The Waiting Heart ePUB ´ The Waiting PDF or

The Waiting Heart ePUB ´ The Waiting PDF or

The Waiting Heart (Those Karlsson Boys #3) ⚣ [PDF] ✅ The Waiting Heart (Those Karlsson Boys #3) By Kimberly Rae Jordan ✰ – A family crisis brings Jace Karlsson back to Minnesota and face to face with the girl he loved and abandoned eight years earlier When the opportunity arises to help her he hopes that it will make amen A family crisis brings Jace Karlsson back to Minnesota and face to face with the girl he loved and abandoned eight years earlier When the opportunity arises to help her he hopes that it will The Waiting PDF or make amends for his actions of the past But old feelings die hard and Jace soon realizes he feels than guilt and remorse While the tragic accident left Mari with a broken and scarred body it was Jace Karlsson's abrupt departure from her life that left her heart shattered When he offers to help her realize a dream Mari accepts but as she deals with the emotions of the past and the present she wonders if the price is too high.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 275 pages
  • The Waiting Heart (Those Karlsson Boys #3)
  • Kimberly Rae Jordan
  • English
  • 03 August 2014

10 thoughts on “The Waiting Heart (Those Karlsson Boys #3)

  1. Rina Rina says:

    Each book in this series focuses on a different man in the Karlsson family The first two take place relatively close together in time but this one is eight years down the road so it’s neat to see how the others are doing and how their lives have progressed Though I think this could be read as a standalone since the author does a good job in bringing in the back storyBook one could be read after book three without any major spoilers but you’d already know the main parts of book two if you read book three first But at 99 cents apiece as of 12813 there isn’t much excuse not to read this enjoyable series in orderThere are several aspects that make these books so enjoyable First off they’re clean and sweet yet they also deal with real problems in today’s world Teenage pregnancy car accidents hackers cancer adoption and the inability to have children are all issues that the characters in this series have to deal with and work through in the seriesThe romance isn’t rushed and has a very real life feel Lessons of trust love commitment and laying aside personal dreams and ideas must be processed and learnedThe third thing I really like about this series is the way the author ties in prayer and the Bible It’s not every preachy there aren’t long sermons; it’s just naturally a part of the character’s livesIf you enjoy contemporary Christian romance then this is a series for youReview first posted on my blog

  2. Stacey Stacey says:

    This was a sweet Christian romance Jace and Mari's story finally has its spotlight but the story felt somewhat rushed like it was tying up loose ends from the first two books This should be called the hospital series as the hospital seems to be where the turning point in these stories occur which is okay but by the third book it did not feel like fresh material Let me ualify my rating I rarely give any book a 5 star because I rarely love any book I do enjoy most books I read so if I give a 3 4 star it is still a good book Maybe my anticipation of the book caused me to feel let down to some extent? In my opinion it was still a good read perhaps not as good as the first two in the series? I'll let future readers decide Note to author I found several typos and grammatical errors in the ebook edition especially in the latter half of the book

  3. Linda Linda says:

    This last story in the Karlsson Boys series is a gut wrencher It kept me glued A past accident left Mari with physical and emotional scars The worst part is Jace Brother #3 was driving It wasn't his fault but guilt sent him away Now he has finally come back Can he and Mari be any kind of friends? A great ending to this series

  4. Judith M. Seale Judith M. Seale says:

    Excellent BookI can't say enough about The Karlsson Boys Series I enjoyed reading each book about each son There are so many lessons learned from each book Reading the Bible verses that help them in their time of troubles were so inspiring to me

  5. Sharon Broaster Sharon Broaster says:

    Took me while to read book 2 and 3 after book 1 but for me a fitting end I amazes me that in relationships there can be so much misunderstanding because lack of honest communication

  6. Peggy Vetter Peggy Vetter says:

    This was a good book It had a lot of things in it that made you think how it would turn outI enjoyed reading this book also Hope you do too

  7. Tonya Westbrook Tonya Westbrook says:


  8. Mary Gonzales Mary Gonzales says:

    I could not say enough good about this book It was absolutely amazing It was far than a romance It encompassed family values Christianity and real life issues such as infertility adoption sin guilt anger unforgiveness rejection forgiveveness chronic pain etc It was well written and captivating I didn't want to put it down I appreciated the vulnerability of the lead characters and the pace of their relationship I especially liked the author's portrayel of our need for God and yielding to Him Beyond being interesting this book is God honoring and I would recommend it to anyone

  9. Autumn Autumn says:

    This trilogy is a must read for christian romance readers I loved getting to know the different characters At first I was concerned about this book not being as rooted in prayer and giving God the gliry Then the middle of the book came and so did my tears Jace and Mari were so broken so tormented by the past I felt their pain I've been there myself I love this author and her care to show God's grace love and mercy I'm just sorry to know that was the end to this series I can't wait to read by this author

  10. Shelby Lund Shelby Lund says:

    Always a favorite I love the message that this book has It’s a good reminder that it’s not always the best thing to keep emotions bottled up

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