Beware the Night PDF/EPUB Ð Beware the Kindle -

Beware the Night PDF/EPUB Ð Beware the Kindle -

Beware the Night [Reading] ➸ Beware the Night By Ralph Sarchie – Demonic possession Exorcism Haunted Houses Satanic RitualsFor most people this is the stuff of nightmares horror movies folklore and superstition For New York City police Sergeant Ralph Sarchie it's a Demonic possession Exorcism Haunted Houses Satanic RitualsFor most people this is the stuff of nightmares horror movies folklore and superstition For New York City police Sergeant Ralph Sarchie it's as real—and dangerous—as midnight patrol A sixteen year NYPD veteran Ralph Sarchie works out of the th Precinct in New York's South Bronx But it is his other job that he calls the Work investigating cases of demonic possession and assisting in the exorcisms of humanity's most ancient—and most dangerous—foes Now he discloses for the first time his investigations into incredible true Beware the Kindle - crimes and inhuman evil that were never explained solved or understood except by Sarchie and his partner Schooled in the rituals of exorcism and an eyewitness to the reality of demonic possession Ralph Sarchie has documented a riveting chronicle of the inexplicable that gives a new shape to the shadows in the darkIn Deliver Us from Evil he takes readers into the very hierarchy of a hell on earth to expose the grisly rituals of a Palo Mayombe priest; a young girl whose innocence is violated by an incubus; a home invaded by the malevolent spirit of a supposedly murdered nineteenth century bride; the dark side of a couple who were literally the neighbors from hell; and Ralph Sarchie's revelations are a powerful and disturbing documented link between the true crime realities of life and the blood chilling ice grip of a supernatural terror.

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  1. El El says:

    July 2014 After the movieBecause movie And I don't have to justify myself to youEric Bana is awful but Joel McHale is lovely After long internal deliberation through the first half of the movie I agreed with my friend that it was indeed Joel McHale and not Limp Bizkit like I originally thought And IMDB confirmed it If ever I need an exorcism please call that pretty Jesuit priest for meNovember 2014 After the bookEvery year for Halloween I wear a pair of devil horns to work I've been doing this for years I also wear a Santa hat for Christmas Eve It's fucking cute One year one of my coworkers who was a self proclaimed devout Christian sent me a work email from across the hall mind you that said something along the lines of If you don't believe in Christ how can you believe in Devilish things?And then I killed herNot really I seethed for a while She's a nice enough woman but the first day we worked together I knew there could potentially be a problem because she point blank asked me about my beliefs and I point blank told her my opinion and she then made it her mission for the rest of the time she worked with us to convert me to ChristianityI considered some responses starting several emails and deleting them all Mind your own fucking business or Are you fucking kidding me? or I've just forwarded this to Human Resources and you can take it up with them Instead I believe I responded something vanilla along the lines of how it's Halloween my horns are for fun and are not indicative of any beliefs I might have relax Thankfully for us both she didn't respond because that was about the extent my professionalism could goReading this book was like working with her again Except instead of a lovely sweet Christian woman who if I remember correctly was born and raised in the South before moving to Pittsburgh here we have a Catholic cop cum demonologist from the Bronx But the effect was much the sameGod is good there are no good ghosts sorry Casper only Demons Deeeeemmmmooooons Sarchie is heavy handed in his beliefs anything that you do outside of the church can land you in deep water with Demons including even thinking about Demons The irony? This entire book is about Demons so that's like saying Don't think about pink elephants right? So based on his own advice he has just made all of his readers become possessed Thanks dude Like I don't have enough going on in my lifeThroughout the book he tells accounts of his experiences with exorcisms his friendship with Ed and Lorraine Warren his experiences on the force and how being a cop is very similar to being a demonologist because in both cases you have to deal with assholes Demons are assholes all of them and omg he's the best cop and demonologist ever He's so good that he totally ignores a bishop's advice on how a layperson should not perform an exorcism and he totally does it himself anyway And people actually call him up on their own to ask for his helpDear world You're better off calling the GhostbustersThis book is filled with inaccuracies Things maybe a lot of people don't really know or would pay attention to but for example Aleister Crowley wasn't a Satanist He was an occultist not a Satanist because as I'm going to pull from Wikipedia because that's all I have the energy to do right now as he did not accept the Christian world view in which Satan was believed to exist You can't just call someone a Satanist if they themselves did not consider themselves to be a Satanist There are statements like that which show a judgmental side to Sarchie that makes it hard for me to stomach the rest of his willful ignorance I know the real audience for this book good god fearing people like himself will eat it all up believe everything he writes and go on in their ignorant judgmental existences spreading the same inaccuracies and biasesIt's an inconsistent book bouncing around in the timeline making the book as a whole choppy and messy and seriously shut up about the Church already Whatever point he was trying to make was lost because it was just one sermon after anotherNot that I even need to say any of this but I'll do it anyway The book was originally published under the title Beware the Night in 2001 The movie that came out earlier this year by this title Deliver Us from Evil is soooo loosely based on this book that it's laughable You're better off just watching the movie which is saying a lot because the movie aside from the Jesuit priest wasn't the best of the horror movie lotThere is no mention of The Doors in this book I thought that was really the weirdest part of the movie overall so I wondered if the book included anything even remotely related to that But nope It was just some random person's idea for the movie Like someone who is a fan of The Doors I guessThis book just made me mad And it makes me want to wear my devil horns every day for the rest of my life

  2. Char Char says:

    I've only just started the first story and I'm out Already there's disparaging remarks about housewives paranormal investigators and us non religious folk Admittedly the remarks are just slights but I don't care for the overall tone of the author Though the narrator was fine DNF 43015No rating

  3. Brian H Brian H says:

    i am proud to say Ralph Sarchie is a personal friend of mine and i can state uite truthfully that everything in that book he has been through and he's a true fighter He has made tremendous sacrifices to do the work he's done and it's the best book on the demonic i've read There is a feature film coming out next year about this book and it will surely be a fine tribute to this genuinely good man

  4. Sara Sara says:

    Seriously?? I want my money back I saw a preview for the upcoming movie Deliver Us From Evil with Eric Bana and it looks scaaaaary I saw that it was based on this book so I purchased it electronically on I got about 20 percent through and gave up Just way too many Catholic references as the cop who wrote it is hyper religious There is scripture and references to blessed this and blessed that that I think I will just stick with William Peter Blatty

  5. Leah Polcar Leah Polcar says:

    Follows the formula of the real life my housewifehusband has been posessed by demons tale That this is actually a formula is sort of disturbing since one would hope the world was not rife with so many demons that a true life demon mad libs was so easy to construct I was hoping that this book would explore how a detective reconciles reality with facing some crazy preternatural happenings; what must a cop think if responding to a call from a family and sees that actual stones are raining from the sky? Here Sarchie is a true believer and the book is about his non cop cases what he calls over and over and over and over again the Work so there is no moment of crossing over from disbelief to belief While I am not knocking this book for that failure since that is born from my personal preferences it is unoriginal repetitive and poorly written I would suggest if you are looking for real life ghost stories check out the Demonologist by the Warrens Sarchie mentions it repeatedly and even though that book is no Booker short lister it still packs in scares than this and is believable and insightful at least at 3am If you are interested in the intellectual issues surrounding demons and possessions then I recommend Hostage to the Devil weirdly a book Sarchie also discusses in detail

  6. Mark Warren Mark Warren says:

    Fraught with bigotry and ignoranceBy simply paying attention to the details in this collection of stories there is indeed a rather frightening agenda underlying this book maybe the entire genre This book falls into the religious category specifically the Roman Catholic faith where the author and his associates are in possession pun absolutely intended of secret esoteric and of course powerful knowledge to combat and triumph most of the time 'failures' serving as 'proofs' that the given story is 'true' as will be all the stories to come over 'demons' or whatever the authorperpetrator of this story genre prefers to call their alleged opponentsThe first few sections of this book reveal a great deal about the author and his associates He's a policeman a powerful group in our society I would say that in many ways they are privileged He's a Roman Catholic but not your ordinary Roman Catholic; no this person chooses not to obey the church reforms of Vatican Council II a widely accepted attempt to introduce Liberal reforms to the old entrenched power centers who have held power in the church for centuries The policemanauthor is directly guided by priests and bishops who also refuse to accept the Vatican's reforms their denial of the Roman Catholic Church reforms put them in great opposition to the infallible power of their own Catholic Pope Christ on Earth as they usemisuse beliefs and practices they use in demon battling This is a strictly Catholic problem; no Protestant 'allies' opinions can influence whether the author et al are acting and persuading their tragic clients and us Denying or refusing to follow papal law and teaching puts them outside the Catholic church; not a very powerful position to be in when investing demons and demonic possessions etcThe author et al show remarkable ignorance of basic religious studies Their first story has the demons using the theological and historical dubious distinction about the so called 'sign of the beast' 666 No one knows what this number meansThis author demonstrates the insidious bigotry and ignorance he brings to his so called work from the beginning of this book The misogyny and patriarchal condescension is plain He and his male co investigator enter the house where their anti Vatican II bishop boss has sent them What are the immediate signs of demonic invasion? The house isn't absolutely clean swept vacuumed; their are dirty dishes in the sink; the father and husband of the house 'knows' something is wrong when he comes home from work and his dinner isn't started The misogyny escalates Only the women are tempted and fall for the tricks of the demon Our patriarchal investigators are on the trail of this demonic home wrecker and dinner delayed Why the husband can't cook for himself or as a partner in household chores is never even thought ofAnd then there is the descriptions of the demonic activities and make no mistake there are no ghosts or poltergeists or energies there are only Demons with a capital and Catholic letter The theological basis for demons and demonic possessions is pretty feeble Jesus certainly casts out demons about as often as he greets people and the apostles are awarded the exorcism power and cast out demons with eual proficiency Theologically God made men and I emphasize the gender choice to have power above the very angels let alone fallen demons etc etc Why would any human being need to fear any demon from Satan down to little bubbles of lights bippity bopping around your house? All it takes it seems from our modern exorcists vast fount of knowledge is one weak person and now cue the misogyny because every literally EVERY female in one household is duped into believing the demon and sending the household down the toiletnot to mention the husbandfather having to wait for or cook his own dinnerPlain common sense along with a not too onerous task of reading up on the positions of any and all of the major faiths regarding demons and possession is a reuirement You cannot I repeat you CANNOT trust what these modern demon fighters say or do They are outside the mainstream of their own religions and they demonstrate some of the most old fashioned and well known bigotry stereotypical and prejudicial attitudes especially regarding the place of all non heterosexual Male biases to be found anywhere inside or outside of the scriptures of any religious studiesIgnorance is bliss to experience bliss is to be blessed and to complete the circle Sarchie and the Warrens Malachi Martin and Dave Considine sp? are blessed with the bliss of their willful denial that their own Church officials have said these stories of exorcism and demonic forces running rampant in the world is a great gross and dangerous mistake for people of faith to be propagatingwith publicity and success than any demon could possibly manage

  7. Sabrina Rutter Sabrina Rutter says:

    Demonic possession to me is the most frightening aspect of the paranormal absolutely nothing is as terrifying Imagine the hours of fun filled horror I spent while reading this book It's all very entertaining as long as it's not happening to me or someone I know I could never do what Ralph Sarchie does because I would be out for the shock value rather than to help deliver people of their torment I'm not saying I would want to leave people suffering under demonic attack it's just that once I saw that this was real I would be heading for the hills utterly useless It's truly hard to deny that Sarchie is telling the truth for the simple fact that he isn't looking to gain monetarily by charging the people he helps nor does he seek out media attention He simply does this to be one of God's many human helpers He's a sort of foot soldierI don't recommend reading this if you sleep alone at night

  8. Jacob Jacob says:

    Not going to break any literary boundaries but this is a detailed and engrossing account of good versus evil It's not as scary as others proclaim and is generally creepy if anything However there is no glorification or exaggeration that takes place here The matter of fact and measured way in which Sarchie details justifiably horrible demonic occurrences throughout his work lends credence and credibility to his oft overstated spiritual conviction for battling them He's just a guy helping others shedding light on the darkness

  9. Frank Barrett Frank Barrett says:

    Read This Book If you've had any kind of brush with the otherworldly it will make you think twice about said encounters I know it has me The author is Catholic and while I'm not I didn't have a problem with his religion like other reviewers have If you want to write a book about your experiences and are agnostic Muslim Jewish Protestant Atheist Wiccan or whatever do so This man knows Catholicism and uses his faith to help him through his cases Very enjoyable creepy hard to put down read

  10. Nicole Loop Nicole Loop says:

    I should have looked into this book before I got it as soon as you open it it claims mental illness is really just a possessed person I threw it I thought this was fiction turns out this is a Christian book bashing anything fun fuck this book yet somehow I'm trying to still struggling to finish it I turned it into a game of underlining everything this books gets wrong in other religions witchcraft heavy metal music mental illness sufferers just about anything a die hard Jesus freak would think that anyone that strays from their cookie cutter world does there's a shit ton of underlining ps even the movie is a flop in horror if you are sensitive to flashing lights don't watch the movie they do that every 5 10 minutes go watch the conjering it's better and no cheap jump scares for no reason ah but again the people behind that story are also asshole ghost hunters that suck at their job too so eh

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