Theatre Criticism Kindle å Paperback

Theatre Criticism Kindle å Paperback

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5 thoughts on “Theatre Criticism (Theatre Concepts)

  1. Neale Neale says:

    Theatre criticism at its best is the highest form of criticism the closest to literature I have felt this before in a vague sort of way but the distinguished theatrical critic Irving Wardle’s sensibly titled and elegantly written little book has made me realise why Of course theatre criticism ‘at its best’ is a very rare bird and the book clearly explains the reason – given the conditions described it is extraordinary that it exists at all Every performance of a play – even of a classic that is performed regularly – is a singularity It is a moment in time that will be lost Plays can be recorded of course but that is only embalming If poetry is what is lost in translation theatre is what is lost in recording An effectively recorded play wouldn't be a play any it would be a film Books films and recorded music all have a life of their own independent of criticism But theatre needs critics Just as a poem keeps a moment alive good criticism keeps theatre alive The best criticism is a curious combination of poetry and consumer adviceWardle’s unpretentious book is an excellent resource on the pleasures pitfalls and responsibilities of criticism It also describes in fascinating detail a passing world the arcane world of the professional theatre critic of first night controversies and copy phoned in before midnight Does theatre still matter? Does professional criticism? I’m not sure but ‘Theatre Criticism’ written in the early 1990s preserves an image of a world where they both did matter just as theatre criticism itself preserves or used to preserve the world of performance

  2. Kerry Kerry says:

    Such a lovely and useful little book A bit of it is out of date especially the newspaper reviewing logistics and the surprise at diverse casting but it's surprise not disapproval 1992 and the rest of the book is just wonderful knowledgeable and warm

  3. Mark Ludmon Mark Ludmon says:

    A personal account of the work of a theatre critic by one of the leading British critics of the second half of the 20th century Obviously a bit dated now but fascinating for his memories of postwar theatre and the practice of being a newspaper critic ahead of the arrival of the internet It opens on interesting meditations on the theory of criticism and a history of the earliest theatre criticism in the 18th century

  4. Nima Jahanbin Nima Jahanbin says:

    این کتاب بیشتر شامل نقطه نظرات نویسنده درباره مقوله نقد هستش و اطلاعاتی کلی راجع به تاریخ نقد و وقایع پیرامون نقد مربوط به انگلستان رو ارایه میکنه و شامل مثال هایی درباره نقد تئاتر انگلستان هستش بسیاری از مثال ها و توضیحات برای خواننده ایرانی گنگ و بی مورد هستش چون منتقد، نویسنده و کارگردان مورد بحث شناخته شده نیستش در واقع این کتاب تئوری نقد رو ارائه نمیده بلکه شامل نقطه نظرات شخصی راجع به چکونگی نگارش نقد هستش

  5. Kia Taheri Kia Taheri says:

    هنر در ایران بستر تئوریکِ قابل‌ِقبولی ندارد تئاتر هم از این اتفاق، مستثنی نیست این کتاب را با ترجمه‌ی فرشید ابراهیمیان و لیلی عمرانی در ایران تهیه کنید

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