Originally appeared in the anthology A Christmas Treasure

Originally appeared in the anthology A Christmas Treasure

Originally appeared in the anthology A Christmas Treasure [PDF / Epub] ✅ Originally appeared in the anthology A Christmas Treasure ⚣ Sheila Rabe – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Can a tumble down the stairs end in a happy holiday Diana Colby Countess of Chesterfield can’t see anything merry and bright about the holidays Her husband Maxim has taken up with a ballet dancer an Can a tumble in the Kindle ´ down the stairs end in a happy holiday Diana Colby Countess of Chesterfield can’t see anything merry and bright about the holidays Her husband Maxim has taken up with a ballet dancer and broken her heart Even though other other upper class husbands originally appeared PDF/EPUB or take up with light skirts she never thought hers would She thought he loved her Maybe he still does His concern when she takes a spill down the stairs and hits her head inspires a case of amnesia Can her sudden forgetfulness jog her husband’s memory and appeared in the eBook ¸ make him remember that he loves her Readers who enjoy humorous traditional sweet Regency romance will be charmed by this novella by best selling author Sheila Rabe originally appeared in the anthology Christmas Treasure published Nov .

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  1. Vikki Vaught Vikki Vaught says:

    A Memorable Christmas is a lovely sweet regency romance with delightful characters and an interesting story This is the first time I have read a book by Sheila Rabe but will not be the last For such a short novella the characters are surprisingly well developed especially DianaDiana the Countess of Chesterfield has learned her husband has taken a mistress She is furious of course and not willing to turn a blind eye as most wives of a peer does Maxim sends her on ahead to their country estate telling her he will follow in a couple of daysShe fumes the entire way to the estate and is determined to confront him when he arrives She half heartedly helps her mother in law decorate for the holidays Maxim arrives and it all she can do to be civil with him He confronts her and they argue Diana slips and takes a fall hitting her handDare she pretend she’d lost her memory and take her husband a much needed lesson? If she does will it earn her his wayward heart?I loved Diana’s character I liked her spunk and determination to change the accepted s of society I loved how she goes about getting back at her husband for his deplorable behavior I did not like Maxim He let inheriting his title go to his head and doesn’t show proper remorse when he realizes he has hurt Diana deeply by his unfaithful behavior I don’t believe he redeemed himself I do not think I would have been as forgivingNonetheless this story is very entertaining and has several wonderful secondary characters If you’re looking for a story to get you in the holiday spirit then I suggest you give A Memorable Christmas a try Happy reading4 Gold Crowns

  2. Elizabeth Bennet Elizabeth Bennet says:

    My friends are probably reading this review thinking why did she read this book? The answer is simple I did not really know what the book was about other than Christmas themed When I began reading this I had this idea in the back of my mind that maybe it was a misunderstanding That thought in place I continued to read Bozzy was my favorite character by far he is simple and just plain funny He is the cousin of the H Maxim and comes to the country estate to spend Christmas Maxim follows his wife Diana from London to spend the holidays with his mother sister and bother in law Upon his arrival he realizes that his wife is angry with him Diana is humiliated by the knowledge her husband has a mistress This is when my friends are shaking their heads because they know my feelings on infidelity It may have been the norm of the times and even expected but I do not approve or get any enjoyment from such drivel That being said I was hoping the rumors were spout from bored troublemakers You uestion these things because the ton is filled with these sort Diana has her own ideas when she fakes a memory loss to get even with her husband This is when she began to gain my respect because of her willingness to not sit back and say this is the way things are She flirted shamelessly for Bozzy reminding her husband what it would feel like if the tables were turned Bozzy however made my day as he imitated being a female at a dance fighting off a blackguard Then there was the scene where he is dodging oysters being thrown at himI even appreciated the addressing of the way women were to simply accept their husband carrying on with a tart but my biggest disappointment came a little later The total oblivious behavior as why his wife would be hurt The shallowness of what that says about how he felt about his wife Some may disagree but if you love someone how can you even consider sharing such intimacy with another and then claim that it was just amusing oneself and meant nothing? The ladies uestion why it is okay for the men to behave in such a manner but not a ladyI did appreciate the author confronting that but the end just wasn't good enough for me I believe it is my own feelings that made this decision because there is a HEA but I wasn't convinced and don't think anything would have changed my mind Betrayal and infidelity is a hard thing for me to forgive and even if I could it would have had to be done convincingly than it was in this book There are no love scenes in this book or foul language The author can write very well and I love her humor it's just the mind set of her men you'll know what I mean when Maxim talks with Bozzy about why his wife is upset that became a big disappointment to me I like my H to be considerate and in tune with his wife not to do things simply because that is what every other gentleman was doing His father was dedicated to his mother so he had a perfect example of how a true gentleman behaved

  3. Norma Norma says:

    CuteThis was a cute clean story It was a really good storyline I wish it would have had at the end like an epilogue though

  4. Rosa Rosa says:

    I was disappointed that he really did cheat I had hoped that it was a misunderstanding I liked the way she got him back though

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