Kindle Edition ¾ Texas Yankee PDF å

Kindle Edition ¾ Texas Yankee PDF å

Texas Yankee (Texas Yankee, #1) [Download] ➵ Texas Yankee (Texas Yankee, #1) Author Jerry Orange – Texas Yankee Homecoming is an adventurous love story set in Central Texas during the turbulent years following the Civil War After fighting in the Yankee Cavalry Joshua Granger returns to Texas to mar Texas Yankee Homecoming is an adventurous love story set in Central Texas during the turbulent years following the Civil War After fighting in the Yankee Cavalry Joshua Granger returns to Texas to marry beautiful Sarah Lynne Smith in spite of the fact that one of her Confederate brothers has tried to kill him Joshua and Sarah refuse to let anything stop them from becoming man and wife in this dramatic tale of triumph A hopeful love letter from Sarah sets Joshua on an unusual journey from Kentucky to Texas in early With a couple of good horses and some big ideas he leaves the security of family and inheritance behind for the love of a strong woman on the Texas frontier In Arkansas Joshua takes on the responsibility of a mentally challenged orphan and is saddled with two wagons full of prostitutes who need a guide to Dallas In the meantime Sarah is planning their wedding in spite of her mother's protests while she waits anxiously for Joshua's return Upon arrival in Georgetown Texas Joshua finds that he is unwelcome in the community and marrying Sarah is not the foregone conclusion he expected it to be The next year is filled with the humor and hardship of homesteading a ranch fighting Comanche and outlaws breaking wild horses catching and branding wild cattle and hunting buffalo In between the work Joshua tries to fulfill the obligations of courtship as reuired by Sarah's family before they will bless her marriage to the Yankee The gritty realism the heartache and the laughter that goes into making this frontier family will leave you wanting.

About the Author: Jerry Orange

Jerry Orange was recently accepted into Western Writers of America and his latest book Texas Yankee Honeymoon has been submitted to that organization for consideration in the annual Spur Awards To receive a Spur Award would be a dream come true We’ll see how it all works out Jerry Orange has been a preacher a soldier a rodeo cowboy and a Civil War cavalry re enactor among other things His.

10 thoughts on “Texas Yankee (Texas Yankee, #1)

  1. Boundless Book Reviews Boundless Book Reviews says:

    In the United States Civil War it pitted brother against brother in a scar that shaped our nation to what it is today  Those men made decision that shaped their lives and family well beyond the war and they had to suffer the conseuences of standing behind their convictionsJoshua decided to fight against the confederacy and stand up for his believes  After the war when he returns home to Texas to marry his beloved he doesn’t receive the welcome he hoped for Texas Yankee Homecoming tells of his journey home and his journey to build a life in Texas It shows the life he has and is building and the people that come in to his life that can only be named as familyJoshua’s story was excellent It was engaging and full of action and romance  There was death and survival but also love and hope It was really written well and was a great read from start to finish I absolutely loved the ending It was a great way to end this book I would love to read about this amazing familyStormihttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomhttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviews

  2. Beverly Burton Beverly Burton says:

    This is Jerry's first book and he has proven that he is a very talented writer If you're a Louis La'mor fan you'll love this book

  3. Cena Brossard Cena Brossard says:

    EnjoyableGood entertainmentClean with a good amount of history It covers several years of good American history worth rememberingI would recommend it

  4. Shelley Engel Shelley Engel says:

    EntertainingI enjoyed this book It was a good mix of Texas history the rough tumble with just enough romance to keep Josh on his toes Great characters I feel like they are my neighbors Maybe explain saddle horse better Does the author mean Standard saddle bred?? Or just any nice broke horse???? Back in the day Kentucky was the place to go to get good horses to cross with wild horses

  5. John Mitchell John Mitchell says:

    Good tale of Texas just after Civil WarYoung Kentucky Yankee lieutenant goes to Texas to marry woman he knew before the war Some Texans not happy with a Yank who has cash and one of the most desirable women Well told tale

  6. Tara Holman Tara Holman says:

    This book was chosen for the monthly selection for my local library's book club That said I read several books that are outside of my normal reading genre for this book club This however was probably one of the most outside the reading box that I have ever been I do not care for history westerns or sappy love stories Luckily for me this book was not ALL that Did it have some of those factors? Of course but just enough to make the story interesting flow smoothly and tie up nicely I do not need to continue reading the series but enjoyed this first one It is great to see a local author do such a good job Kudos to making me not regret reading something from such a unlikely source of material

  7. Connie Anderson Connie Anderson says:

    What a phenomenal book from Mr Jerry P Orange This book has a bit of everything in it It is a true western adventure I would even go so far as to say that this is the start of the grown up version of the Little House on the Prairie series Everyone interested in what it was like living in Texas in the late eighteen sixties would absolutely love this book And it continues on with the second book Texas Yankee Honeymoon When we first meet our protagonist Joshua Granger he had been a boy having lived half of his life in Texas after fleeing his brother's farm in Kentucky When war breaks out he follows his instincts and does what he feels is the right thing and fights for the union However the war is over and he is rereading a letter from his sweetheart back home in Texas who wants to marry him Next he has to get there even if it means getting past ex confederates bandits and Comanche Indians The same goes for living on the land And we mustn't forget Mr and Mrs Smith his sweetheart's parents plus her brothers who both fought for the Confederate sideThis book takes you through a lot of places people and things If you have ever been interested in the old West and what homesteading comprised of you will be in for a surprise The plot is solid the setting is spectacular You will love the characters And be begging for at the book's endThank you Mr Jerry P Orange and Word Slinger for giving me a free copy of this book to read and give my honest review

  8. Tracye Tracye says:

    I don't really read Westerns never really caught my interest However Texas Yankee Homecoming did just that It drew me in from the very start I loved the development of characters The story flows well and doesn't leave you skim reading to get through pages and pages of fluff The Author does a good job of gaining and maintaining your interest through the whole thing He does a good job of describing the surroundings without overkill He allows his readers to flex their imagination muscles and step back in time If you want a uick read with fun characters and a fictional story actually built around real happenings in the late 1800's then this book is for you

  9. William Simmons William Simmons says:

    Very pleasant surprise I was very pleasantly surprised with this book The story in this book is very good It has a definite beginning with some goal in mind and it always works toward that goal no matter the sub plots and it clearly reaches it's goal I liked both Joshua and Sarah and I am anxious to read the seuel to see how they cart There were a few loose ends in this book and I could live without knowing the answer but maybe they will be cleared up in the seuelMy cons with the book is that it is slow moving a lot of the time and besides the H and h most of the supporting cast is one dimensional

  10. Cat Cat says:

    Endearing southern gentleman beautiful women realistic and romantic scenic settings dangers lurking all about – this is the early Texas we all love and has fostered our common pride To test your courage love and endurance Could you have survived this dangerous time in Texas history? Written as Orange has portrayed I’d gladly give it a go if I was coming up with his strong waggish but decent characters Great book for any age groupAn advanced copy of this book was provided for an honest review

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