Faith in the Great Southland PDF ↠ in the Great PDF

Faith in the Great Southland PDF ↠ in the Great PDF

Faith in the Great Southland ➭ [Ebook] ➨ Faith in the Great Southland By Mary Hawkins ➹ – Elizabeth Waverly never dreamed that taking a convict transport back to her home in Australia would change her life But from the moment she lays eyes on John Martin she cannot resist her growing attra Elizabeth Waverly never the Great PDF ☆ dreamed that taking a convict transport back to her home in Australia would change her life But from the moment she lays eyes on John Martin she cannot Faith in ePUB ↠ resist her growing attraction to him She knows the man faces a life sentece for murder but her heart refuses to believe he is guilty of the charges against him How could in the Great PDF ✓ someone who so valiantly protects others and accepts another prisoner's punishment be a brutal felonYet once the transport ship lands in Australia their paths are bound to head in very different directions Is their love destined to become a bittersweet memory of what might have been or will faith show them another way.

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  1. Susanne Timpani Susanne Timpani says:

    The first book in this series was one of the first books I had ever read by an Australian author writing within the Inspirational Fiction Romance genre It was uite a few years ago now but the series is timeless in its story style and choice of setting I went on to complete the series and it was the beginning of a uest to seek both stories and Inspirational authors who focus on Australia Mary Hawkins is a pioneer in this field Her subseuent writing is well worth seeking out

  2. Iola Iola says:

    Faith in the Great Southland is the first of four novels in the Australian Outback collection I actually purchased this collection years ago and have read and enjoyed all four of the stories but I think Faith in the Great Southland the story of John and Elizabeth remains my favourite Mary Hawkins knows how to create compelling characters and a page turning plot She gives readers a clear understanding of the horrors of the criminal transportation system without being overly graphic and after one character makes an early comment to another that conditions are much better than they used to be While this story is fiction transportation was fact and Faith in the Great Southland gives the reader an appreciation for what early Australian settlers—criminal and free—went through in the early years of colonisation Well worth reading

  3. Barb Barb says:

    In a courtroom in England 1835 a man stand accused of murder He John Martin is the son of Lord Farnley but Farnley will not recognize him as his son Since John’s mother passed away he had been living in Spain with her family who despised him He has travelled to England to meet with his father and tell him that he’s his son However the son from Lord Farnley’s second marriage is determined that John will not do that When he is accused of murder and sentenced to be transported to South Australia for the rest of his lifeElizabeth Waverly is determined to go home to South Australia to see her father He had sent her to England to be educated and now that she was done she wanted to come home She did not tell her father that the ship on which she would be sailing was a prison ship the same one transporting John Martin The inhumane treatment of the prisoners and the illnesses that they suffered were despicable to Elizabeth She helped the only doctor on board with caring for those suffering souls In that capacity she met John and found him to be a gentleman educated and kindnot the sort of man to do murder After they landed circumstances prohibited them from being together The story is so interesting because learning something about the penal colony in Australia and the transport of prisoners from England helped Australia become the country it is today “Faith in the Great Southland” by Mary Hawkins tells this story very well I enjoyed this bookI received a Kindle copy of this book from NetGalleycom in return for posting a review You can read this review on my blog at Check out other book reviews at

  4. Megan Hamsher Megan Hamsher says:

    This Christian fiction romance takes place in 1835 mostly on a transport ship from England to AustraliaJohn Martin finds himself convicted and sent to Australia Although he thinks his time is up Elizabeth Waverly keeps showing up and bringing him back from brink of death But can love outweigh the possibility that his name will never be cleared?Timothy also a convict helps guide John's faith journey He's the kind of guy that when he smiles and laughs you can't help smiling and laughing tooDr Richmond has his strengths but despite her proper etiuette Mrs Richmond is not one you want to mess with eitherEdwards proves that what you give out comes back to whack you in the endwhich in his case is NOT goodOne of my favorite conversations It's been so hard so very hard for me to keep on believing trusting in God this past year I've been full of doubts I prayed so hard that God would stop it and when He didn'tthere have been many times since when I doubted God's love His careJohn took a breath When I feel like that and Timothy assures me it is perfectly all right to doubt as long as we work through those times those are the occasions I spend reading about the cross he said in a whisperThat's where we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves and caresconversation between John Elizabethfound in Chapter 10I look forward to reading the other 3 books in this series

  5. Patsy Patsy says:

    This is a good fast paced inspirational historical fiction romance novel In 1835 in London Elizabeth Waverly had just finished her education in a girl's school She was anxious to get back to Australia to be with her father The only ship heading for Australia was a Transportation Ship of convicts going to serve time in the Penal ColonyThe Doctor his wife and Elizabeth were the only other passages that boarded the ship; not realizing the horrors of riots fights and sicknesses of the convicts or officers they would be facing They were warned not to get friendly with the convicts or officers When an outbreak of sickness occurred Elizabeth was willing to work where she was needed She helps John Martin a very sick large handsome convict as well as other rough looking men The ship takes months to cross the ocean to arrive in Australia Upon arriving each are sent in separate directions to continue with their livesI enjoyed this novel I knew about the convicts in Australia although this novel brought the characters and the history alive just as it was so many years ago It was a page turner with lively adventures on the ship in the Bush Country on the sheep ranches and with John and Elizabeth trying to find a way to be together This is a well written novel that I found to be interesting and entertaining I love to read about history with a little romance thrown in to spice up the story a fantastic read a good clean story

  6. Mary Mary says:

    My favorite kind of book a little historical and a little romance with God writing the story of people's lives John Martin only wanted to find his real father While he was working on that in England he met Beth But forces were working against him and he was tried and convicted for a crime he did not commit He was sent off to Australia to work as his penalty But God had another plan for John Martin And even though he would go through many struggles he would persevere and be rewarded in ways than one A great read

  7. Cindy Nipper Cindy Nipper says:

    Christian Historical RomanceThis is a timeless story of God's pursuit of us and His never ending love for us So very beautiful

  8. Crystal Lindsey Crystal Lindsey says:

    A TRULY WONDERFUL STORYIt is beyond me how a wonderful story such as this can get passed up Wow it held me in suspense from beginning to end I loved it How wonderful it was for people who left England in those bygone days to get the opportunity of a new life in a new country Not that it was easy especially if they left as a convict However in this love story with the beginning sadness and lack of hope God was there to strengthen sustain and bring two people together YOU HAVE TO READ THIS WONDERFUL STORY Its a MUST

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