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That Dark Remembered Day Epub Ú That Dark Epub /

That Dark Remembered Day ❴Download❵ ➺ That Dark Remembered Day Author Tom Vowler – Can you ever know what those closest to you are really capable ofA son returns to the small town where he grew up where his mother still lives and where a terrible event in his childhood changed the l Can you ever know what those closest to you are really capable ofA son returns to the small town where he grew up where his mother still lives and where a terrible event That Dark Epub / in his childhood changed the lives of almost every person living there As the story unfolds through the eyes of the son the mother and finally the father the reader experiences the taut build up to one day's tragic unravelling and the shock waves that echoed through a once happy family and close knit community Will they ever be able to exorcise the damage of that day or do some wounds run too deep.

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  1. Cleopatra Pullen Cleopatra Pullen says:

    A contemplative read which demands to be read absorbed and reflected upon Cleverly and carefully it lays the groundwork before revealing what happened on That Dark Remembered DayThe narrative is shared between Stephen now a technician at a university but at the time the book opens in 1983 an awkward teenager his mother Mary and his father Richard In 1983 Richard had returned from the Falklands his final posting before discharge from the arm and at its heart this book is a reflection on the damage that war inflicts on those who are sent to fightStephen’s story is the thread that runs through the book as the author first presents Mary’s perspective her excitement of a new venture in becoming self sufficient in their new home Highfield how daunted she was when her husband returned coupled with her doubt on how to deal with the shadow of the man he was before Richard’s story coming later is a brutal depiction of a reluctant soldier so raw and descriptive that it made me re evaluate those half remembered news stories of my own childhoodTom Vowler’s assured writing covers huge themes of mental illness bullying and takes an accurate look at small town mentality where close knit masks acts of cruelty to those deemed not to belong When Stephen returns to the town he vowed never to return to he wonders whether the intervening years would have softened the memories lessened the hurt and that the stones hurled before he left would this time be left to lie by the roadsideIt took me a while to warm to many of the characters in this book which says less about the writing than the fact that this ‘psychological suspense’ really does a fantastic job of peeling back the layers of the key protagonist’s minds The power of the writing meant that it was only once I’d closed the book and reflected on the many aspects that the compassion I feel for this fictional town’s inhabitants is fully felt as whilst in the grip of the book I was barely able to imagine the horror that the whole town experiencedThat Dark Remembered Day is a compelling read that uncovers the mind of everyone that was witnessed the awful events of the day in uestion as well as examining the effects years later on Stephen his first girlfriend Suzanne and his friend Brendan years laterDue to be published on 13 March 2014 by Headline I was grateful to receive a copy in return for my opinion on Tom Vowler’s second novel

  2. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Coming March 13th From HeadlineThank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via netgalleyA son returns to the small town where he grew up where his mother still lives and where a terrible event in his childhood changed the lives of almost every person living there As the story unfolds through the eyes of the son the mother and finally the father the reader experiences the taut build up to one day’s tragic unravelling and the shock waves that echoed through a once happy family and close knit community Will they ever be able to exorcise the damage of that day or do some wounds run too deep?So I read Tom Vowler’s debut novel “What Lies Within” and thought it was stunning for all the right reasons and was very much looking forward to another tale from this authorIf anything “That Dark Remembered Day” was an even better read for me – one of the types of books that I love where characters are key and past events influence present times a psychological insight if you like into the things that make us who we are These types of stories are hard to pull off in a way that will make you remember them especially when you read as much as I do but stay with me this one willStephen returns to his hometown reluctantly to check on his mother who is unwell When he was growing up there tragedy hit the inhabitants and the shockwaves from this are still present in a lot of ways now years later Right at the heart of the matter Stephen has his own issues to deal with As the story unfolds told in flashback and present time a picture emerges of the repercussions and heartache causedThe novel encompasses some real life events that I remember uite well – this added to the ambience of the whole for mea teenager at the time watching the news but not really understanding the full impact of it Mr Vowler mixes up the fact and fiction beautifully – giving an added impact to the background of the storyOverall a beautifully written character driven tale and one that definitely puts Tom Vowler firmly on my must read author listHappy Reading Folks

  3. Sue G Sue G says:

    It's autumn 2012 and Stephen seems to have everything he's married with a young daughter he has a job he enjoys but an out of character act may have put all of this in jeopardy When he receives an unexpected phone call suggesting that his mother may be unwell circumstances prompt him to return to the town he last saw as a teenager It is obvious that some terrible event occurred in the past and that somehow Stephen was involved this is 'That Dark Remembered Day' but Vowler as with What Lies Within draws the reader into the story giving only a fragment away at a timeTowards the middle of the book the focus shifts back to the summer of 1982 and you begin to understand about the events which have led to Stephen's current problems and the reason that he has been so reluctant to return home Whilst much of the story in the present concerns his realisation that he isn't as well adjusted as perhaps he thought the scenes set in the past adding other points of view give the reader a better insight into the events Like watching a car crash in slow motion you have an idea of what is coming but all you can do is watch it unfold There is an underlying tension that permeates the book and a sense of dread as it becomes clear what must have taken place Vowler also manages to add some details that really take you by surprise It's a dark and harrowing story which is all too believableI can see similarities between this title and Vowler's debut both make great use of the locations in which they're set especially the natural landscape Both also rely on keeping the reader in suspense in a much subtle way than a conventional crime novel In fact in both cases they aren't conventional crime novels at all I was reminded of stories like Rupture and Black Chalk which both used a similar techniue of focusing on the aftermath of a catastrophic event and then telling the seuence of events leading up to itLast but not least I should mention Vowler's writing style which is superb and really brought the characters to life

  4. Beth (bibliobeth) Beth (bibliobeth) says:

    First of all many thanks to the teams at BookBridgr and Headline for giving me the opportunity to read this exciting new talent in thriller writing That Dark and Remembered Day is Tom Vowler’s second novel and I enjoyed it so much that I instantly purchased his debut What Lies Within The story centres around a family – Richard Mary and their two children Stephen and Jenny and is told in three parts with three distinct voices those of Stephen Mary and finally the father Richard focusing on two time frames In the present day section we are introduced to Stephen who is currently on forced leave from work after physically attacking a colleague in a fit of temper The reader then finds out that he might be ever so slightly repressed emotionally after undergoing a traumatic experience in childhood which is only now relieving itself and causing Stephen to act out his hidden anger However an opportunity appears for Stephen to face his childhood demons when a friend of his mothers phones him out of concern as his mother has been acting a little odd The fact that she still lives in the town after the incident is pretty unbelievable for Stephen but he decides to go back visit his mother and perhaps put a few ghosts to restThe second part of this story is written from the point of view of Mary Stephen’s mother back in the summer of 1982 yet Stephen’s present day voice also appears to update the reader on the progress of his mother and the reaction to his return Mary’s husband Richard is a soldier and as a result is often away from home a lot This time he has been posted to the Falkland Islands in the middle of the war against Argentina This is a subject uite close to my own heart as my own father was in the Falkland Islands in the mid eighties Mary is left with the unenviable job of looking after two young children on her own while anxiously hoping that there will not be any bad news about her husband being fully aware of the dangers of the job he is involved in Eventually Richard’s duty to the army ends and he returns home for the final time But something is different He has always been slightly on the awkward side with the children preferring the company of his beloved dog Shane but this time he appears to be acting completely out of character Richard spends most of the day in bed or out on walks with the dog and rarely interacts with the children – it is almost as if he is away with the army again His worried wife takes him to the doctor who prescribes some medication but even that does not seem to help and the situation looks pretty hopeless for the entire familyThe final part of the story is narrated by Richard What I found most interesting about this part of the story is that we got into the mind of a troubled man who was clearly regretting his decision to become a soldier in the first place We learn about the horrors that he had to face whilst in the Falklands where the military detail is so precise it is obvious the author has done his research and get a window into his mentality when he returns I thought all three voices in this novel were fantastic but my favourite had to be Richard The author writes about his frame of mind so systematically but with a real emotion behind it so it felt very authentic and was incredibly gripping to read The whole build up to what exactly That Dark Remembered Day was is completely gripping and I had to force myself to put the book down at night before going to sleep Of course afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters that the author has created how the plot was going to develop and what in the world was going to happen but the ending was worth every minute Of course I’m not going to tell you what it was you’ll have to read it and find out That Dark Remembered Day is a poignant and thrilling adventure into cruelty mental health and the importance of family that will stay with me for a while to comeFor my full review please see my blog at

  5. Sara Townsend Sara Townsend says:

    This is a very dark book but I wouldn't classify it as crime fiction It's really a study of grief the story of a soldier who returns from the Falklands War with what we now know as PTSD but I guess back then it wasn't so well known Hence he does not get the help he needs and is the instigator of a tragic event that changes the town forever Years later the soldier's son returns to the town to visit his sick mother who never left trying to come to terms with the shattered life he tried to escape years agoThis book is powerful and well written but don't read it if you want something light hearted and cheerful because this is most certainly not

  6. Eileen Eileen says:

    Because I’d been so taken by Tom Vowler’s earlier novel What Lies Within I was determined to read this Both were beautifully written and in each the sense of foreboding escalated as the novels progressed However this was so very dark that I lost heart at one point but I did eventually finish the job It was written in 2014 before the outbreaks of violence perpetrated by lone gunmen had become uite so prevalent Part of the action takes place in the Falklands during WWI where one of the protagonists served The gruesome aspects of soldiering and the emotional shattering which befell many are portrayed with great compassion In fact the author mentions in an interview following the conclusion that veterans of the Falklands had committed suicide than had died in action One thing I loved in his previous book and which was also evident here was the prominence of the natural world and his rich portrayal of it‘ As they worked his thoughts turned once to the woods above Highfield rich with elm and ash marking the seasons absolutely the trees softening the wind to a whisper filtering the sun’s blaze so that it mottled the earth Even in winter when the cold clung to everything and ice tapered like bones from the branches there was still comfort to be found there the woods cocooning you in their own rhythm embracing you your senses mollified by their ancient splendor’ The imprints of childhood and the fallout of family dynamics are underlying themes How poignantly he portrays a mother’s isolation ‘And was she resigned now to a life on her own? Of her twilight years unfurling in a withering loneliness broken only by fleeting family visits and a sympathetic friend?’ Withering loneliness indeed that passage wrung my heart perhaps because the twilight years are looming Yet from my perspective the ever impending darkness eclipses the five stars which this fine novel probably deserves

  7. Elena Kaufman Elena Kaufman says:

    An engaging read which unravels family complications and secrets The setting is so well drawn that the story relies on it as well Well written prose well paced A recommended read

  8. Leah Leah says:

    “Dulce et decorum est” When Stephen Briggs returns to the town of his childhood to visit his elderly mother he is forced to remember the events of the day that shattered his life and family and caused aftershocks that are still rippling through this small community Back in 1982 his parents had bought Highfield a dilapidated old house overlooking the town Richard would leave his career in the Army and together he and Mary would convert the barns into holiday cottages for rent and then live as much as they could off the land But these plans changed when a sudden fight over a tiny group of islands on the other side of the world became Britain’s last imperial war Richard found himself en route for the Falklands a small war but a brutal one – and one which affected profoundly many of the men who served As he’d wandered through the decaying rooms of Highfield scenes from their time there had played out with such clarity; parts of his life he’d worked so hard to banish to eradicate not just from his own mind but somehow from history itself It amazed him how far this could be done the pious occupation of the present a refusal to acknowledge what had passed to allow it oxygen for in what real sense did it actually exist?This book like Vowler’s first What Lies Within is being marketed as some kind of psychological thriller but this is not only misleading it actually does the book an injustice as I felt it did to the earlier book too Although there is a crime at the heart of it in fact the book is about the trauma of war and how the effects of the psychological damage done to active participants can ripple out through society and down through generations The book is told from several viewpoints though each in the third person and in two timelines The present day section tells of Stephen’s return to the town and the memories it awakens in him that he has tried unsuccessfully to suppress The other timeline takes us back to the early ‘80s where the viewpoint alternates between Stephen as a child and each of his parents Vowler’s strength is in his characterisation and again I was struck in this book by how convincingly he can write about his female characters Although the story is centred around Stephen and his father to some extent Mary is the character who rang truest for me both as a young wife and mother in the earlier strand and now as an ageing and somewhat isolated woman in the present She’s not a heroine – just an ordinary woman struggling to cope with a life that hasn’t turned out the way she planned Both the main male characters are very well drawn too though and the picture of the young soldiers going off to an unexpected war is very convincing At that time peace had been the norm for a longish time and people had almost stopped thinking of the Army as a fighting machine – apart from occasional tours of duty in Ireland the Army was a good ‘career’ where young men primarily could learn skills that would earn them a good job in civvy street The Falklands War changed that perception and Vowler shows how this strange but significant little episode affected soldiers and civilians alike It was what you signed up for the prospect of this eventuality – and for many this bestowed nobility on the profession there being no higher honour than to breathe your last defending your country But what did you know of such matters in your late teens when deep down you believed you’d live for ever? What did you know of the politics at play the bureaucrats who sent people to die?The book starts off as uite slow moving and it took me a while to feel involved Partly this is because in the first section with Stephen as an adult it is clear that he knows what happened on that day in the past and keeping that knowledge from the reader feels contrived and creates an emotional distance However as the story slowly unfolds both timelines grow in emotional depth and despite having been heavily signalled from an early point in the book the ending is both powerful and moving Another excellent book from Vowler confirming my view from his first book that he’s an author to keep an eye on Highly recommendedNB This book was provided for review by the publisher Headlinewwwfictionfanblogwordpresscom

  9. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Tom Vowler’s second novel That Dark Remembered Day opens with what could be a recurring nightmare a boy on the cusp of young adulthood gets off the school bus in Spring 1983 full of hope and fuzzy expectations and on his way home walks into something that uickly shatters that child’s happy innocence foreverThe book then fast forwards to Autumn 2012 and Stephen a grown man with a family of his own and a job that stems from one of his passions Unfortunately unresolved anger issues and drinking are jeopardising everything he’s been suspended from his job and his wife has told him that they can’t go on like this for much longer Things appear to be uickly unravelling when he gets called back to his home town He’s avoided going there in the past but now it seems as if he must return not only to see his mother who’s unwell but also finally to see if he can deal with what happened there in 1983 One of the reasons this book works so well is because Tom Vowler manages to sustain the suspense for so long The reader deliberately isn’t told what the tragic event was until uite late on in the book and so can only guess at what happened or how and tweak their ideas each time they’re drip fed further information The slow reveal is brilliantly done and left this reader with just enough new information each time before another layer of the story was peeled away to reveal the next one Even when I thought I knew what had transpired it turned out that I didn’t have all the details and still needed to adjust how I was looking at things when was revealed I found my attitudes towards the characters and their place in the story continuously shifting which made for both a compelling and unsettling read Suspense is also heightened thanks to the way in which the novel is structured It’s split into four parts the first and last are told from Stephen’s perspective in 2012 while the two middle sections go back to the summer of 1982 and are told by Stephen’s mother and father respectively All the narrators tell their stories in third person which both helps the reader get into the mind of each different narrator and shift perspective while also maintaining some distance from them The characterisation and descriptions of place are excellentThis four part structure also effectively allows the story to be told in reverse say to how most of us would normally hear about it if it were a real event and reported on the news Any news report would start with the shock event and subseuent bulletins would then work backwards from that filling in the detail That the novel builds up to a detailed account of the event gives it all the impact I found the last section absolutely chilling but also extremely moving and it has stayed with me months after finishing the book which ultimately left me reeling with much to think about That Dark Remembered Day explores not only how a tragic event plays out in a small town but also and perhaps interestingly what life is like for some of those closely involved in it both in the months leading up to it during the event itself and in the aftermath It is a taut brilliantly written novel with layer upon layer of suspense dealing with important psychological issues and challenging the reader’s views as they put themselves in the shifting positions of the story’s characters That Dark Remembered Day is an assured novel by Tom Vowler and a worthy successor to his collection of short stories The Method and debut novel What Lies Within He’s an exciting writer to read and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to you

  10. Jess Bickerton Jess Bickerton says:

    Firstly thanks to bookbridgr and Headline Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read Tom Vowler’s second novel When it arrived I found the cover captivating and I couldn’t wait to delve into the story That Dark Remembered Day delves into a dark world of pain and resentment; a community and individuals left devastated by the aftermath of one man’s war with himself I don’t want to give too much away about the story as I believe a great deal of its appeal comes from the mystery behind the events of that day It is a story that reuires the reader to really immerse themselves in the lives of its characters and encourages the reader to understand the emotional turmoil that led to the horrible events that changed the town forever Vowler’s ability to set the scene is also incredible – you really feel like you’ve been to Highfield into the woods and in the town pub When Stephen Briggs returns to the town where he grew up he is forced to face the horrors of the past – to address the uestions that were never answered the situations never understood That Dark Remembered Day explores the reality that in order to deal with and overcome an awful experience you must face it head on Stephen Briggs is a clear example that if you run from your past hide from it it will one day catch up with you unexpectedly Vowler’s ability to portray the psychological turmoil of his characters is impressive very real and honest As you learn about the events of the past Vowler writes the story from the point of view of Stephen’s mother Mary and his father Richard Vowler’s characters are extremely well developed so what could be a risky approach Vowler has successfully used to open the entire story up to the reader I love Vowler's portrayal of how these events have torn a family apart making each character uestions themselves and each other and losing sight of what is truly important and right in front of themI will have to confess that there was a moment when the story was following Stephen’s mother that I found it difficult to stay focused – there wasn’t a great deal of activity in the story and I eagerly wanted to move on to find out about what actually happened Eventually Vowler reveals that truth about that day to the reader and as you begin to piece the events together you realise the true horror As I have a keen interest in Psychology I was extremely intrigued by the naturenurture debate explored within the story That Dark Remembered Day is a sad story that will shock you and break your heart but will make you evaluate and appreciate what’s important in your life

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