Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings

Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings

Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings Too ❀ [EPUB] ✸ Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings Too By Tim Collins ❤ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Nigel Mullet a 100 year old vampire doomed to spend eternity in the body of a socially awkward fifteen year old boy records his attempts to impress the love of his life Chloe while battling an embarra Nigel Mullet a a Wimpy eBook ¸ year old vampire doomed to spend eternity in the body of a socially awkward fifteen year old boy records his attempts to impress the love of his life Chloe while battling an embarrassingly overwhelming desire to sink his fangs into Diary of ePUB ↠ her Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Twilight in this hilarious and sweet story.

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  1. Sam Sam says:

    Won this through the Goodreads GiveawaysThis was a seriously entertaining and funny book and I demolished it in one evening it was that good Just think of all the suave and dashing vampires you can think of from the Count himself to the Cullens in all their mesmerising glory then think of the complete opposite and you have Nigel Mullet Nigel was turned into a vampire at 15 and as he approaches his 100 birthday his well matured teen angst goes into over drive as he tries to deal with very embarrassing parents both of whom still dress in the 'old' style and a 10 year old sister who is a wannabe pop princess while trying to woo the love of his life ChloeCollins has captured the combination of teen angst with the maturity that Nigel has developed over his 85 years as a vampire with entertaining ease right down to the mix of modern teen and turn of the century language Combine this with Nigel poetry and his private illustrations and Collins has produced a fantastic diary that could almost be believed if only vampires were real This is what Twilight should have been like awkward tense embarrassing and humorous this captures teen life in a nutshell and I hope there's a seuel to this and if there is I really really can't wait

  2. Alex Alex says:

    I'm planning on making this short it was funny and a different read Over a lot of years I was recommended this due to my strong love for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series you're never too old to read children books don't judge I was slightly annoyed by the writer who was constantly complaining about how hard it is to be him and how much he loved Chloe and how he wanted to profess his love for her It was very childish and I was very frustrated I mean he's suppose to be something like a hundred years old and he talks like a 13 year old boy I just expected different dialogueI may or may not read the second; if I do it will be in time

  3. Abi Abi says:

    I checked this out as part of my spring break library haul and even decided to read it first I thought it would be funny but it was pretty terrible Nigel the main character was angsty than funny and creepy than romantic Beyond that he was an ungrateful brat All in all I read 74 pages of this and couldn't force myself to read any This was a boring lame and angsty read Would not recommend 1 star

  4. Stephanie (Stepping Out Of The Page) Stephanie (Stepping Out Of The Page) says:

    A very simple book and a uick read It managed to make me laugh out loud and I found some of the double entendre to be hilarious a very fun book for the most part Very easy to read and humorous

  5. Miss Ryoko Miss Ryoko says:

    Actual rating 45Okay I LOVED this book I cannot help but think no believe that Tim Collins was totally making fun of Twilight with this book And that is why I liked it Nigel our utterly lame vampire is so brooding and depressive I couldn't help but chuckle at Collins' obvious jab at Edward Cullen Because of the blatant making fun of Edward I was laughing and chuckling through most of this book Not only does the poking fun of Twilight make this book fantastic but the writing is really great too Because Nigel is 100 years old he actually HAS an old timey vernacular unlike a certain OTHER vampire we've been talking about so the vocabulary is rich and rather poetic which of course is another funny ironic part of the book because Nigel writes poetry throughout the book and his regular writing is always poetic than his poetry but it's all part of the story and it's charm Despite how funny this book was I felt there was also another great message in it whether Collins intended it or not SLIGHT SPOILER TO FOLLOW Because Nigel's confidence and self esteem seems to boost at the end you can see a change in his attitude He starts writing less he's positive and he realizes how much better life is His popularity goes up once he starts enjoying life because people want to be around people who are happy This translates into real life It's something I tell people all the time The minute you decide to start loving yourself everything changes People want to hang around you and life is just so much better and easier I was happy to see Nigel realize that and I hope readers of this book realize it too A win win really And it really is so simple to decide to care about yourself rather than care about what other people think about you Because once you start not caring those other people will like you anywayThe only complaint I have WHY did they change the title of this book to Diary of a Wimpy Vampire? That is entirely so lame This title Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire is way alluring and also not a total copy cat of the OTHER series it really ticks me off they did thatI can't wait to read the second one

  6. Jenny / Wondrous Reads Jenny / Wondrous Reads says:

    Nigel Mullet is nothing like the beautiful sparkly vampires we've all become so accustomed to He doesn't dazzle anyone with one smouldering look he's not a smooth talker and he certainly doesn't possess any cool vampire abilities He's a normal 100 year old vampire forever trapped in a 15 year old's body and he's bored Very bored That is until he meets Chloe love of his life and the object of his eternal affection Then begins a uest to make her his girlfriend which is both hilarious and cringeworthy But mostly hilariousI really enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Vampire though I knew I would as soon as I read the summary It had me laughing out loud on many occasions and the parody side of it was so amusing Imagine a geeky Edward Cullen pining over the girl he can't get then add a bit of Spike's terrible poetry to the mix and you get Nigel Being in high school forever sounds like complete torture and his embarrassing parents don't help matters His dad wears capes and his sister is a 10 year old wannabe princess things can't get any worse Sounds funny? It isTim Collins has written a brilliant diary style book that vampire fans will love It includes fantastically funny illustrations and you can't help but feel sorry for Nigel Navigating high school is hard at the best of times but when you're almost 100 years old and still haven't bitten a girl's neck well what can you do? I really hope a seuel is in the pipeline because I want from Nigel I'd love to see how he deals with things after the book ends and I also want to see of his family They are so coolDiary of a Wimpy Vampire has been described as Twilight meets Adrian Mole and I can't think of a better way of selling it It has all the awkwardness of Adrian Mole's teen years along with the vampirism you'd expect from Stephenie Meyer Although sun rashes and a lack of strength have nothing on mesmerising golden eyes Nigel still rocks 'cause he does it all with a killer sense of humour No pun intended 455 stars

  7. Minna Minna says:

    Nigel Mullet is a sorry excuse for a vampire He does not have any of the skills you're supposed to have as a vampire He's not fast strong or possesses any unearthly beauty he is stuck in a fifteen year old boys body for the rest of his unmortal life He's even too weak to hunt for blood so his parents have to get him his food He is in love with a girl in his school and gets and frustrated that he can't confess his love to her and when other boys get closer to her than he does For the longest time all this book is about is Nigel whining about his unlucky afterlife just like any regular teenager I started to imagine that Nigel was in fact Edward Cullen and it kept me amused long enough for the book to actually pick up the pace About two thirds of three fourths into the book it gets better but for many I think that is too long to stick with a book The book is a fast read and a bit amusing if you get your laughs from schadenfreude Nigel is supposed to be a hundred years old and he still acts like a teenager I get that is is supposed to be some kind of teenage metaphor that he has not grown into his fangs yet but his younger sister is a full fledged vampire kidlet My theory is that the lack of powers is a uestion of attitude He seems to be demanding things from his afterlife the same way a teenage girl wishes for her period or breasts and you never get what you want when you want it in young adult books This book was amusing for the moment but I won't be reading it again and will most likely pass it on to someone who will appreciate it than I do and possibly be part of the intended audience for this book I can't really relate to the relatable part of Nigel I feel way too old most of my egocentric whining days are long behind me

  8. Sαღιnα Sαღιnα says:

    One of the many sweet poems a sensitive vampire wrote for his beloved I WAIT IN ETERNAL PAINWith your neck so long and blood so sweetLife without you is incompleteHow I long to stick my fangs in your veinInstead I wait in eternal painA funny and brilliant satire on vampires absolutely loved it D

  9. Victoria Victoria says:

    Nigel was changed into a vampire as a teenager and will stay this age until the end of time Shockingly Nigel got to be a vampire at the unbalanced age of fifteen and must presently spend endlessness adapting with skin break out a breaking voice and add up to uncouthness with girls In his excruciatingly clever journal Nigel chronicles his progressively frantic endeavors to be taken note by the cherish of his life Della Sparrow; the steady embarrassment caused by his vampire guardians and the dissatisfaction one feels when you’ve got complete of boring endlessness extending out before you Being a weak kid is terrible sufficient when you’re typical But it’s so much regrettable when you’re a vampire

  10. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    35 starsThe StoryNigel Mullet a nearly 100 years old vampire who was stuck eternally in the body of a 15 years old school boy was doomed to go to highschool repeatedly for the rest of eternity because he would never age Lacking vampiric beauty and strength Nigel always felt like an outsider even in his own vampiric family One of his greatest miseries is that in the past 80 years Nigel never managed to find himself a girlfriend Will his misery end with the arrival of a new girl student will he find true love eventually?The CommentOn the cover of 'Diary of a Wimpy Vampire' there is a subtitle which states 'Because Undeads Have Feelings Too'; this statement very well gives you what you have to know about this book a It's a parody aims to make fun of the vamps are so romantic pop culture b It's a story about an emowimpy kid who happens to be a vampireThe main character Nigel Mullet is the textbook case of 'No one understands me' 'My family just don't get it' and My feeling is so deep I need to write a poem to express it' emo teen And the author obviously used his characters to make fun of the Twilight series for various of times in the book For exampleplot spoiler1Nigel is doomed to attempt high school for the rest of the eternity and he hates it2Nigel is a 100 years old virgin and a painfully awkward one in it3Vampires are supposed to be unimaginably beautiful and strong but Nigel is an exclusion4The girl whom Nigel is fancying loves him back immediately once she figured out he's a vampire Is there anyone out there laughing too?5Nigel also watched his love interest from outside of the window while she was sleeping with the girl's permission though and he got bored by this 'romantic' activity' pretty soon6For some reason the vampires in the book don't sleep7 The vampires in the book are not afraid of sunlightend of plot spoilerAs a YA book Diary of a Wimpy Vampire is fun to read although many of the characters eg the 'goth' kids whom Nigel befriended look pretty stereotyped and the main character Nigel is someone you cannot easily related with if you found yourself relating with Nigel be alarmed still in the end Nigel overcame his weakness and finally proofed his worth to his love interest and parents Therefore do try this book out if you're looking for a lot of LOLs

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