The Old Wine Shades MOBI Õ The Old Kindle -

The Old Wine Shades MOBI Õ The Old Kindle -

The Old Wine Shades (Richard Jury Mysteries 20) ★ The Old Wine Shades (Richard Jury Mysteries 20) PDF / Epub ✪ Author Martha Grimes – The latest in New York Times bestselling author Martha Grimess Richard Jury mystery series The dog came back This is a joke right No it isnt So do you want to hear the rest of it Dumbly Jury nodded Th The latest in New York Times bestselling author Martha Grimess Richard Jury mystery series The dog came back This is a joke right No it isnt So do you want to hear the rest of The Old Kindle - it Dumbly Jury nodded The rest of it is told by Harry Johnson a stranger who sits down next to Richard Jury as hes drinking in a London pub called the Old Wine Shades Over three successive nights Harry spins this complicated story about a good friend of his whose wife and son and dog disappeared one day as they were viewing property in Surrey Theyve been missing for nine monthsno trace no clue no lead as to what happened Hes a fascinating bloke this Harry Johnsonrich handsome unattached and brainy about the esoteric subject of uantum mechanics a field in which the vanished womans husband Hugh Gault excels Hes an authority on string theory which has some pretty funny notions about the nature of reality Jury wonders Is Harry Johnson winding him up Or did it really happen The dog did come backbut how And from where And when Jury investigates all seems to be just as Harry described it Until they find the body Praise for Martha Grimes One of the established masters of the genre Newsweek Grimess gift for evoking mood and emotion is as keen as her talent for inventing a demanding puzzle and solving it The Wall Street Journal Grimes excels at creating a haunting atmosphere andcharacters both poignant and preposterous USA Today Grimes is gifted at exploring the private sometimes horrifying yet utterly mundane thoughts of ordinary people San Francisco Chronicle.

  • Hardcover
  • 341 pages
  • The Old Wine Shades (Richard Jury Mysteries 20)
  • Martha Grimes
  • English
  • 20 March 2016
  • 9780670034796

About the Author: Martha Grimes

Martha Grimes is an American author of detective fictionShe was born May in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to DW a city solicitor and to June who owned the Mountain Lake Hotel in Western Maryland where Martha The Old Kindle - and her brother spent much of their childhood Grimes earned her BA and MA at the University of Maryland She has taught at the University of Iowa Frostburg State University and Montg.

10 thoughts on “The Old Wine Shades (Richard Jury Mysteries 20)

  1. Kimberly Allen Kimberly Allen says:

    I used to love Martha Grimes books with Richard Jury But in recent years I've found them so stupid and frivolous with very little mystery involved and all the residents of Long Piddleton thrown in supposedly for comic relief when truthfully they are just tiresome But this one was the worst of all There were chapters in the voice of the DOG And they didn't even resolve the stupid mysteryNot again

  2. Sandie Sandie says:

    uantum Mechanics space time continuum the superstring theory and character conversations involving Godel’s incompleteness theorem parallel universes and Niels Bohr’s theory of complementarity all seem to figure in several modern day mysteries Each has been explored and explained in novels such as British author Robert Goddard’s Out of the Sun and The Oxford Murders by Argentine author Guillermo Martinez Now American author Margaret Grimes weighs in with The Old Wine Shades a book that relies heavily on some of the above referenced subject matter Each author regardless of nationality has chosen the UK as the “scene of the crime” and each has approached their respective tales from a different angle In her effort to keep her readers engaged Ms Grimes has resorted to everything from scientific theory to a dog who enjoys making disparaging observations about humans while playing games of one upsmanship with a catan admittedly amusing device that somehow seems out of place in this forum and might be at home in something written by Lilian Jackson Braun Perhaps Ms Grimes was going for opposite ends of the spectrum with this onevacillating between the cerebral and the ridiculousFavorite Grimes protagonist Richard Jury is approached by a man in a wine bar who relates a story about the disappearance nine months earlier of a woman her son and their dog Mungo He concludes this introduction to the mystery with the statement “The dog came back” Ms Grimes has imbued Mungo with extraordinary intelligence and an analytical thought process that most humans would envy however had Mungo been as intelligent as the book makes him out to be he would have refused to make an appearance even a cameo in this far fetched fairytale Like Jury I was immediately drawn in by the tale but sadly my interest waned as I was overwhelmed by the scientific babble the red herrings and the stories’ less than satisfying resolution or should I say lack of resolution The story itself is so convoluted it deserves only one star but gets an extra half star for Mungo’s “cat kitten” game

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    This was the most unsatisfying mystery I've ever read

  4. Mark Mark says:

    Rather disappointing I've come to expect better from Ms Grimes I couldn't help thinking this effort must have been contractually reuired A rather elaborate the dog came back story forms the basis of the mystery but the mystery was neither funny nor particularly engaging Completely lacking in any kind of resolution CID Jury seems to have been outsmarted We never find out the how or the why of an elaborate setup for a murder and the murderer appears to have gotten away with it Sorry but that just won't do I hate it when a story disappoints like that Makes me want to avoid any subseuent titles

  5. Jaksen Jaksen says:

    Prob one of my favorite Richard Jury novels so far though seriously not a lot happens; the story is mostly dialogueYet fascinating dialogue as Jury tries to solve a puzzle what happened to a woman her son and dog on the day they went looking at properties to buy because it seems that they just disappearedJury is told about this 'case' by a stranger in a pub over the course of a few days They meet eat and drink and talk It's great talk too; Grimes is a master of 'talk' As Jury is sort of on 'leave' due to an earlier case he has the time to work this one out He does the usual talks to witnesses checks out the possible scene of the crime or disappearance and discusses it with his friends all of whom have various opinions on what might have happened There's also a lot of physics thrown in as the teller of the tale as well as the husband of the missing woman are both physicists with ideas about uantum mechanics superstring theory 'incompleteness' and so on I actually enjoyed this part There's also a dog named Mungo who's an important and interesting character Yes he plays a major role in the storyMy one issue as often is with Ms Grimes is the ending Not that it didn't 'fit' or seem correct or plausible etc It's just I sometimes don't like her endings However I left feeling uite satisfied by how things worked out and how Jury was outwitted along with me a fully committed mystery readerFour stars

  6. Roger W. Roger W. says:

    Do you read mysteries as I do occasionally? My wife loves them and I pick one of hers up now and again There are two authors I especially enjoy in this genre Elizabeth George and she of this book Martha Grimes Ms George seems to have a very keen knowledge of London; her descriptions take one right into the place I think you could follow along on a map Then too her characters are uite compelling you definitely want to know what's going to happen with these people in the next bookBut this review is about Martha Grimes' book She has a penchant about pubs all of her books' titles have been the names of pubs The same cast of main and minor characters appear in every book too and it's rather a uirky set of characters too who accompany her detective Richard Jury through the novelsIn any case I picked this one off the kitchen table and tried it I have read most of her others over the years This one was definitely in the Couldn't put down category I'm not going to go over the plot here but from the beginning it grabs you with a bizarre tale which just gets 'curiouser and curiouser' as the book goes on OK just a suib or two The main gist is a story told to Superintendent Jury by a total stranger in you guessed it a pub A man's family his complete family wife son AND dog disappeared without a trace a year ago And about nine months later the dog came back Just the dog by himself Add to this some forays into uantum physics and the superstring theory A Schroedinger's Cat comes up for discussion Ms Grimes does have some aspects which she seems to include in most of her books this one being no exception She obviously has a great love for animals and it shows there always appearing a dog or other animal in the works And also she includes a waiflike but hard as nails kid I enjoy her books very much but over the years I have come to expect these things Should I use the word formulaic? Well for me these things are certainly part of the charm of her books and the enjoyment I get out of them The story of this one was a korker

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Seriouslywhat is with all the uantum mechanics showing up in stories lately? Is there a sudden interest in space time continuum theory that I’ve missed the boat on? Every time it comes up in a story I have to have the rudimentary principles explained to meAGAIN Trust meI get it by now The only author who has successfully used uantum mechanics in their plot without completely overwhelming the story is Dean Koontz in From the Corner of His Eye Martha Grimesnot so much I would have appreciated a little less time spent on physics lessons and a little time spent on developing the plot or characters or both for that matter That being said the book wasn’t horrible The plot is extremely intricate which kept me in suspense as to what would happen but also left me confused at times since I got a bit lost in all the twists and turns The characters were intriguing but due to the lack of development I got them confused with each other at times I kept hoping the ending would be the saving grace but alas it too left me hanging waiting for I was in Barnes Noble last week and noticed this on the 5 and under shelf which is where it belongs

  8. Dan Dan says:

    I will not spend time on an extensive review because other reviewers have highlighted the problems I was uite disappointed with this book and am sorry I wasted my time reading it The ending was indeed dissatisfying as was all the irrelevant talk about uantum physics

  9. Dorothy Dorothy says:

    A man walks into a pub and starts telling a story to a stranger The stranger is Superintendent Richard Jury of New Scotland Yard and the storyteller allegedly has no idea who he is Over the next three nights he returns to the bar to meet with Jury and continue telling him his baffling storyThe story concerns a woman who has disappeared along with her nine year old son and their dog The man claims the woman is was? the wife of a friend of his a physicist who is now in a psychiatric hospital having suffered a breakdown because of the unexplained disappearancesThe disappearance occurred some nine months before The woman child and dog had gone to Surrey to look at some property The couple was considering moving there They looked at one house and had tea with the residents and then went on to a second property The woman was seen there but neither she nor her son have been seen since seemingly having vanished into thin air But then the dog came back The Surrey police allegedly investigated but found nothing and concluded that the woman for reasons of her own had chosen to disappear But friends like the storyteller Harry Johnson are still trying to find answers Is telling the story to Richard Jury part of that effort to find an answer? Or is he trying to involve him in some greater mystery? But Harry doesn't know that Jury is a policeman Or does he? Jury's picture has recently been all over the news after he broke up a pedophile ring Has Harry been stalking him and did he seek him out because of his notoriety?Jury didn't follow the rules in breaking into the house where the child sex slaves were being held and so even though he's not exactly suspended That would be a PR nightmare since the public considers him a hero he's not really being allowed to work either So he has time on his hands Time to explore this mystery that has been presented to himThis is the twentieth book in Martha Grimes' long Richard Jury series There are only three so far left and as we near the end her mysteries are getting complicated and ambiguous The uirky little village of Long Piddleton and its annoying residents play less and less of a role in them We still have Melrose Plant of Long Piddleton of course He's Jury's good friend a fabulously rich dilettante who enjoys playing roles and being sent undercover by Jury to help him solve his cases In this one he plays the long dead physicist Niels BohrThe mystery here hinges on theories in physics We get discussions of string theory uantum mechanics the uncertainty principle and Schrodinger's Cat that famous cat that can be either alive or dead until you open the box Is the woman in this case alive or dead? Will Jury be able to open the box? Although this was a different kind of mystery for Grimes some things are always true Her penchant for weird pub names in her titles for example The Old Wine Shades is the name of the pub where Jury and Harry meet Another point we can absolutely depend on is that there will be at least one precocious oddball child and a lovable cat or dog that is usually intelligent and noble than many of the humans in the story In this case it is the dog named Mungo the one who came back and he is the real hero of the piece Some of the reviews that I've read of this book found it a bit too precious with some of the viewpoints presented through the eyes of the dog and just too irritating with all of physics theories floating around and the fact that there is no satisfying denouement at the end Spoiler alert Jury knows what happened but he can't prove it and the culprit walks freeTrust Grimes though Even though the bad guy isn't nabbed she gets the children out of danger before the epilogue

  10. Mario Mario says:

    What is this I don't evenI'm not one to propagate memes but that is the only phrase that comes close to expressing my views on this book I have never read a Grimes novel before so perhaps starting at #20 in a series was a bad idea but this was strange The mystery was bizarre but in a good way at least until the end About halfway through you start to hear the thoughts of a dog which I did not see coming And then there's the endingview spoilerthat wasn't No resolution no explanation for the killer's actions besides craziness and no followup for Melrose who we left entering a bar dressed up as Niels Bohr I think we did get the ending for a previous book though which itself came out of nowhere I guess I'll have to read a later book to see the ending of this one?I don't know about this I almost feel like I must be the crazy one and this book actually made sense hide spoiler

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