The Hurt Artist Epub ì The Hurt PDF/EPUB ²

The Hurt Artist Epub ì The Hurt PDF/EPUB ²

The Hurt Artist ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Hurt Artist By Shane Niemeyer ⚣ – With troubles beginning as early as childhood the trajectory of Shane Niemeyer's life seemed to have only one direction down His struggles with heroin addiction led him to jail and he eventually hit r With troubles beginning as early as childhood the trajectory of Shane Niemeyer's life seemed to have only one direction down His struggles with heroin addiction led him to jail and he eventually hit rock bottom Soon his two pack a day cigarette habit was the healthiest thing he did One dark night in jail his suicide attempt failed What happened next transcends the term recovery The Hurt Artist is the searing yet luminous travelogue of Shane's powerful journey from suicidal addict to Ironman He vividly depicts the The Hurt PDF/EPUB ² landscape of pain in which he's lived his life—emotional and physical pain inflicted upon him and that he inflicts upon himself pain that pulls him down and in detailing his training the pain he harnesses to lift himself up Ultimately Shane's story is one of redemption and triumph a lesson in the value of second chances and a clear reminder that nobody regardless of how seemingly desperate their circumstances is beyond the reach of salvationFrom inmate to Ironman Triathlon World Championship competitor Shane paints a stirring self portrait in this hilarious horrifying and hopeful account that is sure to hook readers of edgy sports biographies.

10 thoughts on “The Hurt Artist

  1. Marcus Allen Marcus Allen says:

    My favorite passage from the book Sometimes we motivate ourselves by thinking of what we want to become Sometimes we motivate ourselves by thinking about who we don't ever want to be again Everything we do is part of who we are How we choose to use those memories to motivate or to submit is entirely up to us Shane Niemeyer Raw beautiful and inspirational It seems every moment of every day we have a choice to honor our highest selves to live the life we wish to create Shane's story demonstrates that as long as we continue to breathe it is never too late to alter our trajectory of thought word and action and to live a fully realized life in line with our greatest potential Competitive athlete or not each one of us will recognize a piece of our own story within his Simply The Hurt Artist offers us an opportunity to share in our own humanity

  2. Laura Laura says:

    This is the most amazing story I have ever read and the book is so exceptionally written As you read it you experience a variety of emotions as you can almost feel the pain and disappointment and hurt that Shane felt at various times throughout his life As it goes on you also feel joy and elation and amazement at the transformation that occurs This is such an uplifting inspiring story of a drug and alcohol addict who hits absolute rock bottom only to completely turn his life around in an almost mind boggling way It is such a wonderful story and book None like I have ever heard before

  3. Cara Knight Cara Knight says:

    Great inspirational read Some days it feels like it's a struggle to get to the finish line But once you do the collective energy of others can help sweep you along Just when you think you're out someone will come along and say just the right thing to get you going again You just need to keep looking ahead and moving forward seeing the day through its end At least the next day you have the chance to do it all over againIn time a plan forms and a set of ideals replaces the negativity and your will helps you find your way I say this uote can apply to every struggle in life not just the challenge of a race

  4. Ron S Ron S says:

    Some junkies OD or rot in jail some find Jesus while others swim bike and run While I didn't care for the author throughout any book that might provide hope or inspiration for someone struggling with addiction has a place on a public library shelf

  5. Kds Kds says:

    As laid out in the title this is Shane Niemeyer's story of how he went from suicidal heroin addict to an Ironman and motivational speakerI was dubious As a rule I don't read books about addicts or written by motivational speakers but for reasons beyond my ken I downloaded this titleAt first I thought well if nothing else every prison in the country would love to distribute this book because Shane presents a model prison story After trying to commit suicide he wound up in prison and came across an article about iron men and decided that it was the best way to spend his timeAs he continued his tale and described the people who gave him a chance when by all accounts he didn't 'deserve' one I was reminded of the importance of kindness; That lost causes are not always lost; Eve it if only works 1 in 1000 times it is worth itAnd then we got on to the points he was trying to make with the book which was all the ways training for the Iron Man changed his life helped him work through his addiciton and become a better humanDespite my initial hesitation I was won over by ont only the authenticity of Shane's story but by all the things that he overcame He is really uite extraordinaryWhile I expect this book is one that is better found than forced I look forward to recommending it

  6. Laurelee Nelson Laurelee Nelson says:

    I just finished reading The Hurt Artist and I can't stop thinking about it Every day a new passage pops into my mind and I start thinking about it all over again I bought the book because I have a very good friend who is trying to help her adult son deal with his addiction to heroin She lost her first son to a drug overdose 3 years ago and now her second son is at very high risk She was devastated when her first son died and has been trying everything to save her second son from the same fate I watched those beautiful boys grow up Now I watch my best friend try to cope daily with the loss of one son and the worry for another It's heartbreaking Like Shane her son recently tried to hang himself but thankfully was unsuccessful Reading Shane's book helped me understand what her son has been facing with his challenges as a drug addict I only saw the effects it had on his mother When I read the sections about Shane's mom I cried That's when I knew I had to pass this book on to my friend The Hurt Artist helped me understand what addiction does to a person and family Shane's book has raw emotion hard truths and makes no excuses He bares it all to show that drug addiction can be beaten and life can be rewarding and amazing

  7. Matt Williams Matt Williams says:

    Great story of how this guy turned his life around by using his intense focus on triathlon training instead of being high

  8. GladiatorBenRome GladiatorBenRome says:

    I don't know if it makes a difference but I read the hardback version of this book It's a shame that such an important story didn't benefit from better editing It felt like I was reading a first or second draft instead of a mature book My approach to the technicalities of writing is not to sweat the small stuff especially when it adds character but when errors are so freuent and severe that they obscure meaning and make a reader decipher sentences it's too much I kept feeling like I needed to find a red pen to mark it upNow that the negative is out of the way the content of the book is edifying It's an honest and insightful look at a troubled life and an inspiring narrative of personal growth I wish it was a smoother read but I do recommend it I would have given 35 stars if it were possible

  9. Nathan Davis Nathan Davis says:

    This isn’t a deep book or a brilliantly written one But let’s face it you picked up this book for one reason to read about someone that hit rock bottom in their drug addiction and pushed their way out with an addiction to exercise It is a book to give you a glimpse into a world of addiction most of have never seen and a motivation to get us back out on your bikes and into our running shoes For that it succeeds succinctly and does it what needs to No no less

  10. Dave Mason Dave Mason says:

    Moves at a good pace Interesting to see how the same characteristics and energy that make you a raging junkie can also make you a raging triathlete and to watch how that transition takes place We all love a story about the struggle to shed your demons This is a very good one

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