Legacy of Darkness eBook À Legacy of PDF/EPUB or

Legacy of Darkness eBook À Legacy of PDF/EPUB or

  • Kindle Edition
  • 165 pages
  • Legacy of Darkness
  • Jane Godman
  • English
  • 12 December 2015

10 thoughts on “Legacy of Darkness

  1. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    Eh it's alright Good start then flatlined into a plateau o' predictability It's not a very long book but it still seemed to drag in the middle The heroine is oblivious to blatant clues especially if you're familiar with genre tropes which makes for some excruciating scenes And there didn't seem to be much chemistry between the leads as if they only fell in love because said tropes dictated it Important safety tip if you want your hero to compete directly with the villain in a close knit goffick battleground the hero's personality sexuality shouldn't pale in comparison to his rival Just sayin'

  2. KC KC says:

    Despite the predictable plot I found myself as mesmerized by this book as Lucy was mesmerized by Uther Much of that had to do with the author's evocative writing style I was at times horrified thrilled and always entertained She pulled me in with the vivid characterization and sinister atmosphere I also liked how the horror mystery and romance aspects were all eually represented As far as the characters go I liked Lucy but thought she was a little slow on the uptake in regards to finally realizing the truth behind a key plot point The story was really hers; she saved the day and the hero The villain was appropriately evil indulging in all kinds of despicable behavior This was my first time reading this author's work but not my last I definitely plan on reading the other books in the series

  3. Sussann Sussann says:

    I bought this book because it kept popping up on Gothic book lists and it had a reasonably high rating The best I can say about this book is 'meh' If you have never read any other gothic literature or any other murder mystery you might find this book outstandingly uniueIf on the other hand you have even the slightest understanding of gothic mysteries and are even remotely acuainted with any of the common plot devices which are typical to the genre you might find this book pretty unoriginal It wasn't bad It was really a fairly interesting story it's just when you have the entire book worked out by chapter 3 the rest of it seems a bit pointless As I said if you are unfamiliar with gothic romances you might enjoy this book

  4. Love Reading Romance Love Reading Romance says:

    Legacy of Darkness was the first title I’ve read from the relatively new Harleuin Shivers line Described by Harleuin as their new “gothic romance” line I was both excited and nervous to read my first Shivers As a dedicated fan of 19th Century gothic fiction I was a little dubious about how this twist on the genre would be handled by the Shivers’ authors Would they do homage to my old gothic friends? Or would they trample their memory?Well the answer to these uestions was clear to me mere hours after beginning this novel when I read the last line of Legacy of Darkness and flopped back in my seat romantically satisfied and yet half terrified at the same timeLucy Alleyne has found a position as a lady's companion to Lady Demelza Jago a somewhat peculiar woman who has nonetheless taken Lucy under her protection But as part of her new position Lucy must stay with Demelza at Castle Tenebris a fortress overwhelmed by the darkness of its past and Lucy soon discovers its current inhabitants Demelza's brother Uther instantly sweeps Lucy off her feet with tales of the family's past and his own seductive powers But he has secrets and none so than those surrounding his nephew Earl Tynan Despite being warned away from Tynan Lucy finds herself drawn to his honest kindness but both men are surrounded by the castle's darkness Lucy must negotiate the horrors that haunt the fortress before she can negotiate the feelings of her heartAnd what horrors they are The castle is one of secret passages and cries in the night No one can give Lucy any easy answers for the things she hears and tangible horrors are soon to appear This is the sort of book you do not want to read in the evening unless you are happy to spend the rest of the night huddled in your bed staring at shadows Jane Godman has set a perfectly creepy tone that had me completely hooked And somehow it combines wonderfully with the romance that holds this story togetherWhat about the romance though? Well I don’t want to give too much away The twists and turns of this novel are bound to shock some readers but for those who simply need the HEA guarantee I’ll let you know that it is most definitely romantically satisfying but the uestion is who is the villain and who is the hero of this piece?Jane Godman has weaved a tale that is utterly delicious It is fun sexy scary totally Harleuin and yet with a nod to the classics What a combination You can tell through her writing that Jane Godman enjoys the gothic romances of the past as much as me You can feel the creepiness of the likes of Carmilla sneaking through these pages and I loved the little tongue in cheek references for example with Lucy reading Northanger Abbey just as its own heroine had read UdolphoLegacy of Darkness hooked me from beginning to end and I can't wait to read of Jane Godman's spooky romances I'm also intrigued to read Harleuin Shivers

  5. T.A. Moorman T.A. Moorman says:

    This review and can be seen at is the first non vampire novel that I have read in a very long time in which I can say I didn't even miss the fangs A tale that is truly dark and sinister that any fan of Gothic Romance would be sure to love and crave for Godman takes readers into a dark world in centuries past where one families castle that has a history that may be as deadly as Count Vlad's and even sordidWhen Lucy is taken in by very distant relatives she at once feels like less than a sualler when she enters the beautiful and dark Gothic Manor and takes in all the riches that belong to the family name But she soon learns that the grass isn't always greener For within the walls of the castle lie the secrets of long dead ancestors one in particular that had no compunction in making a pact with the Devil And while people would have her to believe the sounds she's been hearing to be nothing than that of the atmosphere that is making her imagination run wild the truth is far horrifying and possibly deadly She will also learn every woman should never trust a man willing to give you every pleasure imaginable without expecting anything in return even release Uther Jago is determined beyond reason to produce a Jago heir and not just to keep the family name alive Walk into the halls of the Jago Castle where nothing and no one is as they seem not even relationships Where trusting your instincts may very well be the only thing that could keep you alive Where reincarnation has never been deadly

  6. Fiona Marsden Fiona Marsden says:

    The heroine Lucy Alleyne arrives at Tenebris an innocent young woman alone in the world Demelza Jago a cousin of sorts has brought her here as a companion to her Here Lucy meets the magnetic Uther Jago Demelza's brother and their nephew Tynan the Earl who will come into his inheritance in a few weeks time on his twenty first birthdayThe Jago's have possessed Tenebris and I say it advisedly for hundreds of years and there is a long history of Jago's who have been less than stellar citizensUther has a special interest in Lucy but she becomes aware that the brother and sister have another motive for befriending her that they keep from her The sickly Tynan holds his own secrets and as Lucy learns the history of Tenebris and the Jago family she becomes and disturbedFor some reason Victoria Holt kept coming into my mind although the beginning had faint undertones of a Daphne Du Maurier story I was amused by the reference to Northanger Abbey Jane Austen's very own gothic romance I also was reminded a little of Georgette Heyer's Cousin KateThis was certainly erotic than any of those books mentioned to the point of discomfort Not from the writing but the situation which was probably intentionalOverall it was a little slow to start with but once it gained pace I found myself enthralled I haven't read any gothics for years and it was like a step back into the past recalling the authors I enjoyed as a teenager I think I just dated myself

  7. Hafiza Hafiza says:

    One of the new Harleuin Shivers ebooksAll the Gothic tropes plus discreetly sexy scenesCheesy but ok if you are in the mood for some very light Gothic nostalgia updated for the modern era

  8. Rosie Amber Rosie Amber says:

    Legacy of Darkness is a Gothic romance from the Harleuin range It is full of dark secrets dramatic scenes and has a stunning setting on the rugged Cornish coast A young ueen Victoria has just taken the throne of England Uther Jago and his sister Demelza live with their nephew Earl Tynan They oversee the running of Castle Athal or Tenebris as it is known in the family until Tynan comes of ageLucy Alleyne has recently lost her father and has returned to England from India where her father worked for The East India Company Having used all her money to bring her father's ashes home Lucy has found a job as a ladies companion She is uite shocked and surprised when Demelza rescues her and claims kinship whisking her away to Cornwall to the family homeTenebris holds dark secrets and has been home to centuries of family members who lived with their own dark pasts Now it hides one last member of the family who lives his own horror But who should Lucy be most afraid of? Strong sexy sensual Uther whose eyes make her want to melt into them Or Tynan who must be kept at a distance for her safety? And what are the haunting screams and noises which make Lucy lock her bedroom door each night? This book delivers forbidden fruits from the Gothic period with twists and turns set in a delightful and favourite part of England

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    I recently decided I wanted to read some books in the Gothic Romance genre I happened upon this author and decided to start with this first book in the series While I don't often select novellas the description of this one caught my attention and I decided to give it a try I had forgotten just how much I liked Gothic novels the mystery the drama the innocent heroine the brooding hero the dark setting Often these books are a bit predictable and that's okay It is what it is and as long as the writing is good the characters developed and likable or at least interesting I can read it and enjoy it In this case Lucy was very likable view spoilerand while easily lead astray in the beginning uickly became a strong character hide spoiler

  10. Angela Simmons Angela Simmons says:

    After the traumatic death of her father Lucia Alleyne was forced to become a companion to an elderly woman When Demelza Jago a distant relation on Lucia’s mother’s side arrives and sweeps her off to the gothic gloomy castle called Tenebris in Cornwall Demelza’s brother Uther soon catches her eyePulled into a sensual and if I’m being honest kind of creepy relationship with Uther Lucy soon finds herself under the spell of this mysterious man Although she soon discovers that there is going on at Tenebris than meets the eyeWhen she discovers that Tynan the present Earl of Athal isn’t as insane as Demelza and Uther would have others to believe she begins to uestion just what Demelza’s intentions were in bringing her to TenebrisRead the rest of my review Simply Angela

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Legacy of Darkness❰Read❯ ➵ Legacy of Darkness Author Jane Godman – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk It is 1837 and the young ueen Victoria has just ascended the English throne Orphaned and penniless after her father’s death in India Lucy Alleyne is forced to accept a post as companion to an elderl It is and the young ueen Victoria has just ascended the English throne Orphaned and penniless after her father’s death in India Lucy Alleyne is forced to accept a post as companion to an elderly lady until a distant relative Legacy of PDF/EPUB or spirits her away to Castle Athal on the Cornish coast But Lucy’s initial gratitude at Lady Demelza Jago’s benevolence soon gives way to unease The ancient Cornish castle known locally as Tenebris is a dark monument to the family’s history and secrets Within its embrace Lucy is drawn into friendship with Tynan Jago The young Earl of Athal is handsome and poetic yet tortured like his father before him Tynan is utterly different from his uncle Uther whose seductive leonine power radiates from his every word and gesture Between them the two Jago men have innocent Lucy enthralled—mind body and soul If she remains within the bloodstained castle walls with their history of ill starred passion and madness a mere broken heart will seem a blessing.