Beloved Enemy Battles of Destiny Series Kindle ß

Beloved Enemy Battles of Destiny Series Kindle ß

Beloved Enemy Battles of Destiny Series ❰Reading❯ ➺ Beloved Enemy Battles of Destiny Series Author Al Lacy – Jenny's allegiance lay with the Confederate Army But her heart belonged to the enemy Faithful to her family and the land of her birth young Jenny Jordan covers for her father's Confederate spy mission Jenny's allegiance Battles of PDF Ë lay with the Confederate Army But her heart belonged to the enemy Faithful to her family and the land of her birth young Jenny Jordan covers for her father's Confederate spy missions But as she grows closer to handsome Union soldier Buck Brownell Jenny finds herself torn between devotion to the South and Beloved Enemy Epub / her feelings for the man she is forbidden to love Overwhelmed by pressure to assist the South Jenny agrees to carry critical information over enemy lines But when she is caught in Buck Brownell's territory will he follow orders to execute the beautiful spy or find a way to save his Beloved Enemy.

  • Paperback
  • 356 pages
  • Beloved Enemy Battles of Destiny Series
  • Al Lacy
  • English
  • 10 October 2015
  • 9780880706261

About the Author: Al Lacy

JoAnna Lacy Battles of PDF Ë are coauthors of the Mail Order Bride Hannah of Fort Bridger and Shadow of Liberty series The Lacys make their home in the Colorado Rockies.

10 thoughts on “Beloved Enemy Battles of Destiny Series

  1. Amber Amber says:

    Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy is book one in his Battles of Destiny series This beautiful and captivating story felt like I was reading poetry rather than a story about the beginning of the Civil War My head usually starts spinning after reading the long list of generals colonels and other important officers in each of the battles but that didn't happen this time Instead I was transported to that time and while seeing the outbreak of the Civil War and the major battle at Bull Run my attention was focused on the central characters of Jenny Jordan and Buck Brownell I watched memorized as the various events of the coming war brought these two people together who likely would not have met under normal circumstances Then as I continued to see their story unfold I was amazed to see a sweet and touching romance grow between themSince most if not all romances in stories don't survive without being touched by pain and conflict my heart became wrenched at the next part of their story Jenny Jordan was pushed by her father into a Confederate spy ring right underneath the noses of President Lincoln and his government Jenny's part in the spying was out of loyalty to her birth state of Virginia and to her Southern family heritage She was torn by her love for Buck a Union soldier and her admiration of President Lincoln and all that he was trying to accomplish It was her father and their Southern heritage that began keeping her and Buck from making any plans of marriageIf that wasn't enough and when her heart could take the deceit no longer she was captured for being a spy while on her way to deliver a message to General Stonewall Jackson of an impending battle from the North Since the penalty for spies at war time is death by firing suad 24 hours after being captured she was sure she and Buck had to future without a true miracle from GodFor the end of this story you need to read the book yourself but let me just say that you will NOT be disappointed or even bored by this story Your curiosity will propel you all the way to the end in no time You will actually be disappointed that the story has come to its conclusion long before boredom will ever set itWhile I don't normally read Historical or Romance stories I truly have to say that I enjoyed every minute of this book and am uite eager to read books in this series This story will have you on the edge of your seat asking and anticipating what comes next All the while you are seeing history in a brand new light If only we learned history in light of the lives of the people who lived back then I think that it would become much memorable to us After all the human story is one that we can relate to and enjoy hearing aboutI would recommend this book to anyone and everyone Even if you aren't a History or Romance buff you will find something in this book that will touch your heart and leave you wanting The gentle manner in which this story is told will put a desire in your heart to go back to that time and live a lifetime there It was a chivalrous innocent and truly American time that we can all appreciate

  2. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title Beloved EnemyAuthor Al LacyPages 364Year 2006Publishers Multnomah Press A novel about love forgiveness loyalty and is what is encountered in the pages of this novel The novel I will share about is the third in the series of “Battles of Destiny” by Al Lacy Mr Lacy shares how he has written books in several different timeframes and how much reading he did about The Civil War to gain knowledge about this historical event The main battle spoken of in this book is the first Battle of Bull Run In reading this book as an avid reader about The Civil War I can say that there are many historical facts in the plot that are accurate while the conversations characters and are mainly though not exclusively fictional There were at this time in our nation’s history spies who had infiltrated the government sending secret information to the South As with all wars there are spies whose loyalties may be spoken toward one direction but lived in another Ladies were used as spies to carry the information because at that time they were thought to draw less suspicion Rose O’Neal Greenhow is a character in the story who enlisted other women with southern sympathies to carry information across enemy lines These women did so with great conviction knowing they could be shot for being spies if caught Jenny Jordan is a lady who lives in Washington works as a secretary which gives her access to the many secrets and plans of the Union Her father Jeffery Jordan was a war hero whom President Lincoln asked to be a military advisor to the Senate Committee Even though Jenny was raised in the South and is being pressured to join a spy ring she hesitates Why? Buck who gave himself this nickname because his real name caused him embarrassment while growing up fell in love with Jenny the first moment their eyes met Buck never knew about Jenny’s involvement but had courted her for some time before her father put a stop to it Buck knew there was to this decision but wasn’t able to find anything out Buck rose through the ranks in the Union Army for meritorious actions under fire Will his rank be enough to save Jenny from a firing suad? How can he free her from the certain penalty of death? When Buck remembers an action Jenny did while watching the fighting at Bull Run he wonders if it would be enough to receive a full pardon Convinced she had done this only once and under duress Buck rides to get the reprieve before her execution Will he receive a reprieve for her or even make it back before the execution? I loved reading this novel Yes it has a love story but the action was what caught my attention The author does such a wonderful job painting scenes and actions with words I could almost see it in my mind’s eye It is a thrilling story with a touching ending; I loved it Though I hadn’t read the other two novels that were written before Beloved Enemy it was awesome all by itself My rating is 4 starsNote I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988

  3. Tori Tori says:

    As you know I love reading historical romance novels Such is the reason that this novel drew me inA bit about the novelOne of the main characters Jenny Jordan takes a job with the federal government and at the same time covers for her father's Confederate spy missions Her father warns her never to get involved with a soldier and that's just what happens Jenny's father accepts a job offered by Abraham Lincoln but is not honest in his motives He feigns loyalty to the North while in reality his loyalties lay with the South Jenny meets Union soldier Buck Brownell in her line of career and her life is forever transformed by love at first sight Jenny's loyalties are with her father and her land but she can't help but carry a forbidden love for Buck despite her father's warnings Buck eually reciprocates the love feelings between the two and desperately wants Jenny to be hisDetermined to keep her forbidden love and still hold loyalty with her father in some way Jenny tries to please both parties She agrees to help her father carry a message but gets caught by Union soldiers over enemy lines Buck has orders to execute her but tries to find a way to save his true loveMy ThoughtsIt took me awhile to get swept up into the story This is part 3 in Battles of Destiny series so maybe it was because I didn't read the first 2 I felt that it dragged on a little longer than necessary This novel has a good mix of battle and romance but I think it could have shown a bit detail to some of the characters Still for a novel centered on the Civil War it was a good read It isn't one of my favorite novels but if you are curious you should definitely give it a readI really enjoyed Jenny's character and understood her dilemma as far as trying to please her father while trying to please herself and Buck The endings for all characters were mixed some good and some bad I don't think I would want to change the endings though and felt that it was all as should be although some were uite surprising I won't go into details on that so as not to spoil anythingI have to admit I was hoping for this novel to be a little meaty not meaning that there should be sex scenes or anything but I felt things could definitely be heated between the love couple to make their love seem realisticStill this is a well researched novel and despite some of the characters use of wording in conversations I didn't feel like it was set in any other time frame other than the Civil WarI am glad I did give this book a chance though as now I won't be curious and although it isn't one of my favorites I did still enjoy itIf you want to read reviews feel free to VISIT MY BLOG DISCLAIMER I was provided this book for free through Waterbrook Multnomah publishers in exchange for my unbiased review Opinions expressed are mine alone

  4. Sherrey Sherrey says:

    When I selected Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy for my next WaterBrook Press review I was tempted by the Civil War history referred to as well as the chance for a little romance in the reading However upon receipt of the book and jumping right in to it I struggled to be drawn in by the story line and writing styleI will confess I had never read one of Mr Lacy's books before and therefore didn't know what to expect What I didn't expect though was to find some inconsistencies that uite frankly bothered me If a writer is going to write historical fiction it is my belief he or she should remain tied to the time period in language casual lifestyle references and its historical stanceOnce or twice in Beloved Enemy when scenes include Mrs Lincoln and her two boys Willie and Tad the boys refer to their mother as mom When this didn't seem absolutely timely I checked online resources Merriam Webster1 regarding the origin of the word mom Here we are told that the word's first known use was circa 1894 Since Beloved Enemy opens in the early part of the 1860s and continues only through that same early period it is highly unlikely that the Lincoln boys called their mother momAt one point in this same early part of the book one character is read in dialogue to say Let's have a cup of coffee at the cafe Another language form that in my own opinion doesn't seem to ring true with the timesAlso I found it difficult to maintain a record of the many Confederate and Yankee officers named throughout the book Mr Lacy often refers to each in a multitude of names sometimes using their titles often only first names This would make it difficult for a reader unfamiliar with the war itself to track very wellReferences to the women spies during the Civil War seem to be completely accurate Rose Greenhow was chief among the Confederate women spies as reflected here It is with great pride as a woman from the South to know that women played a strategic if costly role in the Civil WarI'm reluctant to say that I will step out again and read one of Al Lacy's publications but have done as WaterBrook Multnomah asked and have given my honest opinion of Beloved Enemy I received this book free from WaterBrook Multnomah for this review I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions expressed are my own

  5. Sara Nowlin-Edens Sara Nowlin-Edens says:

    Al Lacy has been writing books for a number of years He did not shirk his duty in grabbing his readers on this one Beloved Enemy is the first in his Battles of Destiny Bull Run series It opens with Lincoln going to Washington to take office Young Jenny Jordan daughter of a Union colonel begins work in the White House as a receptionist in Lincoln’s administration Her father is on the Military Council to prepare for war against the South Ironically the Jordans are originally from Virginia yet chose to stay in the Union army Their hearts however stay with Virginia soil Jenny falls in love with a daring dashing Buck Brownell of the Zouave military units of the North This is the beginning of the intrigue this book brings As the approach of war draws near Jenny becomes enchanted with Buck her father determines that he will begin a Confederate spy ring He presses Jenny into service albeit reluctantly The punishment for traitors in wartime is execution by firing suad Jenny is reluctant partly because of the punishment but also because she fears for her father’s life and for the life of the man she loves She knows this is a dangerous game they are playing She is able to successfully avoid carrying messages for a long time You can only know what happens when you read the story Lacy treated the historical facts well and allowed his characters to interact with real historical figures in a believable manner He brings actual Confederate spies into the story along with their real roles The action the intrigue the love the hope and the fear are very real when allowing yourself to immerse into the wonderful tome brought forward by Mr Lacy America’s streets and homes were filled with the Civil War whether one was actively involved or not This book brings that war to your home as well Lacy’s treatment to both the North and the South is respectful yet factual This book gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me DISCLAIMER I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

  6. Bethany Baldwin Bethany Baldwin says:

    Wow Okay My thoughts on this book are mixed It's like throwing my emotions and writing opinions into a mixing bowl and spinning them all up into a gooey mess So maybe that's not the best analogy but When I first had the opportunity to review this book I snatched it up pretty uick I do like historical fiction and the fact that it was about the war between the states and spies and such things only interested me further But when I started reading I wasn't the most happy camper It IS an interesting story At least it should be All the elements are there Everything's in place Before I say I should tell you one thing This book took me almost an entire YEAR to read I'm sure for any book lover this is very odd I was constantly reading something else that I found interesting I would feel bad and try to finish it but would soon tire of it So you ask what was so bad? It wasn't allll bad of course But there were a few elements that threw me off Al Lacy has a certain way of writing that doesn't really appeal to me I suppose I should have known this after reading a bit of one of his other books but the thought never occurred I love history as I said but the way Mr Lacy incorporated the history was distracting to the story line He would have a chapter with a bit about the main characters and then lots and lots of paragraphs and chapters dedicated to unimportant characters who usually just died at the end of the chapter It wasn't the most fun experience I could have enjoyed the book without reading about the guy and his dog who died or such I don't know if it was of historical significance but it really just made me sad and want the book over with The positive side of things is that when I could push myself to read I did enjoy it for the most part even if the writing style and storyline were a bit off I rate the book three stars and I say that I'm being generous sometimes D Don't just take my opinion though because many people have rated this five stars

  7. Barb Barb says:

    I love history especially Civil War history Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy is a wonderful historical romance set in the beginning of the Civil War Mr Lacey sets the story around the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln and the events following This is the story of Jenny Jordan who is a receptionist at the Capitol building Her father a hero in the Mexican War has been named an advisor to the Senate Military Committee Colonel Jordan is also the head of a Confederate spy ring along with Rose Greenhowe who uses young ladies as spy couriers Jenny has fallen in love with a Northern soldier Buck Brownell Buck is uickly advanced in the military for his bravery under battle Beloved Enemy begins as the First Battle of Bull Run is being contemplated by both forces The interesting aspect of the Civil War is that the forces were so close together Washington DC and the southern state of Virginia were right next to each other Sympathies ran high for both sides in those states bordering the north south division Interesting also is the fact that the First Battle of Bull Run was viewed as a spectator event by those in Washington who took picnic baskets and wanted to make a day excursion of viewing the battle They had to run for home when the Northern soldiers were routed by the Confederates The author provided many little side stories that could have taken place during this battle Colonel Jordan tries to persuade his daughter to join the spy ring even though the punishment is death by firing suad no longer than 48 hours after capture You’ll have to read the book to find out how Jenny responded to her father’s reuests and also to find out if love can truly exist between two opposing political foesI received this book for free from WaterBrook Mulnomah Publishing Group for this reviewhttpimhookedonbookswordpresscom

  8. Erin Cataldi Erin Cataldi says:

    Al Lacy's latest Civil War masterpiece Beloved Enemy starts off slow but picks up steam and plows you right through it Once I got into it I was hooked and couldn't put it down My only regret is that I didn't know about the other books in the Battles of Destiny and started with this one instead of reading the other two first That being said I had no problem following the story line and I think my not having read the other two volumes didn't impede my ability to understand what was going onThe story starts off following Jenny Jordan and her father as they get jobs in the White House serving President Lincoln Jenny takes a job as secretary and her father Jeffery Jordan a famous Mexican War hero became a member of the Senate Military Committee They start working at a hectic time as hostilities grow between the Union and the Confederacy Jeffrey and Jenny felt torn as they were native Virginians and decided to stay loyal to the Confederacy by working as spies Jenny's father would pass classified information he learned at the committees on to beautiful young woman who would then pass the information to the rebels by charming their way past Union soldiersJenny becomes worried as father gets involved with the spying and fears for her life She becomes even confused when she starts falling for a Union soldier Her loyalties were all over the place The story isn't all about espionage and romance in fact a good majority of the story is centered on the Battle of Bull Run and on the bravery of Buck Brownwell Jenny's love interest It's a very compelling and historical read I highly recommend this book you won't be disappointed If you even remotely liked Gone With the Wind then you will enjoy this short read “I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”

  9. Julie Julie says:

    Jenny Jordan is from Virginia but moved to Washington for her father’s job After his success in the Mexican war President Lincoln put him in charge of the Senate Military Committee As the Civil war breaks out the Jordan’s find it difficult being proud southerners and living in the north President Lincoln is impressed with Jenny not only because she is beautiful but smart and he offers her a job as a receptionist at the White HouseWhen the Union troops were attacked by an angry mob on a train heading to Washington all the wounded soldiers were taken to the Capitol Jenny volunteered to help and when Corporal “Buck” Brownell carried one of the wounded into the rotunda Jenny uickly came to assist When Buck looked at Jenny their eyes locked together Buck Brownell was a tough solider but at that moment he couldn’t remember his own name He was captivated by her beauty Jenny smiled sweetly and turned away to concentrate on her work Buck asked her out and they instantly hit it off Jenny’s father was against her getting involved with someone from the North “Right now isn’t the time to fall in love” her father warned Jenny couldn’t help it; Buck was different than anyone she’d ever known Colonel Jordan was in the perfect spot to become a Confederate spy and he needed Jenny to help Jenny is terrified as the punishment of being caught as a spy is death by the firing suad When Jenny is asked to bring classified information to the Southern camp she is torn between doing what her dad wants and following her heart Al Lacy did a lot of great research It was a history lesson along with a wonderful love story Beloved Enemy was a thought provoking read as I learned about a war that separated our nation You’ll have to read this Romeo and Juliet tale to find out if it’s a tragic ending or a happily ever after

  10. Book Him Danno Book Him Danno says:

    I love historical novels and the Civil War is a fascinating time in American’s history My first book about the Civil War was Gone With the Wind and I have to say that I was hooked with that one I read many and have seen most of the movies out there about that time in history Brother fighting brother a nation against itself Gettysburg Address and so many stories and adventures seem to surround that time period We have taken our family to Bull Run Gettysburg and Antietam to tour the Civil War battle fields and learn about their history I love history and adding fictional stories and characters just makes it come alive for meNow for this book The main character Jenny is torn between her loyalty to her father herself and Buck That is being stuck between a rock and hard place for sure I found the story interesting and yet lacking in some areas I would have liked the characters to be fully flushed out and interactions between the lovers for the romance part of the storynot necessarily sex but some romance I found the book to be inaccurate in a few areas and wish the author had done a better job of researching the era Some of the language usage seemed a bit modern also With so many books written about this time an author needs to be careful not to mix up factsI haven’t read the first two books in this series and maybe if I had I would have jumped right into the story As it was I struggled to really get a grasp of the story and the plot If you want to know what happens you will have to read the book Of course we all know what happened at the end of the war but the stories leading to that are fun to read and imagine A different time a different era and I loved the clothes This book didn't do it for me but it might for you If you enjoy historical fiction then give this book a try

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