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    Mars and Venus Together Forever Relationship Skills for Lasting Love in Committed Relationships, John GrayJohn Gray born December 28, 1951 is an American relationship counselor, lecturer and author In 1969, he began a nine year association with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi before beginning his career as an author and personal relationship counselor In 1992 he published this book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which became a long term best seller and formed the central theme of all his subsequent books and career activities Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus 1992 is a book written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray, after he had earned degrees in meditation and taken a correspondence course in psychology The book states that most common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes, which the author exemplifies by means of its eponymous metaphor that men and women are from distinct planets men from Mars and women from Venus and that each sex is acclimated to its own planet s society and customs, but not to those of the other One example is men ...

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    There are 3 important things that i learn from this book First, the need to take personal responsibility for self healing and growth Two, the secret of forgiveness is to recognize that they really don t know what they are doing They don t know better Three, men and women do behave differently and they have different expectations Evidence does suggest that they may be from different planet As such it is crucial that...

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    This is one of the most helpful books about marriage I have ever read Right after Jeremy s injury, I really struggled coping and I wondered how we I could ever begin to handle and rebuild our relationship A counselor recommended this book to me stating that I just needed some tools to help me to figure out how to communicate and focus on our relationship Best advice I probably ever received because looking back, if I hadn t had this help, I m not sure how our lives would have turned out It w...

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    I read this when I was 16, although I don t remember why I have actually used a lot of his advice through my relationships and in my marriage It made me, if not a perfect man, then a understanding one.

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    I ve read several of the Mars Venus books, and they re all pretty good Like most self help books, they re wordy and repetitious, saying the same thing over and over again with slight variances I like them because they actually provide real techniques to try at home, rather than just present fluffy concepts.On the down side, a lot of the philosophy seems antiquated, harking back to some better time, when men were men and women were women 1950 s ish stuff But...

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    The book offers some solid principles on how to appreciate your differences with your partner and how by utilizing that knowledge you can make a long lasting bond with your partner.The book is well written for the most part except the fact that it is written in a very slow pace and you will...

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    Loved the examples and methods the author discussed I began to think of all my current communications with others and how to improve them I hope the author discussed the points in a direct way instead of being repetitive But other than this the book was a joy to read.

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