Rules of the Hunt ePUB Ô Rules of Kindle -

Rules of the Hunt ePUB Ô Rules of Kindle -

Rules of the Hunt [Read] ➸ Rules of the Hunt ➵ Michael Dalton Johnson – Praise for Rules of the HuntTo say that Rules of the Hunt is one of the most unusual business books I've ever read or reviewed would be an understatement Ivana Taylor Editor Small Business TrendsI hav Praise for Rules of the HuntTo say that Rules of the Hunt is one of the most unusual business books I've ever read or reviewed would be an understatement Ivana Taylor Editor Small Business TrendsI have never read a business book with Rules of Kindle - so much wisdom and so many useful ideas on virtually every page And all of it presented with no wasted words Bob Bly copywriter consultant and seminar leaderAn easy but powerful read that's guaranteed to give you fresh insights into entrepreneurial success Jill Konrath author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big CompaniesThis is a great book full of ideas examples stories and rules for increased business success and profitability Brian Tracy author of Million Dollar HabitsI love everything about this book If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you can't make a better investment in your future success Carol Kinsey Goman PhD speaker and author of The Silent Language of Leaders Rules of the Hunt offers insights from the heart and mind of a man who has overcome the difficult challenges of attaining business and personal success Wendy Weiss founder and CEO Weiss Communications Rules of the Hunt is unusual in that you won't find any trendy advice complex theories or unrealistic promises Rather you'll get the kind of friendly honest and down to earth advice you would expect from a trusted mentorA successful entrepreneur with than years of experience in the trenches Michael Dalton Johnson knows what it takes to build and run a profitable business In Rules of the Hunt he provides invaluable insight into everything you need to know from practical skills like negotiating recruiting and time management to soft skills like mental agility and personal growthHis advice will accelerate your growth and profits delivered in a friendly often humorous way through brief business anecdotes short tutorials case histories an occasional rant and a few horror stories And in true mentor form Johnson helps you preserve both your physical and mental health during your chase for business successIn essence Rules of the Hunt teaches you what business schools can't Learn everything you need to know aboutLEADERSHIP create loyalty inspire trust and motivate othersRELATIONSHIPS form strong bonds with customers employees suppliers and investorsSALES engage and excite your buyers and close salesMARKETING identify locate and promote like the prosTECHNOLOGY master today's most important tool the InternetOPERATIONS get things done the right way to grow profitsFORESIGHT avoid pitfalls and plan for future challenges before they appearSURVIVAL maintain your health and sanity while pursuing your business goals Successful entrepreneurship is both an art and a science and in order to succeed you must know the rules You'll get them hereWith Rules of the Hunt you have everything you need to outfox the competition maintain your integrity and actually enjoy your hunt for business success Straightforward easy to understand pragmatic and devoid of subjective theories and ideologies Rules of the Hunt simply tells it like it is Nothing nothing less.

2 thoughts on “Rules of the Hunt

  1. Robert Robert says:

    Full disclosure I was provided a review copy of this book by the publishersUnfortunately for me in the plethora of business books that are currently available this one doesn't really stand out That doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with it it simply means that it really doesn't stand out from the crowdIt is a basically a book of uick suggestions and observations organized around a chapter topic This to me meant that it didn't really get into the meat of things All the suggestions are great but there are two problems with that Either I have read them before or they are the opposite of what I have read before For example one suggestion is to 'seed' the tip jar with money to get the ball rolling Elsewhere I have read you shouldn't do this Problem is that both probably apply eually but what I would really like to see from business books in general is actual ualitative results from such idioms If you reckon that 'seeding' the tip jar is a good idea how about some research or real world testing to see whether it really is the case? Call me old fashioned but I want to see the dataBusiness is like philosophy Different options appeal to different people but the business books I read the less they tend to stand out Yes all the suggestions mentioned are great but you know what? For a regular reader I want something different I want something uniueIf you are new to business books or interested is some general thoughts and suggestions this book has value If you are a seasoned reader looking for something a bit out of the ordinary then this may not be the title for you

  2. Ty Erickson Ty Erickson says:

    With so many good business and sales books available I wouldn't rush to read this one There is a lot of common sense stuff in the book You could read the subtitles and get everything you need from the book It's average

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