Hardcover ✓ Wild Orchids PDF å

Hardcover ✓ Wild Orchids PDF å

Wild Orchids [Reading] ➿ Wild Orchids Author Jude Deveraux – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Straight from the heart of New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux comes a story of love tragedy and mystery in a small North Carolina town brimming with secrets Have you ever lost someone who Straight from the heart of New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux comes a story of love tragedy and mystery in a small North Carolina town brimming with secrets Have you ever lost someone who meant to you than your own soulFord Newcombe has For years he loved his wife Pat than anyone and anything in the world She came into his life when he was just an inexperienced college student with big dreams of becoming a published author With love and humor she guided him down the path that would eventually lead him to success than he ever dreamed possible Since Pat's death six years ago Ford has lived a life of solitude barely able to put pen to paper and rumors are flying that it was Pat who actually created the books the world so loved If there's one thing that Ford needs it's inspiration and it finally comes in the guise of Jackie Maxwell a smart sassy university researcher with just enough attitude to match Ford's sharp intellect But it's her intimate knowledge of the story of a young woman's friendship with the devil and what the townspeople did to her that persuades Ford to hire Jackie as his assistant and to move to Cole Creek North Carolina where the story is said to have taken place They soon learn that even though the inhabitants of Cole Creek try to deny it they are still plagued by the conseuences of the otherworldly tale of passion and death As Ford and Jackie work to unravel the truth they discover a connection between their lives and the past a connection that not only helps them solve a long ago crime but offers the promise of new loveLoved by readers and critics alike for her golden touchPublishers Weekly Jude Deveraux has once again created a story that pulls at readers' heartstrings titillates their imaginations and uncovers a long buried passion that far surpasses the boundary between life and death.

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  1. Vicki Vicki says:

    This was the story of Ford Newcombe and his assistant Jackie Maxwell How they met was cute and unexpected When things fell apart for Jackie she took his offer for a position as his assistant and went with him They moved to the small town Cole Creek that had a story about the devil and a woman They were both wanting to solve this mysterious tale of meeting with the devil and murder They were going to see if it had any validity Things in this book were a bit crazy unexpected and even fun I love Jude Deveraux and when she writes she brings me along to new locations That was exactly what happened here I became invested in the story the story she was telling and the story they were investigating Jude mixed supernatural with romance in a subtle manner and came away with a charming story It was good I enjoyed this book

  2. Lillie Lillie says:

    I've read a lot of books in my life but for some reason this book hit something inside me It isn't that this book is wonderfully written because yeah it is it isn't that Jude Deveraux is a talented writer which she is but there was something in the characters that pulled me in I fell in love with them Wild Orchids wasn't exactly the greatest story line I've ever read but because of these characters this book won me over It is and will forever be my favorite book of all time I own THREE copies of this book one is a first edition for my collection This book is definitely worth a read Even if the story line isn't really your thing or if you are sick of these types of romance books the characters and the interactions make this book worth reading I laughed my butt off I soaked my shirt in tears and several times a year I go back and read this book again

  3. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This is the first book I've read by this author I was surprised how much I enjoyed it since I'm not much of a Romance genre reader The plot is actually a mix of Romance Mystery and Paranormal and thus was something a bit different There was a lull in the middle of the story and sometimes having the same incident described from the two main characters' point of view was a bit tedious However the story was still enjoyable

  4. Rebecca Mabe Rebecca Mabe says:

    I am usually not a fan of paranormal or supernatural type novels romance or otherwise With the exception of Stephanie Meyer Therefore I picked up this book from the library because it looked like a nice fluffy generic romance that I could read in two hours and be in a good mood afterwards What I was not expecting was a thought provoking paranormalmysteryromance novel By the time I got to the paranormal stuff I was already in love with the characters so I didn't just uit reading Ford our protagonist establishes himself early on as one of the most gruffly loveable men I've encountered on the page He has a troubled past cliche I know but is a great albeit sarcastic guy As the novel opens he is still grieving over the loss of his wife Pat Deveraux also depicts him as being a little overweight and older which I thought was gutsy but put him in a class of his own He had substance than just a handsome face and I liked that Jacueline is a spit fire gal who is not afraid to say what she thinks and bother the conseuences While her character is a little abrasive I liked her as well Her independence resonated with me because so many female protagonists are so dependent Now the whole murder mysterydevil sightingbargaining of souls business was just an interesting subplot Yet it kept me interested

  5. Limau Nipis Limau Nipis says:

    I feel like watching a soap opera while reading this novel Yes it was that long with so many sub plotsYou want a romance with a hero who is 20 years older than the heroine? CheckYou want a secluded town with mystery in it? CheckYou want town's people who are uirky all over? CheckYou want strings of family relatives who are up to no good? CheckYou want a murder plot in it? CheckYou want a paranormal element in it? CheckThis is not a romance novel I repeat this is not a romance novel I was so dead wrong that I assume it is going to be a romance novel After all it is written by Jude DeverauxI kind of liking the novel a bit with its many uirky subplots This is sort of paranormalhorrormurderromancefamily novel mixed up together I do think that the author had uite a few serious sub plots that she might be thinking she can develop it for a novel but may not be able to finish it So why don't we try to mix it up all together so the readers wouldn't complain the novel does not cater for other genres as well?Ok I like the twist by the end of the story Who would have thought there is a paranormal protagonistantagonist depends on how you viewed the character in it?

  6. Rory Rory says:

    When my mom handed me this novel and told me I had to read it I was than a little skeptical Any novel with a title like “Wild Orchids” had to be pretty lame right? The novel ended up being not at all what I expected I was expecting some romance novel with a main character like Fabio but instead I got a sad writer trying to peace together his life after his wife dies of cancer This novel is a little all over the place since I would classify it as an introspective mystery with supernatural elements It is a uick read and I would definitely say that it is worth your time to read The author Jude Deveraux does a great job developing her characters and as the mystery develops she does not just stop character development like a lot of mystery writers tend to do I loved the ending It has a nice twist that makes you really think I will not spoil it but the last confrontationconversation between the main character and the character that is the protagonist is really interesting

  7. Kaelee Newton Kaelee Newton says:

    I have not read much Jude Deveraux and most of what I have read has been her historical romances so when a coworker recommended the book to me and let me borrow it I was a bit skeptical But I found myself looking forward to snatching moments I could read this book and enjoying the characters In fact having just finished it I am sad to see it end I enjoyed the characters and the setting a great deal and the plot was not something I expected either Sure I figured romance would be a part of the story but it wasn't as big a part of the plot line as I normally associate with Jude Deveraux's work The pay off such as it was was a VERY long time coming but I was satisfied with it And I was delighted by much of the last chapter

  8. Sandradine Sandradine says:

    A great read guaranteed to entertain you with angst laughter romance and a generous helping of fantasyWhen I read the blurb I expected to read a romance novel And so it is but that element is almost an accessory for a multigenerational mystery family drama and a fascinating glimpse of how an author functionsThis is the first time I've read anything from Ms Jude Deveraux and I'm really glad I did I will definitely read of her books

  9. Jen Jen says:

    Ford Newcombe bestselling author has been uninspired and can't write after the loss of his beloved wife He's looking for inspiration and finds it in a devil story told by a research assistant at a dinner party Offering her a job as his assistant Jackie Maxwell at first turns him down she's about to be married and wants to open a photography studio But on the day of Jackie's wedding when she finds out her groom has stolen and then lost her entire life savings she leaves him at the altar and accepts Ford's job offer to move to the town from her storyArriving in Cole Creek the town where the story of a young woman who befriended the devil and was murdered by the town's founders supposedly took place Jackie is immediately struck by recognition Turns out she spent some time here as a child and has some knowledge buried deep of the truth behind the devil tale Uncovering the secrets that the town's residents are trying to hide Ford and Jackie solve a long ago crime and find love in the processThis book was ridiculous A comment written about the loss of a loved one is not a call to the devil And the fact that the devil appears in this town and is so good looking that Jackie can't function for three days after meeting him and is immediately convinced that she's in love? Seriously? And the visions they have no purpose in this story They don't move the story forward or even add to the plot It's not like they are helping Jackie figure out who killed her aunt and why They are completely unrelated to that mystery It's actually Ford who's untangling the mystery while stuffing his face with sweets And then of course there's the ultimate proposal of bringing back the dead for Ford's soul which comes after everything else is wrapped up and really has no purpose Overall the worst Jude Deveraux I have ever picked up Totally not worth reading unless you really want to read a bad book

  10. Tiera McMillian Tiera McMillian says:

    Reread ReviewDown rated to 3 stars Went with the audio for the reread it was terrible Sorry but was not a fan I have loved this story in the past Own it both physical and ebook Was not a fan at all of how the narrator portrayed the characters The MC Ford was portrayed as fat old ugly and while I like me some flawed characters and even when reading the book myself Ford is definitely flawed but the way the narrator came across it was too much This book like so many of Jude's works also has that flair of mystery and a touch of paranormal that I oh so love I feel like the romance takes a back seat to the mysteryFamous author Ford Newcombe has lost his muse his wife Pat Now he no longer has anything in his head to write about that is until he happens upon Jackie Maxwell and her devil story Right away his writer senses tingle and Ford ends up hiring Jackie as his assistant as they journey to her home town to research this story Only the town wants nothing to do with the story says the kids made it up Some really big secrets are being kept secrets about murder The most disturbing part is that the devil story is way true than either of them plannedI feel like Ford and Jackie become a relationship of convenience because as they go through this experience together they don't actually become closer they are just already living their relationship so why not make it official type thing It kind of puts a meh damper on the romance but the rest of the story is really good

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