Alien in My Pocket #4 ePUB á My Pocket PDF º

Alien in My Pocket #4 ePUB á My Pocket PDF º

Alien in My Pocket #4 [BOOKS] ⚦ Alien in My Pocket #4 Author Nate Ball – This must read Alien in My Pocket book is the fourth in the series by Nate Ball the host of PBS's Design Suad and Design Suad Nation In this hilarious new adventure Zack and his alien friend Amp learn This must read My Pocket PDF º Alien in My Pocket book is the fourth in the series by Nate Ball the host of PBS's Design Suad and Design Suad Nation In this hilarious new adventure Zack and his alien friend Amp learn about friction deceleration and how to soften a crash landingWhen Zack McGee crashes his bike he's stuck at home with his arm in a sling Alien in Epub / and his baseball season on the line What's worse his bike crashed because his four inch tall houseguest Amp experimented on the brakes Now Zack is easy prey for his little brother Taylor who's determined to find out once and for all what mysteries Zack has hidden in his pocketLike every book in the Alien in My Pocket series On Impact mixes Common Core–aligned science in My Pocket Kindle Ø and safe hands on experiments with a hilarious story that young readers will lovePublishers Weekly said of Alien in My Pocket Blast Off With its screwball comedy and lively dialogue the novel gives readers the opportunity to laugh as they learnSupports the Common Core State Standards.

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  1. Anna Wilson Anna Wilson says:

    Title Alien in My Pocket On ImpactAuthor Nate BallIllustrator Macky PamintuanGenre Science FictionThemes friendship family siblingsOpening linesentence “My legs are spaghetti”Brief Book Summary This book is about an alien named Amp that comes crashing into Zack’s world through his window Zack unfortunately has his arm stuck in a sling because he crashed his bike Amp is to thank for that Now he’s stuck at home with his little brother Taylor who is very curious to find out what Zack has hiding in his pocket Professional RecommendationReview #1 Annie Miller Booklist Jul 1 2014 Vol 110 No 21 Zack McGee is like many kids klutzy and curious with an annoying little brother But then there’s Amp the tiny blue alien who lives in his bedroom This fourth Alien in My Pocket title once again combines engaging character interactions comical situations and trial and error mixing the right amount of silliness with basic science along the way A closing experiment reinforces the science facts A great choice for linking across the curriculum this title is filled with wry one liners as likely as catching a one eyed unicorn that burps rainbows that will keep kids laughing and looking forward to the next installment Grades 1 4 PUBLISHER Harper an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers New York NY PUBLISHED 2014Professional RecommendationReview #2 Ball Nate On Impact   128 pp HarperCollinsHarper 2014 ISBN 978 0 06 231492 5 PE ISBN 978 0 06 221629 8 Ebook ISBN 978 0 06 221630 4 3 1 3 Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan Alien in My Pocket series The latest installments in this silly series packs comic punches as Amp the small blue alien continues to wreak havoc on human Zack's life While packaged for maximum reluctant reader appeal the book will engage new readers with entertaining plots believable characters humorous black and white line illustrations and palatable science; each volume includes a related science experiment appropriately detailed for elementary students Review covers these Alien in My Pocket titles On Impact and Radio Active Younger Fiction; Chapter books; Science fiction; Science projects; Extraterrestrial beings; Humorous stories; Schools Elementary schools; Family SiblingsResponse to Two Professional Reviews Both of these reviews focused on the plot of the story and summarizing what it was about They also included that the book has a science experiment in it for children to do on their own that is appropriate for their grade I liked how the second review said that this book was packaged for “maximum reluctant reader appeal” I wish both reviews had talked about the text and illustrations presented in the story and how those benefit the reader Evaluation of Literary Elements The chapters in this story are brief which makes it easier for the children to read The plot is the first thing that caught my attention while reading this book It makes you never want to put the story down because you never know what kind of trouble Amp is going to get Zack in or what mess is he going to make The small illustrations throughout the text are just enough to give you insight on what the characters are feeling They do not distract you from the text because they are simple black outlined pictures The characterization stood out as well because children can relate to the relationship Zack and his little brother Taylor have Of course Zack gets annoyed with his little brother but they love each other Consideration of Instructional Application To incorporate this book into the classroom I would have each student write their own chapter of an Alien in My Pocket book They would come up with their own title for example Alien in My Pocket Lunch Time Trouble and write one chapter about their book They would use elements they noticed from the book like how Amp is always causing trouble and Zack has to find a way out of it They would also have to include at least one illustration for their chapter The chapter could be from any point in the story beginning middle or end

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    Listened to the audioit was fun and short Great for a family car rideThis series is jam packed full of science so I would highly recommend it for any kid who enjoys science There were times when the science was overwhelming preachy for me There were also times when Zack used language that just did not seem natural for a boy of that age not just vocab but phrasing that didn't sound kid like

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