BOOKS ✸ По той бік добра і зла. Генеалогія моралі Author Friedrich Nietzsche –

По той бік добра і зла. Генеалогія моралі Perhaps No Philosopher Has Beenmisunderstood Than Nietzsche Here Are Two Of His Most Representative And Powerful Philosophical Treatises On Morality Ethics, Presented In Their EntiretyBeyond Good And Evil 1886 Introduces The Reader To Many Of The Themes That Appear Throughout Nietzsche S Works The Contrast Between Master And Slave Morality The Origins And Functions Of Christian Morality And The Sufferings That Damage Individuals Instead Of Redeeming ThemThe Genealogy Of Morals 1887 Is Nietzsche S Great Treatise On Ethics It Contains Three Essays The First Returns To The Theme Of Master And Slave The Second Discusses Christian Morality And The Third Is A Commentary On An Aphorism From HisThus Spake Zarathustra This Volume Offers An Opportunity To Read Nietzsche Whole, Not Those Portions Of His Work Extremists Have Excerpted And Adapted For Their Own Purposes.

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