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  1. Dale Harcombe Dale Harcombe says:

    Rating and review to follow in a day or twoThe main character is this story is Pru Plum a woman in her sixties who has never married With her cousin Milly this elegant woman runs a famous Bakery and caters too many of the upper class For me the idea that a special cake could cost around 9000 pounds was staggering But Pru has an elite clientele She also has a secret from her she cannot afford to come out or the reputation she has established as a successful business woman will be destroyed Pru meets two characters that change her life in ways she does not expect One is Megan a homeless pregnant young woman and the other is Sir Christopher Heritage not just a politician but the Government Chief Whip Pru is a compassionate woman who perhaps because of her own experiences is able to help others I found her an engaging character and the relationship between Milly and Pru and the way they talk to each other is amusing at times I did think the relationship between Megan and Milly wasn’t uite convincing in how uickly things changed and the antagonism was put aside I also suspect some people are going to think the ending is a bit too neat Guess it depends whether you want a happily ever after ending or not I was happy enough to accept most of it It’s good to see authors featuring older characters with life experiences behind them as the main character For those of us who are older it can be off putting to always have young characters This was uick read for me I enjoyed this story and thought the characters and the setting were well drawn The villain in the story is suitably villainous There was anger and tears on the way through which shows I was involved with the characters At times I could have done with a little less of the cake descriptions but that’s probably just me and my lack of interest in such things as cakes and baking Those who like such things will lap it up along with those who enjoy good characters and setting The author's portrayal of the attitudes and character of a girl who had been abandoned by her mother and placed in care was authentic

  2. Laura Laura says:

    The No Greater Love series is for me a bit of a guilty pleasure Yes they're love stories and the reader has to expect a degree of cheesiness but this one is by far the cheesiest Pru is a talented baker and owner of her own patisserie co ran by her cousin Millie Her clients include the wealthy and the famous Her cakes and breads are the best in London and she prides herself on impeccable edible designs Her manager a flamboyant Frenchman oversees the running of the shop and ensures each customer is attended to with good old fashioned service think doilies and 'yes sir of course Madame'When a secret from Pru's past threatens the integrity of her business and her delicate new romance she is forced to spill the proverbial beans and come clean to her partner an outspoken politician with a habit of making very long proclamations of his feelings for Pru not very believable I found Maybe I just couldn't stomach the idea of an ageing grey haired politician screeching to his peers across parliament that he was in love but what do I know?I liked the parts of the story where Pru talks elouently about her love of baking and how the author creates images of all the different types of cakes breads and pastries that are to be had At times I felt I could actually smell the citron tarts in the air Did I love the book as much as the others in the series? Unfortunately not Clovers Child was much impressive and even the far fetched Poppy Day felt realistic than this novel Recommended for hardcore romance fiction fans but probably not worth staying in all weekend for like I did

  3. Leah Leah says:

    Amanda Prowse seems to be a new author on the Chick Lit block although her novels probably err on the side of women’s fiction than Chick Lit but y’know it’s all the same isn’t it so let’s not get into THAT debtate again She self published her novels initially before being picked up by Head Of Zeus in the UK and her novels have since been published by them I’ve seen her novels out and about but never actually picked one up so when I was noticed her new novel A Little Love I was very intrigued – an older heroine rare in Chick Lit about a bakery I love cakes and I really adore the cover It really is a beauty to look at so simple but so effective and I adore the fact they’ve put the Plum Patisserie logos on the bakery windows that’s a very nice touchA Little Love is a very surprising novel it had strands to it that I never expected If I’m telling the truth I expected a nice tale about a lady who owns a bakery and falls in love during her twilight years The end happy ever after That was not the case at all There was a lovely little romance cooking up – which definitely put me in mind of two grandparents falling in love despite neither Pru nor Christopher being grandparents but the book was about so much than that Pru and her sister Milly had to do something pretty terrible to be able to get Plum Patisserie off the ground something Pru fears will one day come to light and I have to be honest I wasn’t all that bothered about what they had done I don’t mean that carelessly I cared a lot I just think you can’t judge someone because of their past Everyone deserves a chance at happiness and I appreciated that Pru and Milly did what they had to to make their dreams come trueThere was also a very sad strand to the book which I’m loathe to spoil but which occurs fairly early on It was entirely unexpected and it sort of shaped the way the book went forward from that I was a bit disappointed – not in the incident but in the fact we lost a really great character who I pretty much loved from the moment she appeared She was sparkly and vivacious and the book was a bit lost without her I will admit but the book moved on from that very well I really enjoyed getting to know Pru and Milly and I liked the addition of young Meg she was rather sweet and I thought it was really lovely of Pru to take her in knowing how much she and Milly struggled when they were kids too It’s that kind of payback that really makes a book so warm and inviting and you always hope that if you’re down on your luck there will be someone there – even if it’s a kind stranger – to help you outA Little Love was a wonderful read Amanda Prowse is such a talented writer and easily sucks you into her stories I loved hearing about Plum Patisserie although it regularly made me feel hungry and when you don’t have fresh pastries at hand that can be super depressing And I didn’t have The characters were so great and the novel despite some really hard sad times was really sweet and uplifting I will definitely have to read Amanda’s other novels now because she’s so great at telling a story so good at keeping you reading and knows how to give you characters you will care so much for It’s a really great sweet read and I very much enjoyed it

  4. Arielle Jagow Arielle Jagow says:

    Review originally posted on my blog wwwLivingLifeWithJoycomA Little Love is a story about learning to overcome difficult situations and ultimately allowing yourself to be happy You must get past any lingering regret from decisions that were made in the past Sometimes people are put in terrible situations that make them feel like it’s the only way to survive no matter how terrible of a thing they feel they must do Pru Plum the co owner of Plum’s Patisserie is different than most of the main characters in the chic lit genre I normally read; at 66 years old she’s got a few decades on her Pru and her cousin Milly one year younger than Pru grew up in extreme poverty but together they made their dreams of owning a Patisserie a reality and have had great financial wealth in their adulthood Their age added a nice dimension to the story and it wouldn’t have worked if she’d been younger because she wouldn’t have lived the interesting life that she’s ledThe novel started off a bit slow but the reading was enjoyable and kept me guessing With small hints given throughout the first three uarters of the novel I was eager to know what Pru’s deep dark secret was The last bit of the book you’re left rooting for her to overcome her past and hoping that she gets the happily ever after that she truly deserves I got to about 75% and was curious that there would be so much of the book left when I felt as though it was almost over that would be because it was I was uite surprised when I reached 80% of the novel on my kindle reader and the book ended I didn’t realize that excerpts of her other novels took up 20% of the e book Mental note to self check table of contents page before reading e booksOne of the things I took away from reading this novel is how incredibly important it is to not judge others so harshly when you don’t fully understand what their circumstances are especially if you don’t know what drove them to make the decisions they did Rather than judge others it’s important to have compassion and understanding for people when they hit hard times and be there to help them see better days Devastating things happen it’s a natural part of life and what we do to move on and get past these terrible things shapes the people that we become It is important to enjoy our life while we have it and savor the moments with the important people in our lives We cannot let the opinions of others dictate how we view ourselves and one another we must think for ourselves and be the best people that we can possibly beMy Rating 45 StarsARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Receiving novels free of charge in no way reflects on my honest opinion and no monetary compensation was provided for my review Writing a review is the best way to say thank you to an author I encourage you to write reviews and share them on sites like Goodreads and so that your fellow readers can see what you think

  5. Anne-Marie Anne-Marie says:

    An ideal summer read light funny at times and romantic

  6. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    A Little Love by Amanda Prowse has been a delight to listen to and I think I just may have found a new author to enjoyIt is extremely well narrated by Julia Franklin her voices vary and she had the right accents phrasing and speed to make it absorbing to listen to She really brings the story alivePrue and Millie cousins are two tough birds originally from the East End they have been through the mill of life and have on the whole a very loyal relationship with each otherPrue is a kind and compassionate woman she is also a little wily and can lead Millie where she needs to go Prue is also vulnerable and open to the new even if it invites hurtThere are interesting side characters one or two not so likeable ones but they are balanced by some that are wonderfulThe plot moves a long at a good pace and there are twists and turns that make the reader wonder what is going to happen nextTheir bakery sounds really really delicious Wish there was a Plum Patisserie near meReaders who enjoyed The Seafront Tearooms by Vanessa Greene would I think be very happy with this book too I am off to seek by Amanda Prowse Christmas For One I see takes up the story of Meg a character in this book so that might be next However it doesn't have the same narratory so will give it a little time in between

  7. Natalie Natalie says:

    Meet Pru; a strong and incredibly loveable heroine with a secret in her past which could cause everything she has worked so hard for to come crashing down around herSet in London Pru and her cousin Milly are the owners of an upmarket bakery Be warned that reading about their many delicious creations will make your mouth water During the course of this story they will experience romance loss hope and devastation which sees their strong relationship tested to its limitsI loved everything about this book from the setting in central London to the whole host of strong vibrant characters who you fall in love with straight away I particularly loved Bobby and Meg who both seemed to move on from the insecurities of their pasts to become bubbly optimistic characters There are twists and turns throughout the story but despite this it was such a laid back book to read I found myself getting lost in the story and before I knew it pages had flown by as I was engrossed in the plot This book proves that love can happen to anyone at any age; and that we never know what life will throw at us It was uplifting to read and a wonderful book to escape intoThis is the first book I have read by Amanda Prowse and it certainly won't be my last

  8. Missi Martin (Stockwell) Missi Martin (Stockwell) says:

    Amanda Prowse has a wonderful way of taking you away from everything travel to London meet some new people and experience so many different emotions You will fall in love with Pru and her cousin Milly With them especially Pru you will laugh and cry feel love and joy experience pain and loss But in the end you will find hopeI thoroughly enjoyed Pru's story and life that I found myself taking my time through the chapters I would finish a chapter and set the book down and just think about what happened I didnt want to read the book too fast and have it end I was very much enjoying my time with the Plum ladies and London If you like to read a book and be completely memorized this is the book for you I will guarantee that you will be swept away The good and the bad the happy and the sad the hope determination and the fight for happiness are ALL thereSo start reading A Little Love and experience a lot of love with Pru Milly Bobby Guy Megan William Christopher and Isabel

  9. Victoria Browne Victoria Browne says:

    I wasn't sure about this book and it took me a chapter to get into it The story took a shocking heartfelt turn and nearly had me crying in public The story is funny and warm with just the right about if twist along the way It follows two cousins who are in their seventies and own the finest cakes shop in London However how they got there throws some real life shade into the story A little Gem

  10. Louise Child Louise Child says:

    AwfulThis seems set in a bygone age Formal stilted Characters are shallowWomen seem to be uneducated and sillyHard to connect to anything in this taleLacklustre and very disappointing

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A Little Love ❰Reading❯ ➺ A Little Love Author Amanda Prowse – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Everybody needs a little love in their lives Pru Plum is the celebrated owner of a famous Mayfair bakery She wears Chanel and her hair is expensively cut Few would believe that this elegant woman turn Everybody needs a little love in their lives Pru Plum is the celebrated owner of a famous Mayfair bakery She wears Chanel and her hair is expensively cut Few would believe that this elegant woman turned sixty six last year But Pru is not the confident successful businesswoman she appears She has done shameful things to get to where she is today And she A Little PDF or will do anything to protect the secrets of her past especially when for the first time in her life she has finally fallen in love From bestselling author Amanda Prowse this is a story about love loss and lies and finding happiness before it's too late.