Kindle Edition ✓ Heaven Is PDF å

Kindle Edition ✓ Heaven Is PDF å

Heaven Is ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Heaven Is ✪ Author Ed Gaulden – Heaven Is was #1 Best Seller for 53 weeks 2013 2014 Now included Essay Of the Rapture This wonderful story is true evidence that Heaven exists It comes with 3 full color sketches Read what Mister Ed G Heaven Is was Best Seller for weeks Now included Essay Of the Rapture This wonderful story is true evidence that Heaven exists It comes with full color sketches read what Mister Ed Gaulden saw heard smelled and touched while being given a guided tour of Heaven by an angel Ed prayed to God to allow him to see Heaven and God answered that prayer read how short his faith filled prayer was Heaven Is beyond the imagination and man's knowledge Ed reports that Heaven Is a joyful place to worship God and that Heaven Is an abode to live in forever; Heaven Is THE place to desire We never know when our number is up Plan ahead and find out how to get your ticket to Heaven Come and follow Mister Gaulden as he explains the sights that you can see and marvel at when you arrive in that holy mansion An angel guides you into the realms leading up to Heaven Itinerary Start at the bedroom zoom to Heaven sight see and then return to the starting point A visit to where Heaven Is a simply wonderful place to be Most stories these days people write about their near death experiences NDE's This ish page book is chock full of the author's attempt to describe Heaven and the book contains a very uniue dedication In Heaven Is you will not find pages of the author's life and pages trying to figure out what the author experienced while dead on an operating table This book spends most of its pages in describing Heaven Concerning Heaven God's Word says in st Corinthians Chapter But as it is written Eye hath not seen nor ear heard neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love him Dear Reader after you have read this delightful book PLEASE return here and check ✔ the stars ★ and WRITE a review thanks it means a lot to other readers.

10 thoughts on “Heaven Is

  1. Margaret J. Frizzell Margaret J. Frizzell says:

    Reads like fictionWell written and easy to follow Believers certainly want to believe this is a factual account particularly with the scriptural references But for me it had a fictional feeling that made me doubt its reality Ed's biography mentions he has written hundreds of fictional stories and this is how i felt reading the book This is not to say i believe he intentionally meant to deceive Rather i feel with his strong imagination he probably experienced a very long vivid dream which he believed to be true 1 Corinthians 29 still holds true No eye has seen no ear has heard no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him B for storytelling; D for believability

  2. Mary Moore Mary Moore says:

    Heaven is waitingI came wait to go back to my home forever in heaven and be with my Lord forever My time here on earth will soon be over and hopefully I will have completed my assignment hereTime goes by so slowly and time can do so much My heavenly home awaits meThis book described exactly what I remember heaven like My family and friends all await meThis I am certain ofA terrific read t Everyone should read You won't be sorry and perhaps It will bring back some memories

  3. Ralph Altomare Ralph Altomare says:

    Heaven Is Real Fantastic book I feel as though I experienced Heaven for a moment too After loosing Jake our eldest son an American Hero and Army combat veteran who served on many missions to capture high value terrorists in Ira we have found comfort and Peace reading everything we can about Heaven

  4. E. L. Gaulden E. L. Gaulden says:

    Very very enticing The author sounds excited and I guess one would be excited after just going to Heaven and then writing about it I like that the author has included scripture references and a salvation prayer at the end Excellent read And it's dedicated to his father who made fun of him when he was a boy; makes one cry

  5. Leilani Richter Leilani Richter says:

    Thank youI thank the author for his obedience onto the Lord for writing this book No one could ever imagine such amazing things Knowing God thrills me everyday I cannot even imagine anything beyond the very wonder of Him

  6. Aimee Pickett Aimee Pickett says:

    Just wow Glory to God for giving Mr Hayden this experience to share I pray for the salvation of so many Thank you for obediently writing this to glorify God

  7. Beverly Beverly says:

    A visit to HeavenLoved this book The Author’s words let me take a trip to Heaven with Him Brought joy to my soul

  8. Carol Ramsey Carol Ramsey says:

    Very good readI enjoyed this book very much thanks Ed Can't wait for this time to come how about you Until then

  9. Vivian R. Reid Vivian R. Reid says:

    Amazing read and visual experienceAmazing read and visual experienceNever before have I read such an account of heaven as this I used to fear dying because I didn't know what was next if this vivid picture of heaven is where we are destined to go where do I buy my ticket? I believe the Lord is our savior I pray to him all the time my heart is joyfully thanking him for providing this place for us Thank you for sharing your experience I wish u had written

  10. Lillian Heeney Lillian Heeney says:

    HEAVEN'S VIBRATIONS An angel guided tour through heaven is as close as we can get to the pearly gates This a picturesue visit of beauty peace and love that only God could engineer Ed Gaulden in fine detail relates a remarkable answer to his prayer

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