Paperback ✓ A SEALs Kiss PDF/EPUB Ë A SEALs PDF \

Paperback ✓ A SEALs Kiss PDF/EPUB Ë A SEALs PDF \

A SEALs Kiss (Uniformly Hot SEALs, #4) ❴Download❵ ➶ A SEALs Kiss (Uniformly Hot SEALs, #4) Author Tawny Weber – Subject Navy SEAL Petty Officer Aiden Masters Current Status On leave Obstacle Deploy Mission Fake Engagement without actually falling for his fianc e The goal of Mission Engagement is simple a fake e Subject Navy SEAL Petty Officer Aiden Masters Current Status On leave Obstacle Deploy Mission Fake Engagement without actually falling for his fianc e The goal of Mission Engagement is simple a fake engagement concocted to bring happiness to Sage Taylor s ailing father The RulesTreat it A SEALs PDF \ like a military missionKeep the truth undercoverThe engagement lasts as long as the professor s health depends on it andNo sex especially with each other But the incredibly spirited and a touch quirky Sage has never been one for rules Especially when they involve Aiden s rock hard navy bod and a ton of smokin hot sexual attraction Which means in order to seduce this sexy SEAL, she ll have to completely outmaneuver him.

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  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    A SEAL s Kiss3 StarsFlighty Sage Taylor has never been able to settle down with one place, one job or one man for very long So no one is surprised than she when, to please her ailing father, Sage agrees to enter into a fake engagement with sexy Naval Petty Officer Aiden Masters The only problem is Aiden pesky no sex rule, but Sage is sure to find a way around that one even if it means losing her heart for good A cute category romance but not as good as the first three installments in the series.The fake engagement trope is well developed, however, there is something about Sage and Aiden s romance that just doesn t work On the surface, they are perfect for one another He is an irresistible mix of brainiac and sex god while she is both feisty and free spirited The combination should have sparks flying and pages sizzling, but in actuality it falls somewhat flat Aiden s affection for Sage seems fitting for a brother than a lover and Sage s New Age persona can be irritating at times.Unlike the previous books, there is very little plot to speak of and no real conflict As the rest of the series has been very entertaining, I m hopeful that the next installment will be better.

  2. Susan Susan says:

    Very good book It starts out with flashbacks to the weddings of Sage s friends, with each one becoming interested in finding The One for Sage When the most recent wedding has all three of her friends now focused on her, Sage does the only thing she can think of concocts a fake engagement with her friend Aiden She figures that she can fake it for awhile, then end it, without Aiden knowing anything about it Then her father is diagnosed with cancer, and word of her engagement gives him happiness and hope.The first Aiden knows of the engagement is when he shows up on leave and people start congratulating him I loved how he didn t get angry once he heard the story behind it, and was willing to keep up the deception It was also pretty amusing to see how he treated it like a military mission in an attempt to keep things under control.Aiden and Sage had known each other for a very long time and are familiar with each others personalities Sage is known to be a bit flaky, unable to settle on a particular job or keep up a relationship for than a few months She also has a big heart and cares deeply for the causes she gets involved in Aiden is highly intelligent and has been focused on his career as a SEAL Sage s father has been his mentor for most of his life and he ll do anything to make the man happy.I loved the attraction between them Sage had been well aware of Aiden s sexiness for a long time, but did nothing about it Aiden has also been attracted to Sage, but she s his mentor s daughter which makes her off limits I had a great time with the part where they are setting up the background and rules for the engagement Aiden is very pragmatic and doesn t see the necessity for the emotional details of the deception, while Sage is quite aware of the things that could blow their story if they don t lock it down However, Aiden is very determined to protect them both from the dangers of their deception and insists on a no sex rule I loved Sage s reaction to that, and how she was determined to break that rule as soon as possible.I loved the growth of the relationship between them Aiden is so focused and logical, and keeps his emotions well hidden He s always had a thing for Sage, but has seen enough military marriages crash and burn that there s no way he d try to tie her down I loved Sage s ability to pursue her happiness She knows it s out there somewhere and she s willing to keep looking until she finds it I loved seeing how Aiden and Sage balanced each other Her quirkiness and positive attitude helped to center him when the stresses of his work bring him down At the same time, Aiden s steadiness gives Sage the rock she can lean on when her life gets a little crazier than usual Even better, I loved the way that each of them accepted the other just as they are Aiden can see that Sage s causes are an integral part of who she is I loved his support of her when thoughtless comments by their friends made her question herself Sage is also very aware that being a SEAL is important to Aiden, that his commitment is a big part of his identity I liked the way she supported him against those who were trying to use their engagement to change him Things are going pretty well with Sage beginning to hope that their future can become a real one, when Aiden s self doubts cause him to back away I loved seeing how it is the flake that has the clearer view of who they are and what drives them She lays her heart on the line with Aiden and says some things to him that give him something to think about I loved the ending and seeing how their feelings gave each of them the strength to take charge of their own lives Aiden s big moment at the end was sweet and romantic.

  3. D.C. D.C. says:

    Yep, loved it Surprised I m not 5 StarsMilitary RomanceRelease April 2014ABOUT THE BOOK Subject Navy SEAL Petty Officer Aiden Masters Current Status On leave Obstacle Deploy Mission Fake Engagement without actually falling for his fianc e The goal of Mission Engagement is simple a fake engagement concocted to bring happiness to Sage Taylor s ailing father The Rules 1 Treat it like a military mission 2 Keep the truth undercover 3 The engagement lasts as long as the professor s health depends on it and 4 No sex especially with each other But the incredibly spirited and a touch quirky Sage has never been one for rules Especially when they involve Aiden s rock hard navy bod and a ton of smokin hot sexual attraction Which means in order to seduce this sexy SEAL, she ll have to completely outmaneuver him.MY REVIEW I tell you I m addicted to this series The pace of the books are fast and yet so damn fulfilling, that you can think of nothing BUT the fact that the author is that good at creating catching characters, a suspenseful plot, and tension of attraction that will keep you turning pages.This book is probably my favorite of the series There was so much going on yet, as the reader, you could keep up What happens when childhood friends finally are forced to act on their attraction to one another Shall I go on I bet I caught you at childhood friends, huh Everyone loves a good friend to lover story and this is no different When they actually make the pact for no sex with each other or others, I about fell out of my chair laughing Sage s mental reaction was just great, hilarious, and so very true If you want a laugh out read that will make you want a cold shower after reading and yet still melt your heart, pick this up today

  4. MBR MBR says:

    A SEAL s Kiss by Tawny Weber is one of the best Harlequin romances that I have read in a long while And I believe this to be my very first Tawny Weber as well I found myself impressed with the way Tawny drew me into the story right from the very beginning, entertaining me with a wit that I found irresistible, a hero that I could have drooled over forever and a heroine that spoke to me at every single level Rating 4.25 5Caliber SEAL AWESOME READ

  5. Pat Pat says:

    A SEAL s Kiss Uniformly Hot By Tawny WeberSage Taylor is known by her friends and family as a bit of a Free Spirit She loves to travel and learn new things about countries and people for a few months at a time She is home in Villa Rosa, California after a disastrous relationship with a wannabe rock star in Seattle When he threatened to jump off the balcony of their first floor apartment, she decided to cut her losses and headed home for a visit Sage is the last of her circle of friends who is not married She is very vocal about her dislike of marriage and has stated she would rather be staked to an anthill naked while covered with chocolate Her friends are ready to end this silliness of hers and find a perfect match Sage s best counter attack is to say she is in a relationship which doesn t deter her friends at all Her relationships have a history of lasting a very short time She comes up with a brilliant idea, telling her friends that she is engaged to their mutual friend Aiden Masters He is conveniently away on a covert mission with his crew of Navy SEAL s, perfect Aiden is actually on his way home to Villa Rosa for a month s leave and some relaxation As soon as he reaches town, he is greeted with congratulations and best wishes on his engagement What Quickly realizing the source he heads to Sage s home They have been friends since he was ten years old and was mentored by Lee Taylor, a university professor and Sage s Dad At ten he was IQ than social skills He has certainly grown up, is tall dark and handsome, with four university degrees He has loved Sage, for a lot of years but she has never stayed around long enough to reveal his feelings Her Dad, who was recently diagnosed with Stage III pancreatic cancer, is overjoyed at the news of their engagement, so Mission Engagement is formed.The wackiness of Sage and the the serious methodical Aiden make for a lot of laughs in this story He has rules to be followed, and expects her cooperation Sage agrees except for Rule sex That will be his to enforce, and she is going to do her best to make him forget that rule The characters are delightful, the story keeps you reading, and just when you think you know the endingyou don t This novel is a lot of fun, with sizzling spots included Definitely a great addition to Ms Weber s Uniformly Hot series.I received this e book from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.Pat Fordyce 4 Stars

  6. Nicole Smith Nicole Smith says:

    I really liked the heroine Sage All her life she has been moving from one thing to the next searching for her bliss, she may find it where she least excepts it Aiden is one yummy hero He comes across as the sexy SEAL known in Tawny s SEALs Aiden steps up to bat for Sage with their Mission Marriage, fake an engagement to help Sage s ailing father One of my favorite scenes is the whole set up of the fake engagement and they way Aiden finds out about it One thing these two didn t count on is the chemistry they ignite when together Something that starts out simple gets complicated when they really get to know each other and their feelings are not fake Can Aiden be the key to Sage s bliss Or will Aiden s SEAL career get in the way

  7. Miriam Miriam says:

    20% through and pausing indefinitely This book is coming across sooooooooo vanilla and it seems to be monologue then dialogue ugh

  8. Dottie Dottie says:

    Sexy SEAL s, humor, heat and plenty of sass makes this a book you do not want to miss Taken from my review at Sage has spent her life looking for bliss, never staying in one place for long and changing jobs in her search Meanwhile, her friends are looking for love and getting married Now she is the only one left who is single So when she returns home to find that her best friend has just eloped and persists in fixing her up with blind dates, Sage blurts out that she is engaged to Aidan, her childhood friend, who is away on duty When she returns home afterwards and finds her father looking aged and sick, she is horrified to discover that he is dying But the twinkle in his eyes gives her hope a twinkle put there by the news that Sage is engaged to Aidan, his mentor.Navy SEAL Petty Officer Aidan Masters grew up as a geeky kid, but now his rigid training has given him a rock hard body and plenty of sexual appeal to add to his genius mind Growing up, he had been too smart for his classes, so Professor had taken Aidan under his wing and became his mentor Knowing Aidan also needed a social life, Sage had befriended him Although Aidan has desired Sage for a long time, he considers her to be off limits to him But when he returns home to the congratulations of everyone he meets in his hometown, he wonders what Sage is up to now Although the last thing Aidan wants is marriage, knowing the survival rates of Navy SEAL marriages, he reluctantly agrees to Sage s plan of a fake engagement, believing that the joy of their engagement will prolong the Professor s life The engagement will last only until her father recovers his health But he has his own conditions The engagement will be carried out like a military mission, the truth of the engagement will be kept secret, it will only last until her father recovers his health and especially, no sex, particularly between them Now, if he can only keep his hands off Sage until then.However, Sage takes his no sex rule as her own personal challenge, refusing to agree to it as she wants nothing than to be intimate with Aidan Will she be successful in her mission to seduce Aidan Will they make their fake engagement the real thing, or go their separate ways when their mission is over A very sexy tale, A SEAL S KISS, the fourth book in USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber s SEXY SEALS series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romance The chemistry between Aidan and Sage is scorching hot and the humor is laugh out loud as the free spirited Sage wages her own mission to coax the uptight Aidan into her bed Sizzling sensuality, hunky Navy SEALs, a free spirited heroine, a fake engagement, sexual tension, witty banter, romance and true love all combine to give readers a deliciously exciting read Although this book can be read as a standalone, all of the books in this series are amazing I have enjoyed reading the entire series and definitely recommend them If you are looking for a terrific story to while away an afternoon, filled with sexy hunks, humor, heat and plenty of sass, look no further than a novel by author Tawny Weber Give yourself a treat and pick up a copy of A SEAL S KISS While you are at it, why not also pick up copies of the rest of the SEXY SEALS novels, including A SEAL S SEDUCTION, A SEAL S SURRENDER and A SEAL S SALVATION.Dottie,

  9. Monica Cardoza Monica Cardoza says:

    Two characters that were meant to be but fear of commitment seemed to override their love.I loved the storyline of this book, it was sweet and funny I found Sage to be a fun woman that loved to make Aiden horny as hell and didn t like following rules Now as for Aiden he was a serious SEAL but his reasoning for going along with the fake engagement was weak Now as for him following his own rule 4 that I had to see and he did good at the very beginning but Sage was better Loved how she was able to taunt him and she got what she wanted but Aiden screwed up big time Sage Taylor is a person that has experienced a lot since being on her own She has traveled a lot and has done a lot for different countries and animals Now she is home but never would have thought she would blurt out to her friends that she was engaged to be married The first person that came to mind was her childhood friend and SEAL, Aiden He was not going to be coming home so it was safe to say that he was her fianc Then disaster happens when she sees her father.Aiden Masters is ready to relax, decompress after a mission It was still hitting him hard about losing on of his comrades Now he was on his way back home and what s the first thing that happens people start to congratulate him He has no idea what is going on but it had to be Sage When he sees Sage it s like a lighting bolt has hit him She takes him aside and lets him in on her little white lie and the reason why she said it His mentor was very ill and if he could make him happy then so be it, he was engaged Sage and Aiden were fighting this chemistry that they had but they knew each other inside and out Only that her friends had a little surprise for them that they did not see coming, they were taken to a hotel where all expenses were paid The best part of this weekend trip was that there was chocolate involved and lots of skin and nibbling They were together from that moment forward Only that happiness could not be reached that fast something happens and someone gets cold feet Then feelings are becoming too real but the Professor, her father, is making both Sage and Aiden think about the future The future as in having kids, her career, the dangers of him being in the military, could he be able to leave the military and become a Professor, could Sage be able to stick to one job and settle down That is when things start going wrong.A SEAL s Kiss was a great read The characters were well developed and vibrant I enjoyed Sage and her sassiness Then of course there was Aiden big tough guy Aiden but he melted the minute that Sage got near him and he couldn t resist her There were a couple of steamy scenes that were very interesting and hot The storyline was engaging, exciting and intriguing Ms Weber did a great job with the writing as well as making it an effortless read I truly recommend this read to all readers Enjoy the journey of Sage and Aiden in there quest to find love and a happily ever after.ARC received from NetGalley for an Honest Review

  10. Shauni Shauni says:

    Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyTawny Weber writes a wonderfully sweet, silly and sad story about two people who are perfect for each other Who have loved each other all their lives but instead of seeing the similarities have always seen the differences Sage Taylor is not your typical girl next door even if she did grow up in small town America. has had the same friends for her entire life and her father is a Professor at the local college That may have formed her core but at heart Sage is a free spirit, ready to go where the wind blows, find her bliss, save the world But when on a trip home she gets tired of the matchmaking from well meaning friends and says she is engaged to the least likely person, Aidan Masters. life gets interesting And when her father, who is fighting some pretty serious cancer, discovers it..Aidan Masters. Jack of all trades. brilliant scholar, Navy Seal The geeky nerd turned war hero What a dream Everyone s rock Home on leave he finds himself engaged to one of his best friends A woman he admires maybe even lusts after but wouldn t even think of getting in a relationship with her. not in his wildest. ok maybe in his wildest dreams but nowhere else But once he discovered how they came to be engaged and how it is making his benefactor happy, Aidan is all in I fell in love. whole heartedly in love with these two characters Aidan is so strong, but holds the world at bay hiding behind commitment and duty Sage is a willow she bends Her life has been one adventure after another looking for something, fighting for causes and doing her best to make a difference Everyone likes her. but no one gets her They think her flaky, flighty and fun Not one for a serious life This my friends is what you call a romance book No evil to fight. no underhanded battles to wage Just two people coming together Learning that sometimes what you most desire can be found in your own back yard And that while love isn t always enough. with love you kind find a way to make the rest work A book to make you sigh, to tear up and to smile A Book that reminds you that love is right there when you are ready for it.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of A SEAL s Kiss, provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on March 18, 2014

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