On Noah's Ark eBook í On Noah's MOBI :å

On Noah's Ark eBook í On Noah's MOBI :å

On Noah's Ark ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ On Noah's Ark By Jan Brett ✩ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Jan Brett's intricate illustrations against a beautiful papyrus background make a stunning picture book of a favorite story this time featuring Noah's granddaughter As the floodwaters rise she helps t Jan Brett's intricate illustrations against a beautiful papyrus background make a stunning picture book of a favorite story this time featuring Noah's granddaughter As the floodwaters rise she helps take the animals onto the ark and get them settled down But it's not On Noah's MOBI :å easy when giraffes are sleeping next to pandas and lions are curled up with turkeys Finally the gentle rocking of the ark lulls them all to sleep until the waters recede and Grandpa Noah his family and all the animals leave the ark This simple telling combined with extraordinary illustrations of every animal imaginable makes On Noah's Ark perfect for young and old.

10 thoughts on “On Noah's Ark

  1. Calista Calista says:

    What a beautiful book Jan has made Her panels are different here She makes an outline of an animal for each panel and then shows a different animal inside the outline This book is all about animals They are on every page in beautiful details I love the pages of them sleeping entwined together They have ostriches giraffes foxes and peacocks And many Jan stuff’s the pages full of any animal one can think of The story is told from the perspective of Noah’s grandson who takes care of the animals I like that angle It’s all about the animalsThe nephew tried to think of an animal not in here but on some page he found it somewhere He had a whole lot of fun reading this book He gave this 4 stars

  2. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Wonderful retelling of this story

  3. Amynicole Amynicole says:

    I tend to stay away from religious books especially those that are geared toward children because I don't want to deal with conflicting thoughts or principles but this one is fantastic I love that it doesn't touch on anything religious just very basic the rains are coming so grandpa noah builds an ark the animals go on the ark in pairs the rains come and the animals are all suished together the rain stops the animals go their own way that's basically the gist of it as a child we've all wondered how the animals for together and slept etc and this is fun to see the perspective of the granddaughter as always Jan Brett has incredible beautiful illustrations

  4. Astrid Astrid says:

    Beautiful illustrations which is characteristic of all Jan Brett books with this particular title having the style something like the Animalia book I like that the narrative is pared down and not religious Rather it alludes to survival and renewal with the wild species establishing their habitat and the domesticated ones staying with humans and the planting of seeds

  5. midnightfaerie midnightfaerie says:

    The illustrations were beautiful in this one Great family read and a wonderful story about Noah's ark The kids all loved it even though there weren't many words still enjoyed by all of us Highly recommended

  6. Skylar Burris Skylar Burris says:

    GREAT illustrations but I don't really like this version of the Noah story; it leaves out too much that is important and de spiritualizes it completely

  7. Ebookwormy1 Ebookwormy1 says:

    This book is heavy with beautiful rich intriguing illustrations and light on Biblical content There is no mention of God the evil of men that caused the flood Noah's sacrifice after leaving the ark or God's promise to never flood the earth again though there is a rainbow in the last illustration it is not explainedThough some ideas fall under artistic creative license like the theory that men and animals on the ark slept than normal God could have made this happen to keep everyone sane further inaccuracies that clearly contradict the Biblical text include rain starting before the ark is loaded a crowded ark the presence of Noah's granddaughter or any children for that matter on the ark the prevalence of mountains in the landscape they are not covered by the flood waters the inhabitants on the ark for only 40 days and nights and laughable Noah steers the ark to landThis book was recommended by Tapestry of Grace as a contrast text The assigned exercise included reading The True Story of Noah's Ark by Dooley then this book and finally the Biblical text while recording our answers to the same 8ish uestions was helpful in reminding us all that the Bible is the authority on what happened in the floodIf you were going to buy one book on the Flood this is NOT it My student was even a bit confused by how far from the mark it is If you're using it as a contrast text get it from the library or via inter library loan I'm disappointed we paid full price for it and will probably put it in the to sell pile

  8. Meg McGregor Meg McGregor says:

    One of my favorite versions of this Bible story Uniue and lovingly illustrated all children should have Jan Brett read to them I love how all the animals were lulled to sleep by the soft tossing of the waves Sweet

  9. Margaret Chind Margaret Chind says:

    Lovely images blah text

  10. Jane G Meyer Jane G Meyer says:

    This is the simplest form of a Noah's Ark story I've ever read So simple it actually leaves out all the turmoil of evil men of Noah being laughed at for being obedient to God well it even leaves out God If this were the only version of Noah's Ark to have in my library then I'd give it one star or less but because I have dozens of versions to choose from I'd have to say that I'm uite enchanted by this versionFirst of all it's hard to explain to a little one that there were enough mean people in the world that they all needed to be wiped away by a flood Even the rainbow at the end isn't enough to keep them from being frightened or asking a million and one uestions The real Biblical story is better suited for an older than picture book age range This version focuses on the journey itself and how all the animals fared during that long and steady rain Noah is the protagonist's grandpa and the young girl who actually looks uite a bit like a boy watches over the zoo corralling them even sleeping with themIn Brett's typical style some of the pages have borders with bits of added story in them In some books of hers I've found the borders to complicate the look of the page too much but in this book each page spread is really and truly gorgeous

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