Shivers Box Set PDF/EPUB Æ Shivers Box PDF \

Shivers Box Set PDF/EPUB Æ Shivers Box PDF \

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  1. Fiona Marsden Fiona Marsden says:

    This review is for Legacy of Darkness by Jane Godwin the second book in the set I will add the others as I read themThe heroine Lucy Alleyne arrives at Tenebris an innocent young woman alone in the world Demelza Jago a cousin of sorts has brought her here as a companion to her Here Lucy meets the magnetic Uther Jago Demelza's brother and their nephew Tynan the Earl who will come into his inheritance in a few weeks time on his twenty first birthdayThe Jago's have possessed Tenebris and I say it advisedly for hundreds of years and there is a long history of Jago's who have been less than stellar citizensUther has a special interest in Lucy but she becomes aware that the brother and sister have another motive for befriending her that they keep from her The sickly Tynan holds his own secrets and as Lucy learns the history of Tenebris and the Jago family she becomes and disturbedFor some reason Victoria Holt kept coming into my mind although the beginning had faint undertones of a Daphne Du Maurier story I was amused by the reference to Northanger Abbey Jane Austen's very own gothic romance I also was reminded a little of Georgette Heyer's Cousin KateThis was certainly erotic than any of those books mentioned to the point of discomfort Not from the writing but the situation which was probably intentionalOverall it was a little slow to start with but once it gained pace I found myself enthralled I haven't read any gothics for years and it was like a step back into the past recalling the authors I enjoyed as a teenager I think I just dated myself

  2. Rosie Amber Rosie Amber says:

    This was my first read of a Shivers Box Set and I really liked all the stories it containedDarkening Around Me is set in the Pacific Northwest and is dark and haunting with The Thornleigh Bride having a hold over all who live there Samantha has gone to have a clay likeness made of her by Miles O'Keefe but no one is allowed to stay longer than a week for fear of what the ghost can doLegacy of Darkness is a Gothic romance set amongst the stunning scenery of a rugged Cornish coast Lucy Alleyne is rescued by a distant relative from life as a companion and taken to the family home The house is full of horror danger forbidden love and dark secretsThe Devil's Eye is set on the Isle of Anglesey off of the Welsh coast Brynn James has come to meet a family she only recently discovered Too many deaths and missing persons surround the house of Stonecliff and Detective Harding would like to point the finger at Brynn's half sister Eleri But there is something very evil in the grounds of the house for years rumours have spread about The Witch of StonecliffBlack Rose is set in the Louisanna Bayou Mia has witnessed a gruesome murder and needs protecting Rick Ryder wants a chance to catch the murderer and together they go deep into the bayou Black Voodoo psychic predictions and a mystery doll called Billy all play a part in this delicious spooky chase as the murderer draws ever closer

  3. Kira Kira says:

    Darkening Around Me by Barbara J Hancock25 StarsThe gothic scenes were really well written and creepy as hell but the plot lacked cohesion and felt like set peices The romance was tell than show and unbelievable The hero was really boring lacking the danger and moral ambiguity of great gothic heroes I did enjoy the gothic parts very much and I think the story would have benefited from about 50 100 pages to flesh things outLegacy of Darkness by Jane Godman45 StarsNow this was the gothics I remembered reading as a kid with the scandal suspense and horror with a dash of the supernatural I always love when the heroine is torn between two men and neither she nor the reader know which is the evil one or the good one The sensuality is explicit than the Gothics of the 70's and 80's but it wasn't out of place and underlined the themes of the story There were a few things that seemed jarringly modern but I couldn't stop reading until the satisfying yet creepy conclusion Worth the price of the anthologyThe Devil's Eye by Dawn BrownBlack Rose by Jenna Ryan

  4. Gidget Gidget says:

    I just finished reading the first story in the complimentary copy of the Shivers box set I received Gothic is not the usual type of story I read but once I started the first story Darkening Around Me I was hooked I even started reading it aloud to myself The descriptive an atmospheric elements are captivating If all the stories are as intriguing and captivating as the first then this set is a winner

  5. StacyLynn StacyLynn StacyLynn StacyLynn says:

    Couldn't ask for a better set of contemporary gothic romance novellas Wonderful authors great stories

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Shivers Box Set ❤ [KINDLE] ❃ Shivers Box Set By Barbara J. Hancock ➣ – Lose yourself in four eerie atmospheric tales of romanceand revengeIn a decaying mansion a ghostly presence refuses to relinuish the artist she's long haunted to a new lover and muse In an ancient Cor Lose yourself in four eerie atmospheric tales of romanceand revengeIn a decaying mansion a ghostly presence refuses to relinuish the artist she's long haunted to a new lover and muse In an ancient Cornish castle an innocent woman may be sacrificed to a family's legacy of madness On the fringes of a Welsh estate a vengeful figure targets the long lost daughter of a Shivers Box PDF \ cursed clan In the Louisiana bayou a serial killer hunts the one woman who can bring his demonic crimes to light If you love Gothics by Victoria Holt Daphne du Maurier and Barbara Michaels and enjoy dark romance then delve into the new Shivers Collection Four beguiling stories one great priceDARKENING AROUND ME by Barbara J HancockLEGACY OF DARKNESS by Jane GodmanDEVIL'S EYE by Dawn BrownBLACK ROSE by Jenna RyanMood mysteryromance that makes you shiver Look for titles coming in April .