The Jewel Garden PDF Õ The Jewel Kindle -

The Jewel Garden PDF Õ The Jewel Kindle -

The Jewel Garden [BOOKS] ✫ The Jewel Garden By Sarah Don – THE JEWEL GARDEN is the story of the garden that over the past decade has bloomed from the muddy fields around the Dons' Tudor farmhouse a perfect metaphor for the Monty and Sarah's own rise from the The Jewel Garden is the story of the garden that The Jewel Kindle - over the past decade has bloomed from the muddy fields around the Dons' Tudor farmhouse a perfect metaphor for the Monty and Sarah's own rise from the ashes of a spectacular commercial failure At the same time.

10 thoughts on “The Jewel Garden

  1. Heather Murgatroyd Heather Murgatroyd says:

    Fascinating take of the Don's life and strugglesI guess that watching Gardeners World every Friday that viewers think that Monty Don has a great life who wouldn't like to spend their days in the garden? It was fascinating to read about their early life together the jewellery business Month's depression the family and his they struggled through some really tough times Above all this book is life affirming and shows that with hard work and determination that amazing things can happen It's a beacon of hope for everyone dedicated gardener or not

  2. Shelley Shelley says:

    I really enjoyed this story of the creation of the Don’s lovely jewel garden Their struggles with life their triumphs which showed them as real people creating something special against the odds I’d love to see photos of the jewel garden it seems a shame they’re cramped into a small paperback edition Coffee table edition a possibility?? With loads photos? Anyway Thankyou for sharing your story

  3. Jo Larkin Jo Larkin says:

    This is the story of the bankruptcy of their London based jewellery business in the crash of the 1980s It is easy reading but a bit repetitive with tantslising lists of plants only some of which I knowHaving previously read The Ivington Diaries and Fork to Fork the former alluding to the jewellery business I wanted to know what was in this bookand now I do

  4. Ruth Brumby Ruth Brumby says:

    The story of the importance of a garden in two people's lives told by both and through diary entries is interesting but they don't come across as very appealing characters and the garden sounds a bit of a cross between pretentiois and messy like their lives really It's a bit too honest self centred Fascinating though

  5. pwcresswell pwcresswell says:

    EnjoyableAn interesting biographical account of their lives gives flesh to the brutality of unemployment the despair of failure and joy of the countrysideLeft me respecting and admiring Mr M Don even it's no wonder I enjoy him on TV so much

  6. Marie Juel Marie Juel says:

    Fantastisk bog Skal helt sikkert læse den igen om et par år

  7. Sindhu S Sindhu S says:

    Wonderful readRead this in between many long difficult writing assignments I am watching Big Ideas Small Spaces along with my family and dreaming of restoring our garden to its former glory ?This book was great because it doesn't rush you I didn't know half the plants mentioned in it because I live in India However I had a wonderful time looking them up and thinking what could parallel the experience here

  8. Kara Kara says:

    I wanted pictures of their garden I'm also sad that no one really calls Montagu by the name that made him famous Monty But alas

  9. Jean Jones Jean Jones says:

    Really enjoyable readReally enjoyed this book Well written and very interesting insight into Monty Sarah Dons lives before gardening and television fame

  10. Jim King Jim King says:

    An average read for meVery interesting first half to the chart the epic rise and fall of the Don's jewellery business and then financial hardship until the Long Meadow and Gardeners world yearsI'm a Monty Don fan but the second half of the book seemed like a planting list which for a novice gardeners was a bit boring First half very interesting though

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