Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 Epub Ð Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 Epub Ð Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 ❰Reading❯ ➶ Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 Author Andy Belanger – Volume 2 And so the curtain falls Hamlet Juliet and Shakespeare all facing death Can Othello rally the Prodigals to defeat Richard and Lady Macbeth's now fractured army But even if he does will anyone Volume And so the curtain falls Hamlet Juliet and Shakespeare all facing death Can Othello rally the Prodigals to defeat Richard and Lady Macbeth's now fractured army But even if he does will anyone be left alive to celebrate Kill Shakespeare Kindle - victory The critically acclaimed series ends its first run in this second volume collection.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 148 pages
  • Kill Shakespeare Volume 2
  • Andy Belanger
  • English
  • 13 December 2016

About the Author: Andy Belanger

Andy works out of the Toronto based Royal Academy of Illustration Design and has done work for comic book publishers DC Wildstorm Devil's Due and Boom He is currently the artist on IDW’s “Kill Shakespeare” He is the creator Kill Shakespeare Kindle - of DC’s Comics' Bottle of Awesome and Transmission X’s “Raising Hell.

10 thoughts on “Kill Shakespeare Volume 2

  1. Sean Gibson Sean Gibson says:

    To read or not to read? That is the uestionWhether ‘tis nobler for the mindTo suffer the slings and arrows of watching NetflixOr to take a bath in a sea of bubblesAnd by opposing pop them? A solid conclusion to the story begun in volume 1 though it didn’t exactly tighten my hose if you know what I’m saying because those dudes wore hoseand doubletsand probably kernafuffles at least in some cases I was hoping it would wow me but it hasn’t thus far Still solidly entertaining and lots of little Shakespearean Easter eggs for the Bardishly inclinedThose are not a thing; I made that up to see if you were still paying attention Turns out you weren’t

  2. Mook Mook says:

    35This is not where I thought Vol 2 was going to go Juliet and Hamlet have an evening of confessing their tragic pasts to each other I really liked how they opened up to each other but the romance afterwards seemed very fast On the other hand there was a reverse balcony scene with Juliet climbing up to kiss Hamlet so I suppose it's forgiven While Juliet's prodigals and Richard and Lady Macbeth what is her first name? forces gather Hamlet goes to find Will Shakespeare in the Globe theatre And find him he does Along with Romeo and his band of violent religious zealotsShakespeare drunk and slovenly in a hovel is uninterested in playing in part of whatever war his creations have cooked up Hamlet is earnest in trying to get either Will or his magic uill to this battle Eventually he succeeds and Will's interventions saves the dayIago plays Lady Macbeth false because he loves her and doesn't want her to be killed by Shakespeare His reward is to be brutally tortured by Richard and the Lady then beheaded by Othello Richard thinks he has outsmarted Lady Macbeth by gaining the loyalty of her feared black guard but Lady Macbeth has magic and is the only bad guy to survive the battle to fight another dayI thought it would take a lot longer to find Shakespeare and I thought it would take longer before Juliet's forces fought King Richard's I suppose whatever happens next will be Lady Macbeth's plan to regain power but otherwise I have absolutely no idea where this is going Hamlet has regained some confidence in both his place in this new world and as Juliet's new paramour and is much less annoying for it

  3. Stephen Huffman Stephen Huffman says:

    While the second volume of the Elizabethan inspired graphic novel Kill Shakespeare delivers on the promise of action and bloodshed presented by the factionalization of Shakespeare's most notorious characters in the opening volume it seems to fall short of any real connection between the source marterial and the resulting story presented in this graphic novel The occasional line of Shakespeare or double entendre in the style of the bard does help to build a sense of playfulness in writing but does not live up to or even come close to the mythic stature of Shakespear's writing It is exactly this lack that in turn seems to rob all characters of their gravity in the greater events that unfold throughout the narrative While the first volume promises destiny the second volume destroys that notion and replaces it with the whims of a drunken author While the first volume promises love the second again shatters this with single moment at which an apparently canon breaking affection is forged and unbreakable loyalty is cemented in two character's psychology If the first volume of Kill Shakespeare is viewed as a set up the second volume fails to deliver Perhaps if the narrative were given small moments time to develop connections between characters and time to intensify the gravity of their actions then the series would have been impressive However as it stands I cannot help but to assume that this graphic novel will not stand the test of time and is likely to fade into obscurity

  4. Jared Millet Jared Millet says:

    Kill Shakespeare vol2 improves somewhat on volume 1 but it still fails to live up to the potential of its basic premise The heroes get fleshed out in this volume with some actual depth but the villains become so one note that they practically vanish into the background The characters still aren't Shakespeare's but if you forget that little detail the book becomes a fun fantasy readAs far as what happens when the characters meet Shakespeare himself well it's still a wasted opportunity In the story Shakespeare is treated as a flawed god but Hamlet and the rest never actually come to grips with their own existence as fictional characters If that kind of meta fictional encounter between a character and his author is what you were hoping for let me recommend Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man so you can see how it's supposed to be done

  5. India India says:

    45 I know some people didn't uite like this one as much as the first volume but for me this was so much better than the first The action the intrigue and seeing all of the alliances in their entirety was very rewarding I really enjoyed this and am definitely going to continue

  6. Rainbow007 Rainbow007 says:

    SPOILERS BELOWIf you've read my thoughts on the first volume of this series know that many of the same problems apply to its seuel Although entertaining than the first it doubles down on the old tired cliche's by setting up a love connection between Hamlet and Juliet Granted it was obvious they would end up together from the moment they met in the first book but this volume was the one that followed through with that easy predictionThe main plot see's the final battle between Juliet's rebellion and Richard the Third's army unfold and while the fight scenes provide some mindless entertainment it isn't any memorable in the long run A few days after reading this volume I struggle to remember many of the events that happened in itThe villains are hilariously one note I am not familiar with Richard the Third's character but I think Shakespeare would roll in his grave if he knew how one of his characters was made into a flat antagonist with no redeemable ualities whatsoever Lady Macbeth too both in the original source material and other reinterpretations kept her in a somewhat sympathetic light by having her feel inconsolable guilt over her actions Here she's just as diabolical and serpent like as Richard 3 The few compliments I can give this book is how it told the downfall of Iago then the death of Falstaff and how Hamlet mourned his loss Those are the only things that were interesting to read aboutAgain there isn't much point to reading this series unless you're a huge fan of Shakespeare andor fantasy and don't care about originality

  7. Tom Tom says:

    There's an interesting novelty at work in Kill Shakespeare where all of Shakespeare's various heroes and villains are in a war against each other to either protect or kill William Shakespeare But after a bit that novelty wears off Writer Conor McCreery couldn't hope to match the poetic verse of the real Shakespeare and to be fair he doesn't really try but we have here a Hamlet that seems cheerful at times and a Falstaff who's brave That seems a little off Then factor in the artwork that is rather generic pencils that make characters look very similar seriously Iago and Hamlet look like pretty much the same guy and you have a book that is basically just the novelty I'm a big Shakespeare fan so that may have helped or hurt my appreciation depending on what was happening I got the Easter Eggs but I also saw the character discrepancies

  8. Chris Chris says:

    The continuation of Shakespearian characters in a combined world Juliet continues as the rebel leader against the tyrannical King Richard and Lady MacBeth Will is found and he's given up his God Father role as the creator basically because misery abounds Epic battle erupts between the factions much backstabbing occurs as it should in something having to do with Shakespeare Illustration is still colorful and vibrant Line work isn't 100% consistent but generally pretty good I like it overall it has a good feel I've enjoyed the series so far and look forward to

  9. Rachel C. Rachel C. says:

    Seriously creators the most interesting thing you could think to do with all of Shakespeare's major characters is have them meet in hand to hand combat? Seriously?If you're wondering why I bothered to read this at all it's because I borrowed it at the same time as Vol 1

  10. Samantha Samantha says:

    As fun as the first one I love what they’re doing with Lady Macbeth and one of my favourite female Shakespeare villains who shows up at the very end

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