ज्याक्सन हाइट eBook å

ज्याक्सन हाइट eBook å

7 thoughts on “ज्याक्सन हाइट

  1. Nirooj Bista Nirooj Bista says:

    The First few stories really got me When i kept going ahead i felt the stories kept loosing their essence It was okay book overall

  2. Smriti Rai Smriti Rai says:

    In need of a good Nepali book to recover Didn't really enjoy this one

  3. Saurav Rajbhandari Saurav Rajbhandari says:

    I liked a few stories a few were difficult to read Most stories deal with sexual fantasies and one or two take it to the next levelTwo stars

  4. Roban Parajuli Roban Parajuli says:

    I visited many countries and met many interesting person without tickets just through this bookStories of Jackson Height reveals the hardship and struggle of neplease people in forigen landWriter is able to present the insights of the people and there culture of different society

  5. Heema Rai Heema Rai says:

    thik thikai

  6. Biboss Maharjan Biboss Maharjan says:

    सोचाइ र भोगाइको भिन्नतामा देखाइय को नेपालीहरु को बिदेशको सपना । समाजिक येथाथ चित्रण गरिएको साधारण मानिसहरु को काथा ।

  7. Sachin Bhattarai Sachin Bhattarai says:

    Only some of the selected stories are good Not all of them are as satisfying as I had expected them to be But overall the book is good

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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • ज्याक्सन हाइट
  • Mahesh Bikram Shah
  • Nepali
  • 12 January 2016