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A Quick Guide to Japanese Business Etiquette Bonus Visitor S Guide To Tokyo Do You Need To Learn The Most Important Points Of Japanese Business Etiquette, And FastHeading Into Your First Japanese Business Meeting Can Feel Like You Are Entering A Minefield As Long As You Understand A Few Rules Of The Game, There S Nothing To Worry About This Quick, Easy To Read Guide Outlines The Key Ground Rules For Ensuring A Smooth Business Relationship With Your Japanese Counterparts, Including What To Do When You First Meet A Japanese Businessman How To Conduct Yourself In Meetings To Impress Your Japanese Counterparts Guidelines For Entertaining Japanese Clients In A Way That Builds Long Term Relationships All The Common Faux Pas And Mistakes That Westerners Often Make When Meeting Japanese Customers Understanding The Subtle Nuances In Behavior That Most Westerners Either Don T Notice Or Don T Understand Get An Advantage Over Your Competition Who Won T Understand The Importance Of Proper Japanese Relationship Management In Business Understanding Just A Few Key Etiquette Rules Can Be The Difference Between Success And Failure How Much Is A Successful Commercial Outcome Worth To You

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