Mistletoe on Main Street MOBI ↠ Mistletoe on ePUB

Mistletoe on Main Street MOBI ↠ Mistletoe on ePUB

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  1. Ami Ami says:

    Christmas, small town romance, and second chances sound like a recipe for a story I would like Plus, the cover is so pretty And who says I can t start reading a Christmas story in September anyway Right Unfortunately, while it is still pretty good, I thought the story moved rather too slowly for me to sympathize with Grace and Luke and their story to return back to love My issue was mostly on the reasons of they broke up in the first place I thought there was too much bitterness coming from both Grace thought that Luke forgot about her too easily after she decided to leave their hometown by marrying another woman Meanwhile, Luke was overcome with guilt because he never did love his ex wife who died two years previously as much as he loved Grace They had issues and it went on for a bit too long for me to be able to believe in their reunion.Both Luke and Grace also lacked that sizzling chemistry which could make me root for them Also, I wasn t such a huge fan of Grace when she made that move towards Luke when he was already engaged and then angry at Luke for not taking the step Although, I wasn t a big fan of Luke either for being rather undecided with the whole thing I guess both characters didn t impress me much.However, I did like the secondary characters in this, i.e Grace s siblings The fiery Anna, who owned a caf and seemed to have this vibe of a romance history never told with Luke s cousin, Mark And the kind hearted Jane, who in this book suffered from a failed marriage when she found out that her husband cheated on her Those two seemed to have a interesting story, and I would love to follow their journey to happily ever after.A Guest Review for The Blogger Girls The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received.

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    4 StarsI really enjoyed this story It was a sweet second chance romance One of the things that did bother me a bit and this may seem silly is they never talked about the type of books that Grace wrote She was a famous writer her first book did extremely well , but I m curious as to the the type of books Mystery, romance, literary fiction I think it would have given information into her character Challenges RRRC December 2017 Monthly Challenge 9 New Year s Eve Anti Stress Holiday Challenge 3 AMMP Rocking Around The Christmas Tree Challenge 5 Do You Want to Build a Snowman Read a book with snow on the cover OR a book about sisters.

  3. ☕️Kimberly ☕️Kimberly says:

    Caffeinated Breakdown of Mistletoe on Main StreetWorld This is the first in the Briar Creek series set in the picturesque town of Briar Creek, Vermont Complete with covered bridges, snowfall, and a charming main street where everyone knows everyone Yearly house decorating contests, school plays and charming little pastry shops I am packing my bags.Characters The tale centers on Grace Madison, an author whose last book was a flop She is heading home after five years away She traded the love of her life for her big city dreams and suddenly they do not seem so glamorous Luke Hastings was her childhood sweetheart, and the one who let her go Luke has always known exactly what he wanted to do with his life but maybe he made a mistake The two have baggage, and it was interesting to see them reconnect Grace s siblings will be the characters in the next books and I liked them both.Plot Like most small town stories, there are several different threads Grace s mom is newly widowed and not quite feeling Christmas this year Her youngest sister Jane is carrying a secret regarding her marriage and Anna middle sister, a successful pastry shop owner is feeling bitter It was fun learning about all of the different characters in Briar Creek and I look forward to their stories Miles did a nice job of weaving these side stories around Grace and Luke s growth and rekindling romance.Romance This was a slow burning romance, where both were afraid to make the first move It created some banter, snarkiness, and some angst While at times I wanted to lock them in a dark closet until, they reconciled and I struggled with Luke s issues I enjoyed them both I am not entirely sure that Luke s issues worked, and at times, it made him unappealing However, the chemistry between them felt genuine and the bumps to my HEA were worth it in the end This was very low heat and will appeal to a large audience.Caffeinated Conclusion Are they a favorite couple Not at all, but the town and siblings have me wanting to continue Mistletoe on Main Street was a satisfying holiday read and I look forward to returning to Briar Creek with, A Match Made on Main Street It will be Anna Madison s story and releases in April 2015.Copy provided by publisher.This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  4. Elizabeth Ayala Elizabeth Ayala says:

    I thought the book was well written I didn t understand why Luke and Grace broke up to begin with and how he could move on so quickly from his love for Grace If you were with someone from childhood and never asked her to marry you then get involved with someone else it only takes you 6 months then you really didn t give a shit about the first girl from the get go I would say I wouldn t want Grace to take him back Grace gave him so many chances to pick her and everytime he chose Helen over Grace I think that s pretty cut and dry Grace will always be his second choice.

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Good book Grace had moved away from Briar Creek to New York City years earlier to pursue her dream of a writing career In doing so, she left behind the man she loved Now she s back in Briar Creek for the holidays, and to make some decisions about her future But first she has to face her past Luke never left their hometown He s now the principal of the elementary school, and a widower Having Grace back in town is stirring up unwelcome memories and emotions, and making him think about past choices.Overall, I liked Grace She s come back to Briar Creek for the first time in five years, except for her father s funeral a few months earlier Her life is currently in turmoil She has broken her engagement as she discovered that she and her fiance had different ideas for their future She has been living with a friend, sleeping on the sofa, since then Her writing career has stalled, as her last couple books were not well received Now she has discovered that her father s beloved bookstore, a place with some of her best memories, has been closed since his death All she needs to make things worse is to run into Luke, the man who broke her heart Unfortunately, with Briar Creek being such a small town, she can t avoid him She s been wondering if she made the right decision all those years ago, and being home just intensifies those feelings Seeing Luke again shows her that her feelings for him never really went away, even though she tried to pretend that they did Every time that they are together she s reminded of what she left behind The attraction is still there, as are the good memories I loved seeing her take her memories of the bookstore and look at reviving it, and then expanding it It gave her a new focus for her life and a reason to stay in Briar Creek The reviving of the relationship between Grace and Luke was not easy Both of them have hurt feelings from their breakup Grace had been left feeling that Luke neither understood or supported her need to leave Briar Creek and experience the larger world When she came back to see him a few months later, to see about reconciliation, he rejected her rather cruelly Meanwhile, Luke had also felt that she didn t understand his need to stay in his hometown, where his life and career made him happy He had forced himself to move on, and found a woman who wanted the same things he did Grace s first visit back made him question his choices, which made him angry He didn t believe that Grace would be happy back in town after giving up her dream, so his rejection of her was not very nice He went on and married the other woman, who died a couple years later.I was frustrated through a lot of the dealings between Grace and Luke Grace was actually willing to see what might happen between them, after their first few encounters showed her that the feelings and attraction were still there She didn t have any problem knowing that he had also loved his wife, feeling that there was room for both of them in his heart But Luke would blow hot and cold First he would be sweet and let the attraction take control, then he would suddenly pull back, feeling like he was betraying his late wife It turns out that he is dealing with a boatload of guilt over the fact that he had still had some feelings for Grace when he married Helen He felt that he had ruined their marriage, even though she had never known and had never given any indication that she was unhappy Since her death he hasn t been able to let go of those feelings, to the point that he won t allow himself to move on It all comes to a head when letting go of something from the past would make it possible for Grace to stay in Briar Creek, and Luke can t do it, in spite of his professed love for Grace At that point I wanted to beat him with a blunt object and tell her she was better off without him I liked that she had the strength of will to go after her dream in spite of him Of course, he does eventually see the light, but it was almost too late.Outside of the relationship with Luke, I loved seeing the changes that Grace went through It was great to see her new appreciation of Briar Creek and what a big part of her life it really was She also had to repair her relationships with her sisters, after her long absence and the death of their father I liked seeing her reconnect with them Her plans for the bookstore gave her a new appreciation for Anna, the chef and cafe owner I also liked the way that she was there for her sister Jane, who was going through some issues of her own I also liked the way that she formed a new bond with her mother, and how it helped them both through their grief I m looking forward to the next book.

  6. Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book) Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book) says:

    To say I loved this book was an understatement, there are no words to describe how much I adored this book, as soon as I started reading the first page I was hooked, I could not put it down, my house could have been burning down around me and I wouldn t have known, Olivia s writing grabbed hold of me from the start and wouldn t let go, this book is filled with everything I love in a contemporary romance, it s like Olivia crawled into my head pulled them out and wrote this fantastic book, it has small town romance second chance at love the story take place at Christmas time it features a bookstore our main heroine Grace is a best selling author the gorgeous cover I know that has nothing to do with the story but it s so pretty.Grace has returned home to Briar Creek for Christmas, having left five years ago to escape her first love Luke and all of the memories, she settled in New York and became a best selling author just like she d dreamed off, after her last book received less than stellar reviews Grace has almost given up on her writing career, her one goal while here is to avoid Luke but when driving into town she finds her car stuck in a snow drift and who should come to her aid but the one person she didn t want to see Luke, both shocked at seeing each other again and with a painful history between them things are awkward to say the least.Arriving home, for the first time since the death of her Dad, Grace is shocked to find her family s house which has in the past won numerous awards for the best decorated house at Christmas with her Mom being known around town for her competitive decorating, barely decorated with just a skinny excuse for a tree and her Mom just a shell of her former self haven t not yet come to terms with her husbands death, when Grave goes to visit her Dads bookstore in town which was his pride and joy she comes to discover that it s been closed, her family knowing how much the shop meant to her were too afraid to tell her knowing how upset she d be when she found out, Grace decides to try and save the store to be able to afford the next years lease, with a plan in mind to hopefully expand with a cafe into the empty store next door, but things don t go to plan when the owner refuses to give it up, Grace has to come to terms with possibly closing the last link she has to her Dad and also dealing with the tension she incurs every time she s around Luke, will these two ever reconcile the past and realise that they are meant to be Filled with love, loss, grief and the rediscovery of the Christmas spirit, this is definitely a great book to pick up over Christmas to get you in the mood and bring you some Christmas cheer.I eagerly await the next book and I look forward to immersing myself once again in the small town of Briar Creek, Olivia is an author that I will follow closely and who s books will be an auto buy for me.Loved the writing, story and the characters, a definite reread, especially closer to Christmas.Highly recommended.

  7. Lisa Filipe Lisa Filipe says:

    Ok.I was so excited to start MISTLETOE ON MAIN STREET, because I am a HUGE fan of the second chance romance, especially when the hero ends up with someone else, and the heroine knows she screwed up, which is exactly what we have with the first in the Briar Creek Series.butand not a BAD but, but the heroine Grace kinda made me NUTS As with MOST of the romances I read, I am usually a fan of the heroes, and not a HUGE fan of the heroines I think I have a handful of heroines that I actually LOVE , so I guess to say I felt that way with Grace And not that I HATED her, not at all I wanted her and Luke to end up back together, and I was ready to jump into the book and SHAKE HER The story was fun, the emotions were heartbreaking at times, and frustrating at times, and the secondary characters were SO MUCH FUN Let s just say I can t WAIT until the next book for Anna and Mark s romance and poor Jane needs some love too MISTLETOE ON MAIN STREET is a second chance romance to keep you turning pages late into the winter nights

  8. CP CP says:

    Cute and sweet romance set in a smalltown at Christmas time

  9. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) says:

    Reviewed by Gemini3.5 StarsMistletoe on Main Street was a good book that touches on some sensitive subjects regarding love, loss, and pursuing your dreams Considering that it was a Christmas book, I was surprised that it was so deep Although there is the required happy ending, there was a lot of emotion and sadness that permeates throughout the book Mistletoe on Main Street is the story of former couple Grace Madison and Luke Hastings They grew up in a small town called Briar Creek in Vermont They should have gotten married to each other but instead Grace left to pursue a writing career in New York and Luke stayed in Briar Creek to become an educator Fast forward five years, Grace has broken off her engagement to someone who couldn t live up to Luke and is headed back home to Briar Creek for Christmas She was a best selling author but her last book was panned by the critics and she is questioning all of her prior life choices On the other hand, Luke is now a principal and a widower He never stopped loving Grace and is evaluating his own life choices.All things considered, I do like Grace and Luke as a couple It s just that I m not quite sure that I was totally sold on how their relationship is rekindled There is so much baggage between the two of them that I felt like there should have been some additional interactions and other situations that should have transpired before they even broached the subject of getting back together Grace needed to spend time with her family and rebuild that relationship while Luke really needed to get over his guilt regarding his feelings toward his deceased wife There just needed to be time to have passed before this happy ending I get that it s a book and things have been tied up in a nice little bow but I would have been sold on the reconciliation had it not happened so fast Plus, there is this whole other story line regarding Grace s sisters that seemed to be touched on so much that they may as well have told their story too Instead, I m sure that they will both get their own books I guess what I m saying is that there was a lot going on in this book that it s hard to focus on just Grace and Luke I hope that the next book is streamlined Received a copy of the book courtesy of the publisher and voluntarily reviewed it.

  10. Misty (Reds Romance Reviews) Misty (Reds Romance Reviews) says:

    Mistletoe On Main Street is a touching and sweet romance story that is sure to score a special spot in your heart and leave you with a smile on your face The characters pull you into their charming little world and make you feel right at home, and have you never wanting to part with them I thoroughly enjoyed this one, I was in the mood for a sweet story that would give me the feels, and this one hit the mark Highly recommend it

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Mistletoe on Main Street [PDF / Epub] ✅ Mistletoe on Main Street By Olivia Miles – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Sleigh bells, snow, and second chances Briar Creek s quaint shop windows, cozy homes nestled in snow, and neighborly residents are what Christmas dreams are made of for everyone except Grace Madison S Sleigh bells, snow, and second chances Briar Creek s quaint shop windows, cozy homes nestled in snow, and neighborly residents are what Christmas dreams are made of for everyone except Grace Madison She left her hometown years ago to pursue Mistletoe on ePUB ↠ a writing career But when her father s death leaves his bookstore empty, Grace must return to face why she fled Vermont in the first place Luke Hastings, who still heats her up like a shot of smoky whiskey on a cold winter s night Grace is back, and Luke is worried How much has she changed as a bestselling author in the big city What memories will she stir up And was the choice he made five years ago the biggest mistake of his life Now, with their past, present, and future rocking around the Christmas tree, it s time for Grace and Luke to face the music and the mistletoe.