Kindle Edition ã Star Trek Kindle å

Kindle Edition ã Star Trek Kindle å

Star Trek [KINDLE] ✾ Star Trek By Zander Cannon – Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise respond to a distress call and find a terribly wounded scientist aboard a marooned ship While evaluating the planet below and its two warring nations for Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise respond to a distress call and find a terribly wounded scientist aboard a marooned ship While evaluating the planet below and its two warring nations for possible Federation membership Picard discovers to his horror that the survivor of the disaster is foreseeing his death Written by Eisner nominated writer Zander Cannon Top Ten.

10 thoughts on “Star Trek

  1. Bernard Campbell Bernard Campbell says:

    Nice fun 5 issue trade comic Very true to the TV show formula Good read and nice artwork

  2. Kieran McAndrew Kieran McAndrew says:

    Superstition or Science?When a simple readiness inspection for a Federation applicant goes awry Picard finds himself caught in a bitter power struggle during a planetary civil war At its heart a wondrous power source and a scientist who finds himself literally haunted by ghosts Including the ghost of Jean Luc PicardThe story is well in keeping with season four of 'Star Trek The Next Generation' and the characters are well defined It is a shame therefore that they are so badly drawn Worf fares best but Riker and Troi do not look much like the actors they should be based on

  3. Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford says:

    This is a really good graphic novel The Enterprise picks up a distress call There's a ship in trouble above a planet It turns out the planet has two main civilizations one being advanced and in control and the other being poor and living in somewhat primitive conditions compared to the other sideThe rich advanced side wants to join the Federation There is a tremendous animosity between the two sides though and they end up involving the Enterprise in their problems with Worf being taken captive threats and an attack on the Enterprise and a problem with people missing and a strange energy produced from the planet's rocksThe Enterprise has a survivor from the ship but he's missing an arm and a leg He keeps saying that he sees ghosts that no one else seesIt's up to the crew and Picard especially to try to figure out just what has happened with various people that have disappeared how they can save Worf from being murdered by the really really angry 'poor' side of the conflict and figuring out just who these 'ghosts' are that the alien keeps seeingIt's really a surprisingly good story

  4. Taaya Taaya says:

    What really threw me off in this comic was the artwork What was supposed to be shadows I think looked as if all of the crew suddenly had huge and deep bleeding wounds all over their faces Might be because I read on a blackwhite ereader The story was well a little boring Warriors just being all about action and no thinking? Been there done that there was no use of that narrative againAnd ‚we wanna join the Federation but we have no clue what that means so we go on murdering political enemies and deceiving our supposed allies‘? Yeah we had done that as well wasn’t it even Farpoint Station that used that plot?So the story was rather dull and the characters somehow off Picard was all mopey and brooding Worf suddenly super religious Riker constantly angry but not thinking clear and everyone else had no character trait at all? I mean finally there was no all encompassing war but still this is no great revelation of a comic

  5. Carol Gibson Carol Gibson says:

    When the ship responds to a distress signal they find a survivor a scientist who is missing some of his body parts The answers would seem to lie on the planet Allios IV Dragged into the political struggle between two groups the crew must find answers or orf will be executed for a crime he did not commit People are disappearing into thin air and people claim to see ghosts Picard and his crew must find the connection between the two I liked this story but it had some of the flaws of what I saw in the show itself The characters come of as rather bland I don't blame the author for this he wrote them as they often were in the show The crew always felt so perfect with no flaws and This is why it is my least favorite Trek

  6. Apostolos Apostolos says:

    Not a bad story Basically a story of a planet who wants to join the Federation but there are two rival factions on that planet basically a no no for membership in the Federation One side invents a device that moves you into another sub space type of universe basically looks like the Matrix's loading room and people freak out People who move into this universe are thought to be dead they are not and when they communicate with people in the regular dimension those folks think they see ghosts Interesting story The aliens remind me of the emperor from StarCom

  7. Mickey Mickey says:

    Some cute character stuff but really this was three times too long I wanted to like it because I LOVE when the comics and novels just try to give us another TNG episode This was just a little too unwieldy all the religious and philosophical stuff suggested something cool but it never uite arrived for me and repetitive If this had been a story in the DC series it would have appropriately been relegated to one or two issues

  8. Z.S. Diamanti Z.S. Diamanti says:

    Ghosts had a good TNG story written by Zander Cannon It felt like a good two part episode from the series The story was interesting enough to keep me engaged even with some disappointing art Can't say whether it was the pencils or the inks that caused the issues but many of the faces were overdone And to be sure the frames were boring and unimaginative The story saved this book

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    Story was okay Dragged in places and characterization was off Artwork really let this down Main cast looked nothing like they should especially Deanna And the weird attempts at shadows looked like random dirt and grime streaks and background ink blots Really distracting

  10. Chris (The Genre Fiend) Chris (The Genre Fiend) says:

    A pretty poor effort The story's verbose and lacks a strong hook and the art gets pretty muddled the further you go along and there are far too many shadows Also what's up with everyone saying countrymen?

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