Kindle Edition ã Flickering Hope PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition ã Flickering Hope PDF/EPUB å

Flickering Hope (Faithgirlz!/From Sadies Sketchbook) ➱ [Read] ➬ Flickering Hope (Faithgirlz!/From Sadies Sketchbook) By Naomi Kinsman ➼ – Can You Ever Trust the EnemyThings finally seem to be falling into place for Sadie Bear season is over and her relationship with her art teacher is on the mend Her home life is going better than ever Can You Ever Trust the EnemyThings finally seem to be falling into place for Sadie Bear season is over and her relationship with her art teacher is on the mend Her home life is going better than ever and even her enemy Frankie wants to be friends But can Frankie be trusted Ruth and Andrew think she's spying for her father helping him find a way to capture Sadie's favorite bear But Sadie suspects something else is going on with Frankie She must decide who to trust and find out if and how her growing faith can get her through.

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  1. Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) says:

    This is a mini ‘Books For Christian Girls’ review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 532015 “While I enjoyed this book than the first book it was a little corny at times and I wasn't a fan of all the crushes but it ended cute”Main Content Many many many mentions of hunting guns dead bears barely above not detailed; Mentions of Frankie's parents being separated; A bit of sarcasm; Minor cussing dumb sheesh and stupidMany mentions of who likes who like liking a boy going out with a boy; Many mentions of boys getting gifts for the one you like; Mentions of crushes flirts kissing noises

  2. Regina Regina says:

    I think this book is a book that has to mostly do with trust it helped me to realize that people are not always what they seem to be and that trust is very important in a relationship

  3. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    Sadie sets off to check on Patch She knows Frankie's dad Jim wants to get rid of Patch so she has to be careful and cover her tracks Jim thinks Patch is a problem to be taken care of but Sadie thinks of her as a petWhile she is out there she runs into a young girl Her family is living in a shack in the woods The girl swears her to secrecy or she will expose Patch Secrets have a way of coming outShe loves visiting Helen and Andrew Helen studies the bears Sadie likes Andrew she has a crush on himSecrets Andrew's secret Frankie's secret Frankie is her enemy or is she? Does she want to be friends?The girl in the woods says everything will be great if they find the bear My bear?Won in a Goodreads First Read Giveaway A children's book Picked it up to read because the cover and title made it look like a fun easy read A short book to just relax with and enjoy a fun romp through Sadie's mind I could just imagine what the gravy looked like with all the different food colors added olives on their fingertips playing as if they were finger puppets A nice story about a girl uestioning life's reasons God friendship faith Fighting for what she believes in and never giving upI could feel empathy with the characters and thought the story covered the problems and confusion that all kids go through It was well written and the story is something that kids can relate toAll the wonderful things that involve the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas Does it bring back memories? The gift of giving friendship and loyaltyFlickering Hope Naomi Kinsman

  4. Donna Donna says:

    How can Patches be saved? She and her bear cub yearlings are hibernating for the winter season in a cave Andrew's mother is doing research on bears for the DNR Andrew's friend Sadie whose dad is helping with the research tries to help as much as she can too She has great concerns about the life of PatchesThere are people out there that either want to kill the bear or have it caught and put into captivity somewhere Much to the chagrin of Sadie and Andrew they discover that a family is living in the old shack in the woods and are on the look out for Patches and her cubs This came about after Sadie met up with an 8 yr old girl while they were out checking on Patches She told Sadie don't tell or we will kill the bear Sadie didn't know what that meant at first Apparently the family had been living out of a car until recently when the owner of the shack told them they could live there and the place would be theirs if they found the bear So now a different outlook on things came about The family was poor and needed a home but at what expense?Now Sadie and her friends had to come up with an idea to save Patches and to help this homeless family The owner of the shack was not to be reckoned with as he wanted to really capture that bear but the DNA wouldn't let him There were steps that were taken to prevent this from happening thanks to Sadie and her friendsWhat can Sadie and her friends do to help this homeless family and also to help Patches and her cubs? This is a wonderful story of friendship love faith and hope I was the recipient of this free book through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway I really enjoyed this book as well as other will I am sure Thank you Goodreads and Naomi Kinsman

  5. Kai Kai says:

    Flicking Hope is the second book of the Sadie's Sketchbook series Sadie after moving from California is adopting her life to Michigan She is also relieved that bear season is over The bear Patch that her parents are studying under a grant is safe and hibernating for the winter until a family moved into an abandoned shackSadie and her friends Ruth and Andrew are worried that Patch might be discovered bringing Jim Paulson hot on her trail to kill herSadie couldn't figure out why Frankie who was mean and nasty to her when she first come to Michigan is suddenly nice to her Sadie wasn't even sure is Frankie can be trusted with Path since Frankie is Jim Paulson's daughter Frankie also have her own reason for being nice Sadie discovered one of the reason that Frankie is being nice is that she has been abandoned by her friends Her friends think that Frankie is being a big shot due to a possibility that she will move to New YorkThis book is about adolescents trying to help with the best intention may make several mistakes before they realized that by helping each other may accomplish than doing the task by themselves and placing their faith in God's hands

  6. Lori Twichell Lori Twichell says:

    With great wit insight and passion Naomi Kinsman ushers Sadie and her readers through another crazy couple of months in her young life This book ended up being my favorite in the entire series so far I really enjoyed the changes that happened in Sadie’s world at this point and how she handled them I also loved the way that the story played out The various mysteries in this one were interesting and it was fun to watch Sadie wade through themThough this book was fun and had a lot of lighthearted moments it would be hard to ignore Sadie’s struggles With a mom who isn’t really healthy and some serious situations that could be life threatening these books pack a powerful punch Unlike the ‘teenage angst’ that is so popular in many other YA books the drama and chaos here is realistic and down to earth I think that a lot of teenagers will be able to identify with the overwhelming anxiety and stress involved in a lot of Sadie’s circumstancesAgain another knock it out of the ballpark adventure from Naomi Kinsman Even as an adult I was engaged and I loved being able to share that joy of a book with my daughter We both enjoyed this one tremendouslyThis was provided by the publisher for the purpose of a review Thank you

  7. Heather Heather says:

    I would like to give the book another half star if Goodreads would only let me It was goodI felt the author did an adeuate job of making this seuel a stand alone novel but a few tie ins and explanations would have been great I enjoyed the religious aspects The author was not heavy handed nor did she promote a particular denomination so it's a good read for most kidsThe bear research grabbed me from the start because I work at a zoo and our area has a bear rescue program that does phenomenal work The one part that bugged me was that the researchers in the novel were overly friendly with the bears in that they fed and touched them The kid who played a villain for most of the book was actually right They are wild animals and they should be treated as suchI would like to have seen a few loose ends tied up There were some bits that played heavily in the story line that sort of dropped away uietly All in all this novel was a nice read Here's a nitpicky thing I don't like the cover at all It looks like a teen fluff romance novel I don't read blurbs on books because I don't like spoilers and this cover would scare me away

  8. Brandi Brandi says:

    Naomi Kinsman has written a cute and hearfelt Christian novel that takes you on the journey of a young girl and her friends in a uest to save bears that they have become attached to This book has everything a young girl could want from friendships being tested friendships being made the need to save what you love and the idea that doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing to do There is only one thing that I think could've been done better and that is introducing the characters and situations from the previous book This is a seuel and I understand that but at this reading level it would be good to give a little information on what happened in the previous book I don't believe this a seuel that you can pick up and know what is going on This was a cute book and I look forward to passing it on to the middle grade readers at my churchI received this book through Goodreads First Reads Program

  9. Debra McArthur Debra McArthur says:

    Sadie's story continues with another good addition to the series Her first Thanksgiving and Christmas season in Michigan brings surprises growing relationships a former enemy Frankie who suddenly is friendly a homeless family suatting in a cabin near the hibernating bears and even a mysterious Christmas present from a secret Santa The ending of the story brings the various plot threads together when Sadie realizes the dangers to the bears she loves As in the first book Sadie reflects on God's presence and influence in her life

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    I really enjoyed this book I won it for my girls ages 12 and 8 I read it first and felt very comfortable having both of them read it There were a few grammar errors but overall a very enjoyable book It is nice to have books that young girls can read and as a parent not have to worry about it

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