Rescue at Cardwell Ranch Cardwell Cousins #2 MOBI ½

Rescue at Cardwell Ranch Cardwell Cousins #2 MOBI ½

Rescue at Cardwell Ranch Cardwell Cousins #2 [Download] ✤ Rescue at Cardwell Ranch Cardwell Cousins #2 By B.J. Daniels – The highly anticipated continuation of the Cardwell Ranch Collection read by than 2 MILLIONSaving her once was risky Rescuing her again may be fatalWhen Hayes Cardwell arrived in Big Sky Montana for h The highly anticipated continuation of the Cardwell Ranch eBook ☆ Cardwell Ranch Collection read by than MILLIONSaving her once was risky Rescuing her again may be fatalWhen Hayes Cardwell arrived in Big Sky Montana for his brother's wedding the Texas PI didn't expect to play hero But ever since he saved her from a brutal abductor he can't get McKenzie Sheldon out of his mind and heart As passion blindsides him Hayes vows to protect the beautiful business owner from once again becoming the target of a killer intent on finishing the job Rescue at PDF/EPUB or McKenzie was drawn to Hayes from the moment she awoke and saw the tall dark cowboy who'd rushed to her rescue like some Western fantasy With his lean sexy looks and fierce protective instincts the gun shy bachelor is already lassoing her heart But can he protect her from a danger that's much closer than they thinka killer hiding in plain sight who's about to spring a final trap.

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    I could not put this down McKenzie is a strong independent woman who is devoted to her job as a realtor She works long hours and found herself doing some grocery shopping late one evening As she came out of the grocery store she was attacked and nearly abducted by a serial killer The only thing that saves her is that Hayes came out of the same store right after she did As a PI he is used to uick thinking and action and because of it was able to get her away from her attacker Hayes is in Big Sky for his brother's wedding He's also there to talk his brother out of trying to open a branch of their family's restaurants in Montana Discovering that McKenzie is the real estate agent helping his brother reinforces that he hasn't been able to get her off his mind since the attack When it appears that the killer is planning to finish what he started Hayes is determined to keep her safe He doesn't have it easy because McKenzie is so independent she doesn't like accepting help from anyone I liked that he didn't really give her the option of refusing I also enjoyed seeing him try to understand what he was feeling There's something about being with her that makes him happy in a way he's never felt before I loved seeing him get closer to her as he tried to keep her safe at the Cardwell ranch But he also can't see how anything can come of it with his work in Texas and hers in Montana McKenzie is the youngest of nine kids and has always been very independent and very driven She is very thankful for Hayes's uick action that saved her life There is something about him that makes her feel very safe She is also immensely attracted to him but with the strain of being in danger doesn't want to make any impulsive decisions I loved seeing her allow herself to lean on him while still trying to preserve her independence The suspense of the story as McKenzie is being stalked is very intense From the first chapter where we see him watching her to the final confrontation the danger just keeps building I enjoyed the glimpses into his thoughts and actions as they added to the clues of trying to figure out who he was There were several possibilities and it wasn't until just before the big reveal that I thought I had a handle on who it was I loved the fact that McKenzie wasn't going to make it easy for him which made it possible for Hayes to be in time I do wonder if the visitor to McKenzie's hospital room is going to appear in a later bookI always enjoy seeing previous characters show up in current books I loved seeing Dana open her ranch and her heart to McKenzie when Hayes brought her there as a safe place to stay It's easy to see how much her family means to her and how getting to know the cousins is important to her I also liked seeing Tag from Christmas at Cardwell Ranch showing his brother how important love is It was great to see the somewhat cynical Latimer is the one who straightens him out I'm also looking forward to Jackson's story

  2. Kathyjostl Kathyjostl says:

    “Rescue at Cardwell Ranch” Full of gut wrenching suspenseThis was a hard read for me because BJ nailed all the emotion and terror that a woman being stalked goes through I just wish I had had a knight in dusty cowboy boots McKenzie our terrorized heroine is believable in that she is strong and wanting to take her life back after being attacked but still afraid and willing to lean on Hayes our hero Also if I can use two words to describe the whole Cardwell clan in situations like this they are “bear hug” The whole family just wraps the person in trouble in a big protective bear hug Don’t skip ahead to the end of this book because you might miss a little twist from a barely mentioned character in the book that I don’t think we’ve seen the last of I think that that twist character could get ugly in the future After reading so many of BJ’s books I’m counting on it Loved this book

  3. Janet Janet says:

    HI #1497

  4. Jackie Jackie says:

    Book Info Paperback 224 pagesExpected publication May 20th 2014 by HarleuinISBN 0373697643 ISBN13 9780373697649series Cardwell Ranch #5other editions 1SourceNetgalley EARC Book Buy Links BN BOOK SYNOPSIS The highly anticipated continuation of the Cardwell Ranch Collection read by than 2 MILLIONSaving her once was risky Rescuing her again may be fatal When Hayes Cardwell arrived in Big Sky Montana for his brother's wedding the Texas PI didn't expect to play hero But ever since he saved her from a brutal abductor he can't get McKenzie Sheldon out of his mind and heart As passion blindsides him Hayes vows to protect the beautiful business owner from once again becoming the target of a killer intent on finishing the job McKenzie was drawn to Hayes from the moment she awoke and saw the tall dark cowboy who'd rushed to her rescue like some Western fantasy With his lean sexy looks and fierce protective instincts the gun shy bachelor is already lassoing her heart But can he protect her from a danger that's much closer than they thinka killer hiding in plain sight who's about to spring a final trap? My Thoughts I have been in love with stories about the Cardwell’s and their extended family members stories since reading my first book by BJ Daniels and this duo of tales combined beautifully allowing me to indulge myself in about a few of the repeat charactersThe first story in this set centers on the way in which the relationship between Hayes Cardwell and McKenzie Sheldon comes about Initially he saves her from the clutches of a psychopath who is trying to force her into his trunk where he would imprison her during transport to a remote location prior to abusing and murdering herHayes has come to Big Sky Montana with the intention of convincing his younger brother that opening a BB restaurant as part of their family chain in Montana would not be a feasible enterprise Having gotten into town late he had stopped off at the local grocery to pick up some items rather than hitting a diner and in doing so became witness to the kidnapping attempt in the parking lotMcKenzie is career driven and oblivious to her surroundings on the night in uestion that she almost becomes a kidnapping victim her mind on work problems leads makes her an easy target and it is only through blind luck that she is rescued by HayesThis is a tale of two people who meet in extraordinary circumstances and whose mutual attraction has to take a backseat to keeping McKenzie safe as her assailant is waiting in the wings to finish the job he started Will the two become involved with a future or will the unknown killer triumph? Read this romantic suspense and find out for yourself how things play out you will not be sorryThe second story is my favorite of the two and it is a shame there is no blurb to share with you but Jesse and Maggie will prove the perfect couple to root for a happy ending as secrets are revealed one major secret has Jesse on tenterhooks because if it turns out differently than he hopes his future will be bleak Read the book to find out why and be prepared to find yourself enthralled from beginning to end I know I was EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review

  5. Nikita (Njkinny& Nikita (Njkinny& says:

    Cardwell came to Big Sky to attend his brother Tag's wedding unaware that soon he would be chasing a serial killer This Texas PI saves Mackenzie Sheldon's life when he saves her from a brutal abductor Unable to get her out of his mind he is determined to protect her and catch this very intelligent and elusive killer With a killer most dangerous and one hiding in plain sight will Hayes be able to protect Mackenzie?Are they falling in love or is this just an adrenaline rush? I am big fan of BJ Daniels' books and have read many of her books She is a versatile author who brings something new in each of her books In Rescue at Cardwell Ranch too BJ handles a demented psychopath with ease and while managing to give the readers the creeps she also effortlessly balances the romance between the protagonists The cover is eye catching I love cowboys and one on a horse instantly appeals to me The blurb is intriguing and instantly captivates the reader's interest and makes us want to read the book Although this book is first in Cardwell Cousins series but still it continues from the Cardwell Ranch series We are introduced to the Cardwells in the Cardwell Ranch series and to their cousins Tag and his brothers in the Cardwell Cousins series Although this can seem very confusing but the books are standalone stories that can be read out of order Only the introductions and some connecting events join themIn Rescue at Cardwell Ranch we are introduced to Hayes Cardwell the younger brother of Tag Cardwell and cousin of Dana Cardwell who owns the Cardwell ranch While we are swept away by the beauty and coziness of homely Cardwell Ranch and the cordial and loving residents of the place there is thrill and excitement also present to catch this criminal who has so far gotten away with his heinous crimes The settings are explicitly and very beautifully sketched and brought to life and they are used expertly to heighten the thrill and tension in the novel I could feel each and every shift of air and could feel the warning of danger in my bonesThe characterization is very real like and I connected with each and every person in this book The romance and the sexual tension between Mackenzie and Hayes is vividly described and the fear of the killer very engagingly brought to life by the author The underlying tension between the Cardwells and their estranged father is also touched upon but left unsolved for other books in the series I loved the book and sat engrossed in the story till the very end The pace was gripping and I could feel the rush of adventure The climax is chilling and very frightening Another great story from BJ Daniels I give Rescue at Cardwell Ranch 4 out of 5 just because I felt the pace lagged a bit at times This is a great holiday read and sure to entertain as well as keep you hooked Strongly recommended to everyone go read the bookI received the book from Netgalley and the publisher Harleuin and I am very thankful to them The above reviews are my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced

  6. Shirlene Shirlene says:

    A stranger was waiting in the grocery store parking lot He had broken the light above where his car was parked next to one that he was sure belonged to a woman He had plans to abduct her and knew where he was going to take her to kill her She headed toward the car and stopped to answer her phone It was the receptionist at her realty firm asking about Gus Thompson McKenzie Sheldon told Cynthia to call the police to make sure he wasn't waiting for her at her car again and that she would fire him the next day She had trouble with him following her home and not taking no for an answer herself He was her top selling real estate salesman but he didn't get along with anyone He was angry that his mother had sold her business to McKenzie rather than leaving the business for him when she died The stranger grabbed McKenzie by her neck as she was getting into her car She fought back but her head was slammed into the side of his car and she went down Hayes Cardwell had stopped by the store to pick up something to eat for the rest of the journey to his cousin's house when he noticed the man trying to put a woman in to the trunk of his car Hayes intervened and the stranger dropped McKenzie and drove off Hayes called 911 and she was taken to the hospital McKenzie didn't remember anything except for seeing brown eyes The police told her that her rescuer didn't want to be identified Hayes told his brother and cousin Dana Cardwell about the attack He didn't know who the woman was though Hayes had come into town for his brother Tag's wedding He and all of the brothers owned a BB restaurant chain in Texas and had decided that they weren't open to having a restaurant in Big Sky Montana Tag had fallen in love with Montana and Lily McCabe and wanted to open one of their restaurants in Montana because Lily didn't want to move to Texas Hayes was sent by the brothers to tell Tye that they weren't going to let the restaurant happenTag and Hayes went to look over the property that Tag wanted to use for the restaurant They arrived and Hayes was surprised to find out that the agent was the woman he had saved She looked scared so he decided to tell her She relaxed around him a bit after that They talked about their families and Hayes mentioned having 4 brothers and McKenzie was the youngest of 9 McKenzie spent the night in Big Sky rather than go home She didn't want to admit it but she was scared Gus was even angry at McKenzie now The police had first uestioned him about bothering Cynthia then they asked him where he was the previous night because McKenzie had been attacked It was the police who told him that he was fired and watched as he packed his belongings at the office He was determined to find McKenzie and talk to her before the news got out that he was suspected of attacking her It was a small community and he would not only lose his job but his reputation would be ruined making it impossible for him to work for anyone else Hayes invited McKenzie to stay at one of Dana's cabins near where he was until they caught the guy that had attacked her McKenzie agreed to stay for a few days She went to give a presentation at the university and Hayes went along She was stepping onto the podium when she felt a tug on her hair The stranger had cut off a piece of her hair She finished her speech and went to where Hayes was waiting Hayes took her to a salon to get her hair cut He was not too happy to find out that she would be giving an open house the next day She was grabbed as she left her condo headed to the open house It was Gus and he had scared her She told him that he had left her with no other option other than to fire him She told him she would give him a good recommendation for another job and they both went their separate ways He still felt they had unfinished businessHayes called Laramie to talk about Tag opening a restaurant in Montana He and Laramie talked and thought that it might work Laramie was he brother who headed up their corporation so the other brothers could do as they pleased Austin worked with the border patrol and was on an assignment Hayes worked as a private investigator Jackson was the other brother and he had been married and was now divorced His son Ford was 5 and anxious to come to Montana and do some riding on a horse that had been promised to him by Dana Dana and Hud Savage now had 4 childrenMcKenzie held the open house and unknown to her the stranger had come by He was satisfied that he was not recognized but knew he still had a job to finish McKenzie agreed to have dinner with Hayes He dropped her back off at her car and they kissed He was having serious doubts about having to leave Montana without her now He hadn't understood how Tag fell in love so uickly but was starting to get the idea McKenzie got into her car and found a note on the windshield telling her that he was watching her Hayes knew that the stranger wasn't done yet and wouldn't give up until he had finished what he started Hayes followed McKenzie home and spent the night in her spare bedroom They woke up when her phone rang and it was the stranger McKenzie told Hayes that she had heard her neighbor's wind chimes over the phone The stranger had called while standing in the pines just behind her condo Gus saw the stranger and followed him Hayes stepped outside and got Gus's license plate and called the police The stranger noticed he was being followed and didn't mind that Gus got pulled over Gus was taken to the police station but didn't mention that he had seen the stranger or the type of vehicle he was driving Gus wanted to be the hero and catch him to get his job in real estate back The stranger turned around in his car and got a good look at who had followed him Gus hid out at McKenzie's next open house in hopes of catching the stranger The stranger ended up killing him in the loft of the barn Hayes found the body and took McKenzie back to Dana's ranch with him She was determined not to let it stop her from doing anything and they all went out dancing Hayes kept her close to him for the next week It was his intention to draw the stranger out to where he was angry and the chances were higher that he would make a mistake They stranger missed her and became determined to get her He called her office a few times and decided to set someone else up for the murders The stranger planted evidence in a neighbor's house and called the police Everyone thought the murdered had been caught Hayes went back to Texas but was moping His brother told him that he needed to get himself back to Montana to talk with McKenzie He got on the corporate jet and headed back The stranger set up an appointment with McKenzie to see some property that was all by itself There was an outbuilding that he thought would make a perfect place to kill her McKenzie went to meet him and the police called her to warn her that the guy they had arrested may not be the killer The call was cut off The police then contacted Hayes Hayes called McKenzie's real estate office to find out where she was He got an address from them McKenzie was on the phone when the stranger Jason Matthews used a needle to inject drugs into her He drug her to the outbuilding and tied her up with duct tape She noticed all the sex toys and weapons in the room and knew that he was planning on killing her painfully She spit on him kicked him grabbed him by the neck and slammed his face on the floor all the while making him angrier He tried to stab her with a pair of scissors when Hayes showed up and shot him McKenzie was taken to the hospitalShe woke up in a hospital room and Emily Matthews was in her room McKenzie became instantly aware the Emily knew what Jason had been doing and was angry that she survived and Jason was dead McKenzie reached for the nurse call button when Emily moved it out of her reach Hayes then came into the room and Emily was removed It was overMcKenzie went with Hayes to recover and they each told the other that they were in love McKenzie had found out that her business was sold They made plans to return to Montana to live and to get married

  7. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    4 STARSI liked both stories They had good suspense of the murder till the end Strong female characters and heroesIn Rescue at Cardwell Ranch we meet another Cardwell from the Texas Cardwells Hayes Cardwell flies into Montana to talk his brother out of opening another of their family restraint Hayes stop at a grocery store for something to eat and when he comes out he is in time to rescue McKenzie owns her own real estate business She stops by the grocery store late As she is walking to her car she is grabbed she fights back but is knocked out Hayes sees her in time to stop the guyThe next day they meet again as McKenzie is the real estate agent that his brother is using for the restaurant McKenzie feels like someone is still watching her Hayes offers to help her againTheir is a lot of drama suspense lots of old familiar characters and new ones some action and romanceWanted Woman starts right off with the suspense Maggie is meeting someone in a lonely dark foggy place at night When shots are fired She can't believe who she sees before she is shot and falls into the waterMaggie is now in danger and finds out she was kidnapped as a baby and from where She is almost to the small town when she is hit by a carJesse Tanner is filling in as a deputy as his brother was shot and layed up Jesse sees the hit and run from a distance He finds Maggie and take her home with himTheir are a lot of suspects into her kidnapping as a child To cover up something about it three new deaths have happened Maggie is wanted by the cops Or at least one dirty copI wanted a little in depth of the kidnapping and why but it was good and keeps you guessing till the endI like BJ Daniels stories and will continue to read her booksI was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by Netgalley

  8. Mindy Mindy says:

    Rescue at Cardwell Ranch Cardwell CousinsBJ DanielsRomanceSuspensemysteryHayes Cardwell a private investigator shows up in town with an agenda to stop his brother from opening a restaurant in Big Sky Montana and to put Tag's feet firmly back on the ground and nip this problem in the bud He uickly finds himself with a whole new agenda once he sees McKenzie Sheldon for the first time McKenzie is a realtor in Montana She is independent hard working and completely capable of taking care of herself She even runs a Real Estate Agency and employees on her own Unfortunatelybeing fiercely independent a knowledge of the area and self defense training aren't uite enough when you are being stalked in a parking lot by a serial killer I loved this book Rescue at Cardwell Ranch is the 1st book of the Cardwell Cousin Series but BJ Daniels readers are already familiar with the Cardwell family from the Cardwell Ranch Series This book kept me in suspense from the very first page and the danger and mystery kept me intrigued For those looking for romance it was right there along side the dangerous situations the characters were involved in I read this book over a couple of very busy days and when I wasn't reading it I was constantly thinking about how I could sneak away and finish it Romancesuspense readers who aren't familiar with this author will definitely want to read after this one There are plenty of books to keep you entertained Check out her website to find all of her series BJ Daniels fans will not be disappointed This is one of my all time favorites Wedding at Cardwell Ranch is the next book in the Cardwell Cousin Series coming out in July 2014 and I can't wait

  9. Nyoka Smith Nyoka Smith says:

    BJ Daniels did it again In each of her Intrigue books she captures your attention by setting the stage for a great mystery With Rescue at Cardwell Ranch she sets this stage starting with an ordinary grocery store visit which gives one second thoughts about shopping alone at night You can never tell what is waiting in the dark McKenzie Sheldon was just going about her ordinary days activities and then out of the dark everything changed It also changed for Hayes Cardwell a new comer to Big Sky Montana It was a good thing for McKenzie that Hayes was in the right place at the right time Throughout the book the two of them play tag with a deadly killer while slowly becoming involved with each other As with all her books she tells a gripping story that keeps you on the edge of your seat by wondering WHO the villain is and then it turns out to be someone you least expect Intertwined with the books intrigue is a slowly growing love story between the main characters McKenzie Sheldon and Hayes Cardwell A truly great read for all the BJ Daniels fans out there

  10. Valri Western Valri Western says:

    I just flat out love BJ's books She knows how to write a romantic suspense and keep you reading a book all the while trying NOT to stay up all night to finish it Every book is a page turner because you have to see how it ends This book is another book in the series of the Cardwell cousins It is Hayes' story He's just in town to be around for his brother Tag's wedding but as he comes out of the grocery store a woman is being abducted He's a PI from Texas and he certainly knows what to do so he jumps in and saves her McKenzie can't believe what is happening to her She is so grateful that Hayes is at the right place at the right time to save her from an abduction As time goes on the kidnapper continues to finish the job There is a lot of suspense in this book as in all of BJ's books Even if you didn't read another Cardwell cousin book you could easily read this one I would definitely recommend this book

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