Brotherhood of Thieves The Wardens Brotherhood of Thieves

Brotherhood of Thieves The Wardens Brotherhood of Thieves

  • Paperback
  • 235 pages
  • Brotherhood of Thieves The Wardens Brotherhood of Thieves #1
  • Stuart Daly
  • English
  • 26 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Brotherhood of Thieves The Wardens Brotherhood of Thieves #1

  1. Kurt Kurt says:

    Brilliant I absolutely loved this book having read and enjoyed the authors previous work I think this time he has really written something special The story and characters were all really well formed and it provides a thrilling page turning read I rarely burn my way through a book as uickly as I have this but i just couldn't put it down Highly recommended especially for fans of Ranger's ApprenticeEagerly awaiting the next one in the series

  2. Aidan Aidan says:

    Spoiler alert1I decided to read this book because although there is the saying never judge a book by its cover I choose it because of how it looked pretty cool and looked like a book with some kind of dragon It looked like an adventurejourney book which are books that usually very good and very entertaining2I liked this book of how at the start it draws you in with a small amount of information given and as the book goes on you slowly learn You are always learning new things from the book that are so different and uniue I always also enjoy warfighting stories with wars or something raging and the characters turn the tide of the war3 From this book I learnt how important it is to work together as a team The main character Caspan usually worked alone until finding out that in the brotherhood he can't just rely on his stealing skills and needs other people for fighting translators and His team than works on teamwork throughout the book and they then eventually all become the best of friends4 I liked the character Roland the most because of how he is always making jokes and his extremely fast at running He always making jokes and his the naughtysilly one in the team He is honest and will always stick up for a friend in need He is the one who cheers the team up when they are down and is the reason they have fun in everything they do

  3. Jennie Jennie says:

    Entertaining lots of action and 5 interesting characters that join the Brotherhood of Thieves an elite royal team that plunders ancient tombs in the search of powerful relics to help against the invading giants from the the north Caspan recruited from a criminal band of thieves is the lead character but all are well rounded with distinct personalities that are both compliment and foil to their escapades The first in a trilogy I am looking forward to continuing

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    the thing with middle grades things always seem bad but somehow they just manage to save the day and everyone ends up or less happy i'm not saying that's a bad thing but i wouldn't mind something realistic i really enjoyed this and i wish i could get the next ones but i just can't find them anywhereeei'd like a warden of my own now

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    I was disappointed Nice premise but the story line lacked polish and sometimes basic logic This must be a young author

  6. Claude& Claude& says:

    25 Stars

  7. Connor Connor says:

    I enjoyed reading it; I do feel that the story moved a little fast and when have liked some story in between But again this book is aimed at a younger audience which I am sure would love it

  8. Noseymo Noseymo says:

    S Read

  9. Sandi Faulconbridge Sandi Faulconbridge says:

    A brotherhood of treasure huntersA terrifying enemyFive young recruitsThe race is onCaspan is a thief who has lived his life on the streets A chance encounter while plying his trade one day leads him to being accepted into a secret order sanctioned by the King Together with four other recruits Roland Lachlan Sara and Kilt they learn what it is to become part of the Brotherhood Bonds of trust and friendship are slowly formed while they are trained in their new art Will they all pass the test at the end of their training or will they fail to work as a group and fail in their first unintended uest?What an epic read Full of action and adventure courage friendship and fantasy it's a great read I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series As an adult reading this I can see that a lot of the storyline ideas populations may have come from a variety of other fantasy reads The Four Kingdoms itself seems very much like an adaptation of England I'm not saying this as a bad thing as many of our preconceived ideas previous experiences real read slip into our understanding imagination of what we are reading The characters are well formed and the plot flows seamlessly It's not until about 14 of the way through the book that the fantasy aspect comes into play and the image on the cover makes sense as it does not appear to have any relation to the title This is a good read for Age 10 an up that aren't uite ready for Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones It's got a similar theme underdog saves the world while trying to fight off hoards of giants with internal conflicts that are causing treason taking place

  10. Jackson Somerville Jackson Somerville says:

    The book starts of in an action seen when this boy called Casper gets caught stealing and makes a run across the rooftops he impress his pursers who give him a note for an elite challenge he completes this challenge and becomes part of a order called the brother hood of thieves there goal is to discover relics from tombs with a magical beasts called wardensThe boy Casper has a very uniue view of the world which that no one in mags would understand he has grown up in poverty with no parents and Thiveing is punishable by death the author has showed that view by the laungague that he uses and his views of what he thinks is right and wrongThe two ideas that the author added that was very uniue and different to what I had read before the first idea was how they had a initially different race that had died out and all that was left to remember them where relics which was what controlled all the different races and also that makes me uestion what made them die if they were so powerful since the author didn’t tell u that the other key idea is that they have Malaga’s beasts called the wardens and they they have been around for thousand of years and if they did they die and they are supposed to protect you and if they all died but the wardens survived it makes me uestion there motivesi recommend this book for ages for boys from ages 9 to 15 and who are looking for light reading or enjoy fantsey

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Brotherhood of Thieves The Wardens Brotherhood of Thieves #1❮BOOKS❯ ✮ Brotherhood of Thieves The Wardens Brotherhood of Thieves #1 Author Stuart Daly – A secret brotherhood of treasure hunters An invading army coming ever closer Five young apprentices The race is on Life as a thief is cold miserable and hungry Caspan leaps at the opportunity to compe A secret brotherhood of Thieves The PDF ✓ treasure hunters An invading army coming ever closer Five young apprentices The race is on Life as a thief is cold miserable and hungry Caspan leaps at the opportunity to compete to join the Brotherhood of Thieves a secret order sanctioned by the king What the Brotherhood seeks are the lost magical weapons of an ancient race that will help them defeat the Roon the invading army who creep ever Brotherhood of Epub / closer Defeat seems inevitable Unless Caspan and his fellow recruits Roland Lachlan Sara and Kilt can set aside their differences and use their new skills to help turn the tide With swords strapped to their belts riding magical beasts called Wardens that come only to their call they leave the sanctuary of their training ground for their first mission Will it be their last.