[PDF] Through-The-Year: 365 Days of Prosperity (Through the Year) By Patricia J. Telesco – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk

Through-The-Year: 365 Days of Prosperity (Through the Year) Inspirational Sayings Collected From Around The World Are Presented In An Easy To Read Fashion Through The Year Book I 365 Days Of Prosperity Gives You A Reusable Calendar Of Ideas For Bringing Prosperity Into Your Life Be Sure To Get All Three Books In This Series Health, Prosperity, And Luck.

About the Author: Patricia J. Telesco

Patricia Trish Telesco is a professional author with than 50 metaphysical titles on the market Trish considers herself a kitchen witch whose love of folkore and a bit of Strega flavor every spell and ritual Her strongest beliefs lie in following personal vision, being tolerant of other traditions, making life an act of worship, and being the magic Trish travels minimally twice per mont

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