Lois Clark: A Superman Novel PDF Ø Clark: A Superman

Lois Clark: A Superman Novel PDF Ø Clark: A Superman

  • Paperback
  • 283 pages
  • Lois Clark: A Superman Novel
  • C.J. Cherryh
  • English
  • 23 July 2016
  • 9780752211633

10 thoughts on “Lois Clark: A Superman Novel

  1. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Sadly it wasn't a reading powerful than a locomotive This is a prose novel based on the TV series of Lois Clark The New Adventures of Superman A CAMPY SHOW BUT STILL A PHENOMENON AT ITS TIME Back then in 1996 I was glad to get this novel in its hardcover editionAt that moment Lois Clark The New Adventures of Superman was one of hottest TV shows on air making Teri Hatcher in one of the first ueens of internet since she was leading searches of pictures of her at that timeSince I am always being a fan of Superman I was hooked to the TV show at onceSure the TV show was campy even taking account that we were already in 1996 but still it was a fun show to watch And even later I got the whole 4 seasons on DVD THE NOVEL DIDN'T REACH ITS POTENTIAL This novel is set at some point in the middle of the third season due Lois already knew the secret identity of ClarkThe actual publishing date of the book located it between 3rd and 4th seasons but you have to consider that writer take a while to write the novels so the book wasn't able to be published before however definitely is set at some point of the third season of the TV seriesThe novel isn't as good as I could expected okay the TV show wasn't too brainy but still the book wasn't so much entertained or engaging to be read with enthusiasm HOWEVER STILL WITH GOOD THINGS Still there were some good things about the novel like a scene where Superman is flying to Russia to avoid a disaster and it's explained how he manages to orient himself to avoid reaching the wrong destination and also being able to get back to Metropolis It's something silly I know but still it was cool to explain details like that in the storyMeanwhile Superman is away another disaster happens on MetropolisA building collapses and Lois had to put her life on risk to rescue some trapped childrenThe rest of the story deals on the reporter investigation of Lois Clark to determine who was behind the collapsing of the buildingIf you are fan of the TV series this book still is a cool item for your collection but certainly as reading material it could be better developed

  2. Craig Craig says:

    This is an original story set in the framework of the campy Lois Clark television series not any of the comic book or movie series It's set in the period after Lois has learned Clark's identity but before the events of the final season The story is serious and less campy than what they presented on television and is a well written and self contained adventure It's also inevitably a little on the sweet and cute side but that's okay sometimes the world sucks and you need a little sweet and cute Up up and away

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Ok totally putting this on my Read list because of the pure cheesy memories it brings back I rated it 2 stars because honestly I couldn't tell you details about the story even reading the description didn't jog any specific memories Hellooo I read it back in the late 90s when the show was still on the air When the ORIGINAL FoLCs chatted into the wee hours of the night on IRC ahh memories If for some reason you're new the show NOW eh? and want to absorb LC sure read the book It's good for the fans Then check out the older fanfic from when the show was on air

  4. Kaotic Kaotic says:

    This took me so much longer than it should have to read this I liked the ideas behind it there where interesting conceptsBut to me there were words than there was actual story The author repeated themselves so much and I found it hard to stay focused on the book because nothing would happen for long stretches of time they'd just be thinking about their feelings and repeating the same things I have read and enjoyed long winded stories before but those I always felt had a purpose behind the endless words not so much here Like I said I liked a lot of what was put forward but it just fell short for me Some of the logistics in Superman's powers and how both him and Lois went about getting the information and things they needed where good touches that you don't necessarily see in the comics A lot of it was interesting and brought something new to the table The ending also felt really abrupt

  5. Debbie Debbie says:

    I have had this book on my shelf for over four years and just now picked it up and read it completely I approve of the premise of an event in which Lois becomes a worldwide hero thus testing her relationship with Clark I can't say I liked the execution I know that Cherryh is a very popular science fiction writer but I hope that her other books are better written She's a big proponent of telling rather than showing and the large amounts of rather redundant character introspection that littered the entire book annoyed me Overall I found the book rather boring

  6. Nicolas Nicolas says:

    This was a decent Superman novel but didn't capture the style of the Lois Clark TV series at all

  7. Eric Eric says:

    Full review

  8. Brandi Leblanc Brandi Leblanc says:

    I bought this book thinking it would be a nice clean romance because I was in the mood for something a little different This book was very boring It was clean but I wouldn't call it a romance this is proof that you don't judge a book by it's cover It told the story of Lois Lane and Superman separately It had a lot of adventure describing in vivid detail Lois Lane's saving children from a building crashing down Superman saving lives in Russia because a dam broke For 283 pages you get to enjoy less than one full page of romance between Lois and Clark This book actually contained Romance between Lex Luther and Lois Lane in the small amount of time Lois went to prison to interview Lex Let's just say after reading this book I was uickly reminded why I generally don't read fiction Boring

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I’d say it’s closer to 3 stars then 4 I went higher because of my love for the show It was really good and I enjoyed it but I wish it had of the humor that made the show so good and also it had very little Lois and Clark together scenes It’s called Lois and Clark They’re partners in life and at work but the spend most of the book is different parts of the world That really takes away from the things that I love Like seeing them together and enteracting Wether as Clark or Superman I love seeing him with Lois Anyways its still pretty good and if you liked the show its worth giving a try

  10. bookstorecat bookstorecat says:

    This was really enjoyable and gave a psychological depth to both Lois and Clark that the show most often did not

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Lois Clark: A Superman Novel[KINDLE] ❥ Lois Clark: A Superman Novel ➛ C.J. Cherryh – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Their entire relationship is founded on a secret Now that secret is in jeopardy In this exciting new novel award winning author C J Cherryh takes us deep into the private lives and thrilling adventure Their entire relationship is A Superman ePUB ´ founded on a secret Now that secret is in jeopardy In this exciting new novel award winning author C J Cherryh takes us deep into the private lives and thrilling adventures of Lois Lane Clark Kent and the worlds most famous super hero SupermanWhere is Superman Lois Clark: Kindle - when you need himThe Daily Planet offices rumble in the aftershock of an enormous explosion As Lois Lane stares through the settling dust a terrifying sight takes shape the high rise hotel down the street has completely collapsed Hundreds of people are trapped inside including an entire childrens soccer team And Clark: A Superman eBook ✓ Superman the guardian of Metropolis and the love of her life is half a world awayEven with his super powers Superman cant be everywhere at once As he struggles desperately to save a village threatened by a bursting dam Lois races through the pandemonium of the collapsed hotel throwing herself into the rescue effort—and emerging a hero Not just a reporter any suddenly she is a celebrity caught in the glare of national media attention Recognized everywhere and hounded constantly by the press nothing in her life will ever be the same again including her relationship with Clark KentAbout the AuthorC J Cherryh is the author of than thirty novels and her work has been translated into fourteen languages She has won the coveted Hugo Award three times in addition to numerous other awards and honors Perhaps best known for Downbelow Station and Cyteen her novels regularly appear on bestseller lists Ms Cherryh lives in Oklahoma.

About the Author: C.J. Cherryh

Currently resident in Spokane A Superman ePUB ´ Washington CJ Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel photography reef culture Mariners baseball and a late Lois Clark: Kindle - passion figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began.