The Birth of Blue Satan PDF µ of Blue PDF Ì The

The Birth of Blue Satan PDF µ of Blue PDF Ì The

The Birth of Blue Satan ❮Reading❯ ➹ The Birth of Blue Satan ➱ Author Patricia Wynn – In the turbulent reign of George I in England Gideon Viscount St Mars is accused of murdering his own father Having no friends in the courts he must escape to avoid being hanged With the help of Heste In the turbulent reign of George I in of Blue PDF Ì England Gideon Viscount St Mars is accused of murdering his own father Having no friends The Birth Epub / in the courts he must escape to avoid being hanged With the help of Hester Kean the only person who believes in his innocence Birth of Blue Epub Û he assumes the guise of highwayman Blue Satan to investigate the political intrigue that caused his father's death in a swashbuckling tale of romance and adventure.

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  1. Silver Silver says:

    The Birth of Blue Satan opens with a scene in which Gideon is being dressed by his valet It's all ruffles and furbelows as his handsome features and fair locks are delineated However this frivolous character must uickly acuire depth as he is plunged into a conspiracy that plummets him from the apex of society to its nadir As luck would have it the object of Gideon's desire has a poor relation tagging along in the form of Mrs Keane Though forced to be circumspect by her circumstances she secretly harbors a sense of adventure along with a growing impression that her mercenary relations have robbed Gideon of his inheritanceFilled with historical details about the much neglected early 18th century The Birth of Blue Satan is sure to satisfy not only history buffs but fans of the swashbuckling genre as well Though it contains romantic elements it never disappoints by dumbing down the characters or anachronizing them to fit 21st century ideas of how they should act For instance Mrs Keane is not free to go gallivanting off hither and yon but must work within the constraints of her place in society to aid GideonThe novel is especially satisfying as it delves into the political machinations of the Whigs and Tories surrounding the accession of George I referred to as Turnip Head by his detractors As Gideon's situation goes from bad to worse the reader becomes enthralled by the injustices committed against him and must keep turning pages to see if the wrongs are righted Thankfully Ms Wynn has written a seuel

  2. Barb Barb says:

    This novel is the first in a trilogy here are the books in order; The Birth of Blue Satan The Spider's Touch The Motive From the Deed I was really glad that I had gotten my hands on all three of Patricia Wynn's mysteries in this trilogy because the end of the first one leaves readers completely hanging I had to immediately begin the second book to find out what happened to the hero and heroine after the last page of 'The Birth of Blue Satan' I liked this story with the backdrop of English history It's set in 1714 and King George I the turnip is making himself less and less popular with the people The Whigs and the Tories are spying and conspiring And someone has murdered Lord Hawkhurst His son Gideon has been blamed and none of his fathers Jacobite friends will stand up for him for fear of being scrutinized too closely themselves Only one person Mrs Hester Kean is willing to help him prove his innocence I like the characters that Wynn created the protagonists Hester and Gideon are particularly likeable The story is interesting and well paced and the author inserts interesting historical details throughout I thought that the mystery was well done with one exception; I thought that one puzzle was unraveled just a bit too swiftly The writing is good and the pages turn uickly Like I said I liked it and wanted to read the next one when I was done

  3. Kimberly Ann Kimberly Ann says:

    I enjoyed the plot characters but it could have been at least 100 pages shorterMost all single men are in lust w Isabella who has no dowry except her body looks and they want to marry her Isabella's mother is a harridan known woman of vice wants Isabella to marry Title Money; her cousin Mrs Kean a poor relation forced into service as a maid to Isabella's motherGideon Viscount St Mars is on of her suitors When visiting his father to tell him of his plans to engage Isabella a fearful argument breaks out Gideon leaves After Gideon leaves his father is murdered but not before wounding his attackerLate that night on his way to a ball where he meets befriends Mrs Kean Gideon is attacked wounded by a masked man Gideon is then accused of murdering his father and a warrant for his arrest is published Gideon's cousin is then named as heir and he marries Isabella while Gideon Mrs Kean unmask the murderer but as there is no proof Gideon must sneak away remain hiddenThere was no concrete ending the book leaves the reader hanging thus insuring the author a series

  4. Marsha Valance Marsha Valance says:

    The Birth of Blue Satan is a well researched historical romance with a mystery plot Gideon Viscount St Mars finds himself accused of the murder of his father the Earl of Hawkhurst and must flee his estates on the back of his speedy Anglo Arab mare Disguised as Blue Satan a highwayman he attempts to discover the true murderer and win back his heritage He is aided in this endeavor by Hester Kean orphaned daughter of a vicar and cousin to Isabella Mayfield whom Gideon hoped to marry but who eloped with Gideon's cousin and heir Sir Harrowby Fitzsimmons upon Gideon's disgrace Ensconced at Gideon's family estate with her newly married cousin Mrs Kean is able to search for documents that may enable Gideon to unveil the murderer Patricia Wynn has created a fast moving historical romance that calls out for Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons in glorious technicolor Unfortunately despite her meticulous research her characters don't capture the authentic voice of the period for the most demanding fan of the historical mystery but she has written an enjoyable fun book to read

  5. LJ LJ says:

    NOTE Gabaldon and historical mystery fans take note; this is a wonderful series and a good one to hold you over between Outlander books I read all three books one right after the last in three daysTHE BIRTH OF BLUE SATAN Hist Mys Gideon FitzsimmonsHester Kean England 1715 – VGWynn Patricia – 1st in seriesPemberley 2001 US Hardcover – ISBN 0970272707First Sentence The tall young gentleman with long fair hair and auiline features lounged impatiently before the looking glass It is the early 1700s a time of political and religious tension when Protestant German George sits on the throne supported by the Whigs who have convinced him the Tories support Catholic James Stewart exiled in France Gideon Fitzsimmons Viscount St Mars argues with his father Lord Hawkhurst over Isabella woman he desires to marry and leaves his father’s house in a temper Upon preparing to ride to a ball a lone horseman attacks him severely cutting his arm Gideon proceeds to the ball where he meets Isabella’s cousin who is kind and bright and clearly being treated as a poor relation by Isabella and her mother Two men appear and advise Gideon his father has been murdered and the culprit had been wounded When they discover Gideon’s wound he becomes the suspect and must run to avoid being put in prison He must also determine wither the motive was personal or political and undercover his father’s murdererWynn’s attention to historic detail of the time place and social structure is staggering and adds richness and veracity to the story But it’s the characters and story I really loved It was one of those books I picked to read just a couple pages and ended up reading it straight through to the end The characters are wonderful Gideon accustomed to a life of privilege now on the run Hester Keane is the smart strong proper daughter of an impoverish minister determined to help Gideon clear his name The secondary characters are just as strong Mrs Mayfield out to ensure a profitable marriage for her daughter at all cost; Isabella the beautiful and vacuous daughter Gideon’s groom Tom; the loyal lifelong servant determined to keep himself ‘clean’ after seeing his father die from pox; Philippe Gideon’s perfect French valet and many others who are all so well drawn as to be real The story is so well plotted with each suspect being identified and investigated I had one small complaint when Hester did something toward the end that was both incredibly stupid and I thought out of character for her I know it was necessary to the story and series but felt it should have been handled better by the author Ms Wynn has a wonderful voice She is able to bring the period and the people to life with suspense an element of romance and a dash of humor “The Birth of Blue Satan” is so well plotted with each suspect being identified and investigated I had one small complaint when Hester did something toward the end that was both incredibly stupid and I thought out of character for her I know it was necessary to the story and series but felt it should have been handled better by the author That said I liked the book so much I’ve immediately started the next in the series

  6. Lelia Taylor Lelia Taylor says:

    The Birth of Blue SatanPatricia WynnPemberley Press 2001ISBN 0970272707Hardcover–also available in Trade PaperbackGideon Viscount St Mars son of the Earl of Hawkhurst is a somewhat reluctant part of the aristocratic social world of George I’s London Being members of the Tory party makes him and his father the Earl of Hawkhurst anathema to the king who has been convinced by the Whigs that Tories are loyal to the Pretender Gideon though is in love with thedaughter of a Whig and can be found at many of the social events where the business of arranging marriages takes placeSuddenly Gideon finds himself accused of a heinous murder and cast out of Society No one but a few loyal servants will help him and he withdraws into the shady world of criminals determined to find a way to clear his name and regain his position — and Isabella the woman he lovesThere is however one other person from his past who believes in him Mrs Kean an impoverished relation of Isabella provides his only means of learning what is happening with the investigation of his alleged crime and with his inheritance and IsabellaPatricia Wynn has brought 1715 England to life through exacting research and a command of the English language that makes this book a joy to read The story which evokes thoughts of Jane Austen and the Brontës is uniuely Ms Wynn’s and she has created a lively plot and appealing characters Even many of those characters who are not so likable are memorable and the reader can’t help caring a bit for them The mystery of who really committed the crime and how Gideon will save himself is well crafted and Ms Wynn left this reader eagerly awaiting the next book in the series Although it was early in the year when I read it The Birth of Blue Satan was on my list of the Best of 2001Reviewed by Lelia Taylor 2001 Slightly revised 2010

  7. Hugh Vincent Hugh Vincent says:

    I found the The Birth of Blue Satan remarkably engaging to read I love historical fiction that is well researched and presented within a plausible context that causes the reader to experience the reality of the time Patricia Wynn accomplishes this with ease Her characters are believable and the story well written and engaging Although I'm not an avid student of the period in the book post Jacobite Hanoverian period I found I enjoyed learning about the backdrop of the story as much as I did the machinations of the characters I also loved the characters of Blue Satan and Mrs Keane and their nascent relationship

  8. Micah Persell Micah Persell says:

    Wow am I so glad I stumbled upon this author She spoke at my local chapter for RWA so I picked up the first two books in this series on a larkand two days later after I had devoured them I purchased the remaining two books that are currently written They're the perfect blend between Jane Austin type sweet romance Although these are set in an entirely different era and Agatha Christie type mystery I literally cannot put down a Blue Satan book until I've finished it Read them; read them now

  9. Angel Angel says:

    LOVE this book Hester's intelligent without being a pain in the butt St Mars is sympathetic attractive and just awesome and the plot and time period is interesting and full of spying intrigue and interest Wynn is a great writer and thanks for the note at the endi thought the King's touch would be syphilis lolGreat read and now one of my favorite books I'm off to buy the others

  10. Barb Barb says:

    The first several pages had me worried but then I became totally immersed in this historical fiction about royal or wannabe life in 18th century England Throw in a little romance and I was completely absorbed Can't wait to read the next 3 in the series

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