Cass Timberlane Epub å Kindle Edition

Cass Timberlane Epub å Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 408 pages
  • Cass Timberlane
  • Sinclair Lewis
  • English
  • 05 November 2016

10 thoughts on “Cass Timberlane

  1. Duane Duane says:

    This is one of Sinclair Lewis's lesser known works Published in 1945 it was made into a movie in 1947 starring Spencer Tracy and Lana Turner I found a first edition copy on my grandmothers bookshelf and decided to read it It was uite good with themes of marriage love betrayal and community Excellent writing as you would expect from Lewis

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This may be Sinclair Lewis's most forgiving book It's a meditation on marriage with Judge Cass Timberlane's passion for and pursuit of Jinny as its centerpiece Along with their courtship and marriage Lewis presents mini portraits of other couples in the community some delightful others wildly dysfunctional and destructiveI came across this novel during a recent big cleanout and decided to give it a go It was most readable most intriguing I really enjoyed it

  3. Mia Lucia Manifold Mia Lucia Manifold says:

    This book was written late in the career of Sinclair lewisHe had fun with it but it was not without serious undertones or piercing social commentary That said much of it highlights how what from a distance seems like banal self absorption is in fact the workings of a heart or mind searching for meaningThe book has a lot of froth to it but also shadow and in spots it is deeply poignantI adore the places where the author gives us word craft that is perfectly nuanced and moves like poetry with its work boots onso muscled and nimble that you forget how functional the words areMrLewis takes on the institution of marriage in this book with that odd mix of idealism and rank cynicism that is the hallmark of so much of his social commentaryThe book has a good deal of humor in it and a lot of entertainment value Its a joy to read out loud with dialog that never stalls except in the most ingenious wayso that words dangle in the air after they are spoken The two main characters are Judge Cass Timberlane and his love and wife Jinny She is as smart as he and uick to his deep This book can be read casually and enjoyed or read carefully and slowly which then creates an experience that transcends mere entertainment and leaves one musing about the characters and their times and ours too

  4. Kim Kim says:

    Cass Timberlane is a novel written by Sinclair Lewis in 1945 Almost everyone that reads the book loves the book Having said that I personally know noone who has read will read or has ever even heard of the book But from reviews I've read most people enjoy the book Except me of course If this had been the first Sinclair Lewis novel I read I probably would have stopped there I just didn't like it I have read hundreds of books and re read dozens of them I always finish a book well almost always There were two I gave up on Cass Timberlane was nearly the third I began the book with high hopes having enjoyed so many Sinclair Lewis books before by page 20 I just wasn't enjoying the story but it often takes me awhile to get into a story so I kept going At the halfway point I really expected to be interested in the characters and their lives I wasn't By page 300 I was just looking forward to it all ending Our main character is Cass Timberlane which you probably already figured out He is a judge in the fictional city Grand Republic Minnesota Now you would think from reading the book that Cass is one of the oldest people in the town even though we are told on the first page that he was a young judge age forty one in his first year on the bench He meets the love of his life Virginia Jinny Marshland when she testifies in his court by page 5 he is in love with her The narrator tells us however that She was perhaps twenty four to his forty one but he insisted that Jinny and he were young togetherSo Jinny is young and he is old While it is true that Jinny is 24 years old and Cass is 41 the difference in their ages doesn't seem so shocking to me After all my husband and I have them beat by a year our age gap being 18 years Then there is also Why should a charming girl probably a dancer to phonographs have any desire to cure the lonelinesses of forty year old single gentlemen? There was tenderness and loyalty in Jinny he felt but what would she want with a judge whom she would find out not to be a judge at all but another gaunt and early middle aged man who played the flute?How in the world does he know there is tenderness and loyalty in her when he hasn't even talked to her yet? And there is that age gap mentioned again The plot of the book is certainly marriage and the marriage of Cass and Jinny is the main focus Cass is serious he loves being a judge he loves working and when he comes home he loves being in his study with his books Sounds good to me Jinny however is easily bored in about five minutes she is ready for something new She does seem to be fond of Cass and she will try for awhile five minutes or so to fit into his life but then boredom takes over and there she goes again Jinny loves parties and lunches dinners out dancing acting flirting with men anything she thinks of as exciting and Cass isn't exciting Cass runs around or I guess I should say walks around he is an old judge after all telling everyone that Jinny is a goddess and an angel it would be annoying even if it were true When Jinny finally leaves him for a exciting man in a exciting city no one could be surprised Don't worry though there is to the story or I wouldn't have told you what may have been the endingDuring all this just sort of thrown in here and there are stories called An Assemblage of Husbands and Wives they are interspersed throughout the book and they presents the bleakest collection of marriages I think I've ever read In than one story the people in it either commit or try to commit suicide in one a husband seems to be in love with his daughter one husband tricks his wife into having an affair so he can divorce her everyone is miserable Wives are called vicious cow like shrill stubborn and monotonous One married story that did make me smile was of a man and a woman that had been married for fifty years He loved porridge for breakfast and every morning three hundred and sixty five mornings a year they had porridge It was after thirty two years of it that Fanny reported a bit reluctantly I think I'm beginning to like the nasty stuffIn another marriage Beecher usually went to sleep to her inane discussion of something that would have happened if it had only happenedWe also have one husband a superintendent of schools He was referred to in the press as 'one of our greatest builders' because during his reign there had been erected three red brick school buildings which looked like red brick school buildingsAnd finally I did smile when I read this Some of these smart aleck critics claim that Middlewestern businessmen haven't changed much since that book what's its name? by this Communist writer Upton Sinclair Babbitt is it? not changed much since that bellyache appeared some twenty years agoI wanted to like this book I wanted to love this book I expected to because after all it was by the author of Babbittone of my favorites When I got to that last page though I was just glad it was over Read the book and let me know what you think of it Am I glad I read it? Well even reading a book I don't like is better than not reading a book at all but I could have picked a better one

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    Center to most of Lewis' writing is the institution of marriage Unlike the concept of marriage that may have been enforced upon us through our younger years Lewis is unafraid to discuss the complexities of life with one another These complexities are not simply displayed through the various interactions between the lead character Cass and female counterparts but also through vignettes of Midwestern marriages Unlike his earlier novels this work ends on of a hopeful note; perhaps this is a result of gained wisdom or longing for art to reflect life or was it the other way around

  6. Mark Mark says:

    Sinclair Lewis is to fiction writing what Cole Porter is to popular music smart adept and witty Fortunately both men rarely seemed to take their work so seriously that it threatened to take the fun out of their projects I'm talking to you James Joyce He created a character who I suspect lots of ordinary yet above average strong yet vulnerable in control yet sensitive men will relate to though never admit That is many of us can relate to the story until the Hollywood ending that contradicts the point of the story It's almost as if Mr Lewis envisioned his book being made into a movie starring Spencer Tracy and Lana Turner Doesn't get Hollywood than that

  7. Christine Sinclair Christine Sinclair says:

    Since I've already seen the movie a LONG time ago I pictured Spencer Tracy as Cass Timberlane and Lana Turner as Jinny Marshland even though neither one of them matched the descriptions in the book The story was fast paced well written and often amusing as well as tragic The interspersed descriptions of the myriad marriages good and bad in Grand Republic added to this interesting look at love and marriage in the 1940's And I loved Cleo the cat

  8. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    I read this many years ago high school I think because it was not on my written list of books I've kept since high school I ran across it again so wanted to add it to my list I think I did like it somewhat but it was so long ago that I can't remember too much I read it because I had seen the old movie made from it starring Spencer Tracy who is one of my favorite actors

  9. Vicky Vicky says:

    I found this book at a used bookstore and was amazed that there was a Sinclair Lewis book I had not read It was 26 which was a little shocking turns out an out of print book can fetch a premium price Was too high a price but I couldn't wait to tell my Dad about it given we share Lewis as a favorite author He hadn't read it either Then Dad died a couple of months later I went back and bought it Wish I could pass it on to him to read or at least talk to him about it It's thoughts like these that make me miss him so muchThe book was good Dated in terms of marital norms maybe that's why it's out of print But Lewis has these characters that you admire so much you just wish people were really like that

  10. R. R. says:

    THIS IS A WARTIME BOOK is printed on the copyright page and followed with The text is complete and unabridged but every effort has been made to comply with the Government's reuest to conserve essential materials so yes a book that has survived several space remodels and inventory deaccesions but looks like it hasn't been scanned out checked out since around the time you could tune your dial to I Love Lucy Odd this relative neglect for this Novel of Husbands and Wives grabs you pulls you invites you right on in a courtroom scene with the Honorable Cass Timberlane a bored young 41 young for a judge bachelor divorced drowsing dreamily through tedious testimony concerning an icy slice of injurious pavement until well she takes the stand She? She is Jinny Virginia Jinny Marshland Then he's all there Then he's all ears Cass walks home through the streets of the fictional Grand Republic Minnesota remember it was the age of walking home from work ie saving the essential materials for the Effort and for the moment writes off this lovely genie this sudden Jinny as probably a dancer to phonograph recordsAnd then there is this great great scene with a stray cat a little black clown that crosses his path and well he takes her home Cat stalks Cass' castle and talks in jaunty cat slang And the maid exhults Will you look at that Cleo She knows where the refrigerator is already Still poor cat does that thing poor cats do where she enters a room andwell the cat gets cold the feline freezes Just a horrified ball of fur The judge offers a stroke of comfort a caress of its cowl and states probably not for the first time ever you get a sense this bit of Poe woe is a rehearsed line but at least for the first time to one of creation's creatures Too many ghosts in this house Cleo You must drive them outI have lived too long among shadowsAnd that gets y'all to page 17 pg 55 May 2012 maybe later an autumn read

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Cass Timberlane[Epub] ❧ Cass Timberlane Author Sinclair Lewis – This novel was written late in the career of Sinclair Lewis it explores themes of love marriage heartache trust and redemption in a small Minnesota town Many of the earliest books particularly those d This novel was written late in the career of Sinclair Lewis it explores themes of love marriage heartache trust and redemption in a small Minnesota town Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the s and before are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive We are republishing these classic works in affordable high uality modern editions using the original text and artwork.

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Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create with wit and humor new types of characters His works are known for their insightful and critical views of American capitalism and materialism between the wars He is also respected for his strong characterizations of modern working women HL Mencken wrote of him If the.