French Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec

French Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec

French Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec ❰Download❯ ➵ French Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec Author Chantal Hébert – Chantal Hébert’s first book is both a post mortem of the Canadian federation that died on January 23 2006 the night of the last federal election as well as a brilliant examination of our changing p Chantal Hébert’s first book is both Stephen Harper's PDF ↠ a post mortem of the Canadian federation that died on January the night of the last federal election as well as a brilliant examination of our changing political future one that involves living with uebec rather than just wooing it On that night award winning political writer and broadcaster Chantal Hébert stood in a Calgary convention hall with Alberta Conservatives who were raucously cheering the election of French Kiss: PDF/EPUB or ten Tory MPs from uebec The Conservatives would not have gotten their man in office without uebec and now the future success of the Harper government hinges on turning this one night stand into a long term relationshipMore than ten years ago the uebec Alberta coalition cobbled together by Brian Mulroney dissolved leading to the births of the Bloc uébecois and the Reform Party As a result Alberta and uebec took their marbles out of federal play Kiss: Stephen Harper's PDF Ë and Ontario got to run CanadaHave we now come full circle By the time this book is published the Liberal Party of Canada may have morphed into the Liberal Party of Ontario or Toronto And the Canadian Left will have chosen a camp in preparation for a decisive federal election battleProvocative and always worth listening to Chantal Hébert is at her savvy and insightful best in French Kiss No Canadian can be truly informed on the subject Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date PDF or of Canadian politics without the benefit of her non partisan commentary.

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  1. Ronnie Ronnie says:

    First of all A LOUD HUZZAH AND A BIG HURRAH for the Leominster Public Library for be able to get this book from a Library in Orono Maine I heard and saw this lady on Canadian TV Sunday Noc on the program Touts Monde En Parle This journalist has just released a new book titled The Morning AfterThe 1995 uebec Referendum and the day that almost was Its about politicsCanadianuebecan Politics this bookThe French Kiss is a definite good reada hootreallythe machinations foisted on the electoral folk of Canada and uebec makes for some nightmarish viewsThe attemptedsuccessful or otherwise of having the voters behave a certain way is revolting The politicos viewing the happenings of Europeie SerbiaRuwandaSarajevocast a fearful pall over what could or could not happen This lady writes with behind the scenes wallpapering that is nothing less than stunning For anyone who is hooked on politics this book is a gemWhy? Canadian politics and US politics are like two streamsside by sidesometimes one or the floods overor a tributary develops by a wearing away of the walls of the boundary of each river flowIts a good book written by an articulate self effacing gentlewoman that when you hear her talkyou could listen forever with her gripping tales of capers in OttawaMontrealWestern Canadaplease read itRJH

  2. Marlies Marlies says:

    Although she did not intend for this book to develop the background as the why the Liberal Party crashed and burned Hebert's knowledge of Canadian politics did just that for me With jems like On January 23 2006 every sovereignist chicken came home to roost in Stephen Harper's hen house 50I couldn't help but enjoy Hebert's commentary on Harper's rise in uebec in the 2006 election Even though the NDP took over I think that Hebert's book was an excellent read for anyone interested in Canadian politics especially if you want a better understanding of the history of the Canada uebec relationshipHebert's writing style is light and it almost feels like she is in the living room chatting with you instead of trying to write over you I have to admit that I love watching her on TV on the CBC because she is extremely intelligent and very well spoken That comes across in her bookAlso Hebert hits on some interesting points that had me laughing looking up information online and saying yes out loud For instance she has some great insight into the profession of politics particularly when it comes to women in politics At the very time when women have come into their own in the upper levels of the professional job market the image of the career politician has plummeted 136Anyone interested in Canadian politics should have a look at this book Herbert is a gold mine of Canadian political history and insight and does it all with a uebecios slant

  3. Cow Cow says:

    Interesting book Like so many it gets dated uickly The history is good; the predictions are well who could've seen the last six years in politics? Although the section on how the Conservative government will mean the end of pork barrel politics because uebec has no taste for it was well optimistic to say the least Ms Hebert absolutely knows her stuff and the insight into both uebec attitudes and the unofficial Alberta uebec coalitions of the past explained so much to meAlso if you say moved to Canada in 2007 this is an excellent book for filling in the gap in your historical knowledge for about 1986 2006 It's interesting how many of the things I think of as just 'how Canada is' mostly involving a weak federal government and very strong provinces are a relatively new thing The writing gets clunky at times and there are so many mixed metaphors and little bits that could've used a bit of editing But underneath is a solid look at recent Canadian history and a sense of how we got where we are

  4. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    For those millennials who were in high school and college while this part of Canadian political history unfolded around them unawares and not yet part of the vote this is a perfect fill for the gaps I have so much respect for a non partisan political writer in this day and age This book fostered understanding in me than most of my high school education I would love to see literature like this used and referenced in the Canadian education system Thank you Chantal please keep writing This and The Morning After were both great reads and left me hungry for

  5. Vontel Vontel says:

    A most interesting read almost 10 years after publication inspired by the 2006 federal election that ended the Liberal party's Natural Governing Party rule and in view of political changes that have occurred since then I was motivated to read this book after reading Hebert's new book The Morning After the 1995 Referendum and the Day That Almost Was This book provides some interesting analysis and background to current politics which is very relevant in what is a federal election year

  6. Mélanie Mélanie says:

    It wasn't bad but I should have read it before Harper got his majority and the NDP swept uebec in the last federal election The Liberals come across as a pretty dysfunctional party So Harper's blind date with uebec is not so much about what he's done right but how much his opponents could not get their act together

  7. Stanley Lee Stanley Lee says:

    if you want to know how stephen harper leveraged uebec in his 2006 election win this is a good book for you

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