Kindle Edition ✓ The Transformers PDF å

Kindle Edition ✓ The Transformers PDF å

The Transformers ➹ [Download] ➵ The Transformers By John Barber ➼ – Orion Pax the former Optimus Prime follows a rogue group of Decepticons into one of the greatest mysteries ever to face the Autobots Also the mysterious Metrotitan arrives on Cybertron smashing into t Orion Pax the former Optimus Prime follows a rogue group of Decepticons into one of the greatest mysteries ever to face the Autobots Also the mysterious Metrotitan arrives on Cybertron smashing into the ruins of the legendary Crystal City Meanwhile violence breaks out in the heart of the cityand Prowl looks for someone to blame Is Dirge a convenient target or the key to what comes nextCollects issues – and the Annual.

10 thoughts on “The Transformers

  1. Christopher Christopher says:

    Transformers Robots in Disguise Volume 3 kicks off from the previous book with a side twist into Prime's investigation of Bludgeon and the theft of the time travel ship D Then the story moves back onto the current plot lines with the the call for elections looming and Starscreams unexpected endorsement from a Titan DThroughout Transformers Robots in Disguise Volume 3 keeps you guessing throwing wrenches and Transformers into the gears relentlessly really turning plots around and back again before you can blink D Prowl and Starscream really show there ruthless sides again when they have Arcee eliminate and capture a group of Decepticon Warmongers then calmly drag of Shockwave and Soundwave as well as blackmail Starscream D Transformers Robots in Disguise Volume 3 really set things up for the future books and neatly dovetails with other events DThe art style is deliberately different throughout and really helps to tell the scrips tale in brilliant style D The panels also enable this really giving us feel for the times that are being explored throughout D The character are clearly portrayed as is the action and the blurring of the art styles really helps the script brilliantly DTransformers Robots in Disguise Volume 3 is clever and action packed D Throughout it is inventive on an epic level that will keep you guessing throughout and the twist and turn will take you by surprise at how ruthless practical fun and brilliant they are and highly recommended

  2. Clint the Cool Guy Clint the Cool Guy says:

    WowI'm starting to get blown away by these IDW Transformers comics The storyline here is getting so so good Also the art is amazing The retro comic look that they did for Nova Prime and the distant past Cybertron looks like it came straight out of the 80's ink dot colors and all I've never seen a style intentionally done that way and it's one of the coolest modern comic effects I've ever seen And the ending here? Sheer awesomeness Highly recommended

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    I wasn't sure of this edition at first due to a confusingly written time travel section that didn't uite work then we started getting flashbacks to Nova Prime done in the style of 1980's comics from Marvel and I was sold such a great TF book

  4. Kavinay Kavinay says:

    The Metrotitan kicks of the best Starscream storyline ever but it's a bit weird how dithering the political plot is Never a good look when Bumblebee and Prowl rehash the same problem often enough to resemble Hamlet

  5. Marta Duda-Gryc Marta Duda-Gryc says:

    First comic 3 second one 25 though I liked the retro parts the last one 4 team Prowl Starcream rule

  6. Bryce Perry Bryce Perry says:

    If someone had told me a year ago that the best political thriller in modern comics was in a Transformers book I would have laughed at them But holy crap guys this is legit

  7. Nick Nick says:

    The political struggle continues and evolves with every issue I could do without some of the sideback story that seems a little out of place but other than that the series is next to flawless

  8. Martin Lund Martin Lund says:

    This franchise continues to overextend itself to fit in as many characters as possible to the detriment of the bigger picture

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    So let's see How do I break down exactly how I felt about this particular volume of Robots in Disguise? Well first off I loved a lot of the art for various reasons While the story itself was a bit difficult to wrap my head around I loved the fact that it allowed for some interesting panels Take the one below for instance There's a lot of jumping back and forth in time in this part of our story and the panels manage to evoke that perfectly I also really liked the fact that there's a lot backstory given in this volume I learned a lot about Optimus PrimeOrion Pax and his crew There's also an annual issue in here that hearkens back to the Transformers of old and so I was able to get some insight into how their whole civilization came to be in the first place Which of course further cemented in my mind that war is inevitable They are always at war even when they think they're not and I sense that's coming around again The tension keeps mounting Starscream Bumblebee Prowl and Metalhawk are all part of this never ending series of backstabbing and undermining one another It's gotten to the point where I feel anxious every time I open a new issue I'm terrified that war is on the horizon and yet I can't stop reading because I have to know which side will win I put side in uotes because let me tell you I'm not even sure who is backing who any at this point It's all so twisted I suppose politics always are Then there's Arcee She's uickly become my favorite here mainly because she's decided that the only person she backs is herself I don't know which side she's on It's possible she'll make me angry later For now though she's my favorite She's the perfect example of an assassin and yet I think there's something than that to her Time will tell So why the three star rating? Mainly I just wasn't feeling this volume There's a lot of backstory some gorgeous art but at the very basic level it felt like there was something missing This series hasn't had the same kind of levity as MTMtE and I've accepted that but even so I felt like something besides that was missing I can't put my finger on it Still the ending was a cliffhanger and a half I can't wait to see what happens next

  10. Adelaide Metzger Adelaide Metzger says:

    Hmm Not much to say about this volume It mainly concentrates on the political war between BumblebeeProwl and Starscream except there’s a backstory that is being told from the mind of Omega Supreme that relates to the events of Dark CybertronI think what happened on terms of writing was John Barber was in charge of the Dark Cybertron lead up and collision while James Roberts was kind of doing his own thing until Dark Cybertron view spoilerwhen Windblade could finally show up giving the impression that her and her crew were the Knights of Cybertron hide spoiler

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