The Outfit Epub å Kindle Edition

The Outfit Epub å Kindle Edition

The Outfit (Richard Stark's Parker, #2) [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Outfit (Richard Stark's Parker, #2) By Darwyn Cooke – Darwyn Cooke is the Eisner Award winning writerartist of such classics as DC The New Frontier Selina’s Big Score and last year’s smash hit The Hunter Now Cooke is back and following up the New Yor Darwyn Cooke is the Eisner Award winning writerartist of such classics as DC The New Frontier Selina’s Big Score and last year’s smash hit The Hunter Now Cooke is back and following up the New York Times best selling Hunter with a heart pounding seuel The Outfit After evening the score with those who betrayed him and recovering the money he was cheated out of from the syndicate Parker is riding high living in swank hotels and enjoying the finer things in life again Until that is he’s fingered by a suealer who rats him out to the Outfit for the price they put on his head and they find out too late that if you push Parker it better be all the way into the grave Darwyn Cooke is an Eisner and Emmy winning creator whose adaptation of Richard Stark’s first groundbreaking Parker novel has earned him multiple Eisner Award nominations.

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  1. Chad Chad says:

    In the second of Cooke's Parker adaptations Parker has changed his face via plastic surgery being on the run from The Outfit But when a colleague fingers him Parker goes on the offensive sending guys out on jobs hitting The Outfit at where it counts the bottom line I think I enjoyed this even than The Hunter It shows Parker's cold calculated side as he schemes to take out the head of The Outfit Cooke's art has a a 60's pop art look to it that fits the 60's setting perfectly

  2. Kemper Kemper says:

    As a fan of the Parker series and comic books these adaptations are right in my wheelhouse but what I find most intriguing about them is the clever ways that Darwyn Cooke has used to tell a text story into a visual form while staying true to the spirit of the original books The Outfit was the third book in the Parker series but this one also adapts the second novel The Man With Getaway Face into part of this story too Parker pissed off the Outfit and even though he’s gotten plastic surgery to change his looks the mob is still coming after him Parker contacts a bunch of his criminal buddies and asks them all to go on a robbery spree against various Outfit businesses and they’re all too happy to do it Parker works on his own scheme to make some cash and get them off his back once and for all My favorite part in this was how Cooke converts several of the mini stories from the book about how several professional thieves rip off Outfit joints He incorporates a faux crime magazine cover and story With actual text from the book as well as some short cartoonish style strips to recount these robberies He also uses a game of Monopoly as the basis for giving us the history of the Outfit’s bossThese graphic novels are excellent companion pieces to the original books

  3. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    You know if you read Darwyn Cooke's loving adaptation of Richard Stark's Donald Westlake Parker alongside Agatha Christie as I am doing it is of course even brutal Parker is a thief a career criminal But The Outfit is also bleakly beautiful in its depiction of the story which is again after Cooke's first adaptation of Starks' The Hunter a kind of revenge tale Parker the toughest of tough guys a really bad guy never smiles in this book He doesn't believe in emotion or friendship or love He's the hardest boiled criminal you will find a perfect reflection of sixties detective fiction but he is also somehow smooth and sophisticated as he pulls off the caper where he of course takes down The Outfit thanks to Cooke's stylish approach I really had a good time reading it How can I like this guy? But thanks to Stark and Cooke I do

  4. Mohammed Mohammed says:

    Having read many of the Parker novels im hugely impressed by how Cooke adds a new dimension to the stories with his artworkthe way he narratesuses two novels The OutfitThe Man with the Getaway Face into one Graphic NovelCooke’s art has never been better the inkingthe coloringthe use of shadows Every page with Parker himself is priceless because he got Parkers lookmovement so well I just stared in awe in how great Parker looked How he can be retrocartooney art style and still draw hardcoredangerous Parker i dont know I also liked the different inventive ways he used to tell about the different heists It was made the storyaction less predictable to those who have read the novelsDarwyn Cooke's art and Richard Stark's writing was made for each other a perfect match and the way you should adapt a great novelwriter You dont change everything that made the novel so goodyou add new visual layers I cant wait the next Graphic Novel in 2012

  5. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    This is the second of Darwyn Cooke’s comic book adaptations of Richard Stark’s Parker novels with this one using material from the novels “The Outfit” and “The Man with the Getaway Face” After Parker walks off with a hefty chunk of change from the Outfit a crime syndicate at the end of the first book The Hunter a price is put on his head as Parker heads south to enjoy his earnings in the lap of luxury But even after altering his face with plastic surgery he’s spotted and the Outfit are alerted to his location Parker decides to gather his criminal friends and bring the fight to the Outfit’s boss Parker is easily Richard StarkDonald Westlake’s greatest creation He is an unstoppable super efficient career criminal who plans his heists meticulously selects the most useful members for his team and has no compunction with killing – but only with no other choice left to him Parker almost seems like a robot at times – he regards emotion as weakness and looks upon any kind of extravagance as wasteful an element that will end the person and send them to jail And yet he’s strangely likeable – or if not that then fascinating to read as he pulls off daring heists so coolly Cooke incorporates different artistic styles to tell the stories of each of Parker’s gang hitting the Outfit in different ways even including prose from the source novel to tell certain parts of the story The styles change the pace of the book slowing it down while the action ramps up so you’ve got time to enjoy what happens at just the right speed It’s a great balanceCooke’s done Richard StarkDonald Westlake proud by doing such a fantastic job in telling the tale of one of Parker’s best adventures with style and panache that only someone as experienced and masterful a comics artist as Cooke could do It’s a great crime caper comic that’s terrific fun to read More please

  6. Scott Scott says:

    35 starsThough it stands a little in the shadow of The Hunter the excellent preceding volume featuring tough and taciturn antihero 'Parker' The Outfit was still a reasonably entertaining graphic novel adaptation by Cooke from Westlake's long running crime series I enthused in my prior review that it is a great collaboration between artist and author The energy or forward momentum is good until the halfway point and then things sort of well Parker is off stage for many pages and it's not nearly as interesting without him However the gunshot fueled hide and seek climax picks up the tempo and I think the last page panel as well as the late '63 setting in Lake Tahoe hints at a fictional connection to a real life kidnapping of a certain singer actor's son

  7. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of the Parker novels are pure comics perfection The artwork is a perfect match for the material very much in the early 60's mode Although I wasn't born until the late 60's I've read enough magazines and whatnot from the era to appreciate details like business logos and so on Cooke's research is right on the money as far as the time period goes This is a world of Esso gas stations and Timex watches and AAA maps and so on This book picks up close to where the previous one left off Despite a new face Parker still apparently has a hit out on him Needless to say he's less than thrilled by this But getting the hit cancelled means going up against the Outfit essentially taking on the entire Mafia You know this is going to be good The art as I said is steeped in period details There are several heists recounted as Parker arranges to have the Outfit hit where it hurts and Cooke manages to come up with distinctly different styles for each one Honestly the only problem I had with the art comes fairly early on page 48 to be precise I've read enough mysteries over the years to know that putting a silencer on a revolver is useless and Parker is too much of a professional not to know this The gasses escaping from the sides of the cylinder the ones NOT going through the silencer on the barrel are where most of the noise of a revolver shot comes from Ah well it's a tiny mistake and the rest of the book is than thrilling enough to make up for it Highly recommended

  8. Karl Karl says:

    This copy is signed by Darwyn Cooke

  9. Mike Mike says:

    Parker is still under the gun from the Outfit a crime syndicate His recourse attack back He zeroes in on the operations contacting other bad guys to hit the Outfit where it hurts in the pocketbookGood hard nosed noir

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    Writing under a pseudonym in 1963 Donald E Westlake wrote a series about a calculating hard boiled career criminal named Parker and after receiving Westlake’s blessing to adapt the series into a graphic novel series comics artist Darwyn Cooke published this second installment in 2010 In the first installment Parker was dealing with a former associate who double crossed him and ended up crossing paths with the mob known as The Outfit Since they continue to put hits out on his life Parker undergoes plastic surgery then returns to hit The Outfit where they live Sending letters to numerous criminal associates across the country announcing open season on The Outfit a dozen of their enterprises are hit nationwide with losses to the tune of a million dollars with Parker promising not to uit until they agree to uit hunting him With scenes depicted in black white and cool shades of steel blue the plot is easy to follow and even includes a surprisingly educational glimpse into the criminal world with clever illustrations detailing various mob enterprises told in easy to understand instructional out takes and I’m told the Crime Confessions Weekly newsletter usage was taken straight from Westlake’s original Parker manages to convince the mob boss to back off but something tells me they aren’t gone for good Until next time

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