maybe it is because we both think a lot a like have both learned and been influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger or just because the book is full of a lot of practical solid advice but I feel it is a both a motivational read and a practical how to achieve success formula And it's not because Michalewicz shared a miraculous new discovery to help people achieve fortunes In fact he admits that every success book you read every motivational speaker you hear will present a variation of what's in “Life in Half a Second” It's because Matthew Michalewicz presents the information well and in a way that anyone reading this book can apply it to their own life and situation and live their life fullyAfter reminding us that we really don't have much time here on earth to do the things we dream of Michalewicz shares his five doors to success Clarity Desire Belief Knowledge and Action Within these five doors he shares how to figure out what you want instil the burning desire to see you to the finish line believe in yourself even when no one else does gain the knowledge needed to succeed set goals and overcome the fear that keeps you from acting on them It's simple but not easyI enjoyed the personal examples as well as those of others who have succeeded in various areas I especially liked the times when Arnold Schwarzenegger was mentioned because he is one of the most goal focused individuals I know of and this clarity desire belief in himself knowledge and action enabled him to reach many lofty goals that others said he would never achieve Regardless if you like or dislike his movies agree with his politics or personal choices in some matters he's an excellent example of how success principles can help one attain remarkable success in various professions The book is a uick read but a powerful one if you take it to heart and act on the lessons provided There is that fifth door again action It really is a key to success Pass through all five of these doors and success in your career business and personal life is not only attainable but almost guaranteed And as Michalewicz points out we don't have much time so do it now before it's too late

  4. Paul Bard Paul Bard says:

    The opening and closing chapters are a superbly argued case for urgently seeking the good lifeThe middle five chapters are HOW to seek the good life So what you say I've already heard all about goals desire belief knowledge action If you've heard about them but aren't doing them you haven't really heard about themThis book gives you ears to hear about them because it provides logical structures by which to grasp these realities in each chapter The logical structure of each chapter takes some contemplation and careful comprehension As other reviewers have pointed out it is simple but not easy; it does take some diligent work to grasp the basic laws of success Luckily Matthew Michaelewicz has done much of the work for readers in this delightful short evidence based book; the puzzle of life is clarified here

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    OK so I think this book has changed my life Big statement I know but it is the truthI have already made my purchase through Book Depository and it is on it's way I will be rereading this book and making my way throught he exercises in a conscientious mannerI have read uite a few self developmentbusiness mindset books and I am so glad that I came across this book Yet another book that caught my eye while I was at work Shelving it as a reuest for pick up by a customer I believe that these little incidences in life happen for a reason and I am even pumped to be a life long learner like foreverIf you are finding a way to push past your current limitation then grab this book from your library and give it a go at leastHighly recommended for anyone looking to boost your self belief to create change in your life and a how to tool for goal setting

  6. Manny Manny says:

    Michael struck a cord with me initially with his references to space and time and also to Arnie who I respect tremendously As the book went on I found the science and clarity around the 5 steps simple but amazingly true and I would say this is a life changing book so far if there is such a thing I have become much focused on my goals and achieved in 3 months than I have in 24 months prior Its the book now that I go to over again as the one I really trust to get me back on track when it comes to achieving my goals Awesome

  7. Khoa Khoa says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING The author elegantly and simply explains success and how we can achieve He does an amazing job of conveying his points in a simple way of something that usually is and often complex or often described in a complex manner Matthew basically gives us a system to succeed on a silver platter All in less than 200 pages He not only labels WHAT but he elaborates on HOW Which is the amazing part Would highly recommend for anyone looking to succeed in any endeavor Officially takes the spot as my most favourite book

  8. Grace Mwaura Grace Mwaura says:

    I am not an entrepreneur neither do i read self help books But my friend convinced me to read this short book which I have thoroughly enjoyed as a pace setter for 2017 and beyond

  9. pexfa pexfa says:

    Do you have big goals? Do you want to achieve them but don’t know how? Are you frustrated by a lack of clarity in your life? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels forever working earning paying but not progressing? Are you doing what you feel you truly want to with your life? Or are you just coasting waiting for “someday”Have you taken hold of life and made your impression upon it marking it with the imprint of your fingertips? Or is life dictating what happens to you everyday?If these uestions resonate with you you will probably enjoy Life in Half a SecondIt’s not a scholarly book the words aren’t sophisticated the ideas themselves aren’t groundbreaking But it is inspiring If inspiration is something you need you will find it here But this book is than inspiration It presents a method — a way from getting from A to Z From foggy hazy “I don’t know how to achieve my big goals” to “I have a system that I can implement” Whether or not Michalewicz’s method will work for you I can’t say but it appears to have worked for him If you’re the kind of person who can take a vague method of sorts and put it into action and make it work for you then you’ll find some benefit in this bookSo those are the two things you can expect here — inspiration to be successful and a brief methodology you can follow The first thing Michalewicz does is paint a picture of the brevity of your life — half a second He then provides a definition of success — the attainment of desired goalsThe rest of the book lays out in seuence the five steps — or doors as Michalewicz calls it — that you must walk through to attain successThose doors are1 Clarity To achieve success you must have a clear and precise definition of what success looks like to you2 Desire Your goals must be aligned with your desire; and your desire must be red hot otherwise it will never get you out of the door3 Belief Not only must you believe in yourself you must be prepared to surround yourself with people and things that align with where you want to be4 Knowledge You must do all you can to close the gap of knowledge between where you are where you want to be5 Action You must conuer your fear and take bold actionEach chapter expounds on what you must do at each stage in order to ultimately attain your goalsThe prescriptions although not groundbreaking are presented forcefully and credibly Michalewicz has a way of communicating which challenges and yet infuses you with a sense of belief and urgencyAre the principles worth their salt? Yes in my opinion What he presents here is solid and he has enough motivation in his words to inspire you to act But as with any self help book particularly one dealing with how to achieve success it all depends on how well you executeWith that said some people will read this book put it away and move on to the next Others may read it and be inspired enough to take its prescriptions seriously and act on them For me this is a book I will definitely go over again with a finer tooth comb taking Michalewicz at his word to be intentional with my goals and treating them with the fervency and urgency that Michalewicz has clearly treated hisIt’s not a long book — 170 pages; the words are uncomplicated you can get through it very uickly Not everything he says is watertight but overall I do recommend it Even if you think you might hate it give it a shot It might change the way you approach your life or it might not Either way it’s worth a read — a little bit of inspiration never hurt nobody

  10. Katarina Janoskova Katarina Janoskova says:

    Life is short You must REALLY desire things or they will not happen WHAR ARE YOU DOING? You have free will do all the things you want Now Write it down you moron What do you want???That's as far as I got in the book before I had enoughFirst of all there are plenty of people who have a job or two because they need to pay for the roof over their head and have little time to dream about what they really want and have the leisure of going for it If you are in that position and not facing homelessness consider yourself lucky Also we have no free will Things bloody happen and you respond to them as best as you can manage depending on your genes your current environment and everything that has ever happened to you

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