Kindle Edition ↠ Invisible Wings PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition ↠ Invisible Wings PDF/EPUB å

Invisible Wings ❴PDF❵ ❤ Invisible Wings Author Janell Rhiannon – Life seldom unfolds the way you expect Despite our best efforts it can wind up in a tangled mess We lose hope Faith fades And then suddenly in the midst of despair a door opens an answer is given or a Life seldom unfolds the way you expect Despite our best efforts it can wind up in a tangled mess We lose hope Faith fades And then suddenly in the midst of despair a door opens an answer is given or a new path is cleared because we’re not alonesometimes angels walk among usArabella’s mother already thinks she’s a little crazy so when a mysterious Presence fills her with a blinding light she keeps it to herself She’s given a heartbreaking mission She spends her days among her fellow classmates listening to their secret prayers and waiting for the moment of interventionArabella understands that life is messy complicated and beautiful The way she guides her fellow classmates will ultimately surprise youLove emerges from the mess Hope emerges from the chaos Faith emerges from the strength to endure destinies twilights lives that will never be the same.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 83 pages
  • Invisible Wings
  • Janell Rhiannon
  • English
  • 21 June 2016

About the Author: Janell Rhiannon

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10 thoughts on “Invisible Wings

  1. Olivia-Savannah Roach Olivia-Savannah Roach says:

    I reuested this one for review almost directly after I finished reading Uncross the Stars by this author I just wanted to try some of her works and was so glad to find out she had another book out there This one wasn’t what I expected but it was still enjoyableWe were thrown right into the story where Arabella what a beautiful name has her birthday and discovers she is an angel I thought the way it happened was pretty cool but the only problem I had with it was that Arabella seemed to take it a little bit too well She isn’t featured as a main character for much of the novel so I wanted to get to know her as she came to terms with what she was But she seems to slide into the skin of an angel naturally which was a bit disappointingWhen I said this book wasn’t what I was expecting I am referring to the fact that it wasn’t so much about Arabella but so each chapter was a mini story It told the story of a teenager hurting for some reason or another it could be mourning anger lack of love or anything and Arabella was there to help solve the issue It was not always solved the way you might think it would be to be a happy ending and I think this book manages to show that sometimes in order to reach the best solution some pain is necessary I wasn’t expecting it not to be about Arabella so that was a surprise to meThe stories are told with Arabella watching which gave them all a kind of distant feel to it because we don’t really get too close to the characters – we only know them through what Arabella sees Even though she can see everything I did feel like we lost an element of closeness there But then again the stories that were told were heart breaking and I was easily able to relate to a lot of them which made me feel closer to the characters againAs I was saying these stories are really geared to young adults They are about teenager problems There are about 12 stories of various characters told here and I think each teenager could find at least one that they could relate to somewhere I also know that the author managed to get the ideas of all these stories from students in her class which means that they have elements of truth in them There could not be a way to make this realistic than it isI loved the way there was a comparison between angels and humans and they the conclusion was that they were pretty similar Everyone loves the idea of being like an angel but I do believe we have angel like ualities if we strive for it It also compares the description of an angel to a teenager as well It was great DSometimes the meaning and message of a story was told to us at the end and I didn’t want that because as a reader I wanted to be able to think about it and make interpretations myself But yes there were also stories where there was space for that tooAnd lastly this book definitely gets bonus points for there being poetry mentions I feel like poetry needs attention so I support novels that mix them in there She included a nice sonnet and also an excerpt to a lovely poem by Lord Tennyson You should definitely check it outThis review and can be found on Olivia's Catastrophe

  2. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson Tee loves Kyle Jacobson says:

    I received this book from the author and I just want to say thank you Janell for writing such a heart felt book and showing people that there is good and love in the worldFirst I want to say that this book is heart felt and full of truth Sometimes people don't want to see or hear the truth In certain situations truth is a necessity An angel is sent down from heaven to grant people there wish but sometimes what you wish for is not always what you want God gives us what we can bear and in these stories people are going through some hard times and situations and have decisions that need to be made and with a little help from an angel they get their wishes grantedI cried with some but this book to me is a must read because someone somewhere is hurting and thinking about things and decisions and reading this will open their eyes and help them make a better decisionSome choices we chose in life we regret but others we don't and these stories about choices and decisions and what happens afterwards Remember always God is a creator not a destroyer He heals and mends the broken hearted and he loves us all just the way we are To God we are like an empty canvas and we draw out our own lives and the finish canvas is a master piece of art

  3. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    Arabella always heard what others could notsongs and melodies in everything around her And on her 15th birthdayshe hears what her cat is thinking Yep maybe it’s time her mom calls the doctor But instead of realizing she is crazyshe is swept up with the Creator into the Eternity and all is revealed to her She is an angel meant to live the life of a human as part of her training And what she does with her new gifts will make all the difference Cause in a split second she will be able to change the destinies of 12 teens as she grants them each a wishThis book with each of its stories was so wonderfully and beautifully written For a moment you can forget your own life and live the life of an angel as she gets to give 12 teens their only wish I was loving each story as Arabella goes about her journey with each of her classmates Yes some end sadly but some endings are truly wonderful and great As we all know are lives do not always go the way we plan Just because we want something doesn’t mean it will turn out that way If you are looking for a book that is so very honest and trueInvisible Wings is just the one for you

  4. Bella Bella says:

    Wow I loved what an amazing read I was sucked in from page one I loved the writing and the story it was just WOW You for sure need to pick up your copy you WONT want to miss this one

  5. Jim Crescenzo Jim Crescenzo says:

    It was an excellent collection ofstories that were real and verybelievableThe author has a great feel forall the characters in the bookI totally enjoyed it

  6. Brandon Herbert Brandon Herbert says:

    Lots of people like to talk about how much they like a story or characters so I'll leave it to them ; I would like to talk about what I truly loved about this book its Blood and Guts and BonesThe primary thing that strikes me when I think back over the story is how accurate she is at portraying the Divine Plan Sometimes what we want to happen isn't what is mean to happen Things that seem tragic to us are beautiful in their own way But the thing that truly won me over was that it wasn't bloated with overblown images of christian ideals and excessive God lust It's not about an angel helping people; it's about true faith People obsess themselves with the idolatry and symbology prolific in religious writings; and this strips all of that away and leaves us with a writing that perfectly portrays agape love in actionOne of the other things that really endeared me to the story was her use of words She truly captures the beauty of the English language as the formidable weapon that it is She carves images so clearly you can almost feel the sand stick between your toes and her use of metaphors and similes could only be described with another metaphore she wields them like an artist uses paint The color blue is only blue until you add a strip of beige and a swath of orange to realize that the blue paint is an ocean crawling up to a sunset shoreFinally and this is an issue very close to me and my own writing she didn't dumb it down Her audience is High Schoolers no doubt; and it is very easily accessible for any age group and reading level But she doesn't pull her punches when she portrays the lives and the events that HONESTLY HAPPEN TO KIDS We grow numb and desensitized with mainstream YA stories which feature mostly normal kids leading realistically pretty darn good lives with what are honestly minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things This story jumps right down the gullet of the beasts we hide within ourselves and forces us to confront them by living through the story of another however fictional person If you don't believe me; Google Mirror Neurons ;PI absolutely recommend this book and not just to teens; Teens need to make their Parents read it because it could force them to face demons of their own which they might unwittingly be feeding down into their own childrenBreak the cycle and have faith in who you are and how you are meant to beBrandon M HerbertWalking Wolf Road

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    Ahhhh I don't even know where to begin First off I will begin by saying this book was a wonderful gift sent to me by a truly caring person the author Janell She didn't send it to me for review she sent it to me because we have conversed of the hardships of mental health depression anxiety self image She's been an ear when most don't understand but she truly does I think that understanding uality is what makes this book superb This book was an emotional roller coaster 12 Twilights 12 Destinies 12 Teenagers who will never be the same There is one central character Arabella who finds out she's an angel on her fifteenth birthday There is 12 short stories within the main story and trust me when I say they will change you One minute you'll be soaring on words so deep and wise you feel them touch your soul The next you'll be crying and wondering how an angel and God could chose for this to happen in life Unfortunately we all know that bad things happen there is no ignoring that Some people chose not to face the hardships and real deal of life This book doesn't slap you in the face with it but gently puts it out there and helps you to understand why it might happen There is only 3 books I will re read I get bored easily and if I know the ending it doesn't interest me any I've always been that way This book will be added to the list of books I will re read As a matter of fact I marked the parts that made my soul soarso the book looks like a coloring book I've already picked it up a few times a day when things feel dark to help This book is a fabulous gift for the teenager in your life who may struggle Who are we kidding all teens struggle it's just do they show it? This book isn't just for teens though it's for adults as well I put this book on the level of Iyanla Vanzant or Oprah Winfrey for the simple fact that it makes you feel think and understand I can not highly suggest this book enough for anyone who suffers any type of internal struggle Do yourself or your loved ones a favor today and pick it up I was not paid for this review The opinions expressed here are solely my own Thank you for taking the time to read my review Have an amazing day Melissa

  8. JeanBookNerd JeanBookNerd says:

    I was truly satisfied after reading Janell Rhiannon’s heartfelt book Invisible Wings Our world is filled with a lot of nonsense that sometimes it’s difficult to believe that there is still good people out there The stories hold hope for people in their darkest hours that Angels are among us and we are not alone The book is full of truth while sometimes we force our minds to not believe it truth is inevitable is some situationsThe book deals with a lot of emotions It reminds us that life is full of choices whether we regret them or not the aftermath is not always what we have hoped for The one thing I liked about this book is that it is not exaggerated with Christian ideals but overall deals with real life ordealsRhiannon’s choice of words and how she uses them truly confines how brilliant her style is She hypnotizes you with her words and you are automatically drawn into the world of the characters where you feel every emotion This is a book that belongs in every bookcase A truly enlightening read that will influence any reader

  9. Na Deela Na Deela says:

    Wow so I just finished Invisible Wings and I'm really happy with my decision to start this book and mostly with the decision to finish it when I was initially lost by it For me the first chapter was a little confusing I understood where the author was going but I felt like couldn't you state all this in a simpler fashion? Now that I've finished it I have a better understanding of the language As another review of the book said this author uses words like an artist uses a paint brush This book is really beautiful I related to each of the characters in one way or another so their stories really touched my heart and most made me smile I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who reads I'll likely be forcing my husband to read it even though he hates reading I think this is one that would be enlightening to every person's life Thank you Mrs Rhiannon for this beautiful piece

  10. Brittany Brittany says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is divided into 12 different sections that are completely independent of one another aside from the same angel helping her classmates I liked the layout because I was able to read a story per night right before bed without feeling pressured to continue on Each story was skillfully crafted to make you sit back and think about the things that you may or may not regret doing during your lifetime The overall theme of the book is that God doesn't give us than we can handle and sometimes we DO get our prayers answered even if it is something as simple as kissing your high school crush I really love how the author continued driving the same concept God does what he wants and what WE want may not fall into His plan over and over but doesn't necessarily force the subject upon you Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a little reminder that there is a plan and everything will work out like it needs to be done

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