Kindle Edition ✓ Transition PDF å

Kindle Edition ✓ Transition PDF å

Transition [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Transition ✈ T.E. Ridener – From the moment we are born we accept that a day will come when our lives must end That is not the case for 23 year old Ren Croswell Ren died a few short months before his 24th birthday and he’s bee From the moment we are born we accept that a day will come when our lives must end That is not the case for year old Ren Croswell Ren died a few short months before his th birthday and he’s been stuck in the Colgrove cemetery for the past five years He’s made some friends and it’s not all that bad but there is one thing that won’t settle in his restless soul; he isn’t supposed to be dead year old Hannah Benoit moved to Colgrove Kentucky in hopes of escaping her past One can only handle being ‘the girl who sees ghosts’ for so long This new town will give her a clean slate and a fresh start but nothing can prepare her for what she’s about to find On Halloween the one day of the year when Ren can walk among the living everything will change Death promised him it would be different this year but there’s no possible way Ren could’ve known the true reason for his sudden and mistaken demise Hannah will discover that her blessing of a curse was given to her for a reason and they will both find what they’ve been looking for this entire time; the truth and each other You won’t see it coming Transition is a New Adult Fantasy novella that will accompany a future series from TE Ridener currently untitled If you are under please be aware there is strong language in this novella from time to time and sexual situations are implied Approximately words.

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  1. Sam Sam says:

    So I started this novella because I'm kinda on a spree to read all TE Ridener books and therefore I couldn't pass this up I usually am like this when it comes to ghosts Of course Ren is totally different I loved reading about the way all the ghosts interacted with each other and when he met Hannah at the party being a real human for one nightThe whole idea about a ghost and a medium falling in lone is absolutely great Of course as always I considered this book way to short duh novella and had to ask instantly if there was coming And guess what peepsThere will be a whole series around that You need to get this book because basically this is the hook You'll be caught and read what else comes from this series For sure WhyBecause it's sweet and fun and light and serious and all the things in between that make TE Ridener's stories so uniue If you haven't read her before go and move your pretty behind You are wasting precious time

  2. Erica Erica says:

    I received an ARC of this bookThis is not my usual read while I do read paranormal books it's not usually mediums and ghostsThis one surprised me it had me from the beginningRen is a ghost Hannah a medium They meet while shes passing through the graveyard Hannah not knowing he's a ghost at the timeOn Halloween they meet again only once she takes his hand she realizes he's a ghostWith a few paranormal twists which I won't share so you have something to read about yourself this book ends well and leads me to purchase others from TE Ridener so the journey can continue for me into a new genre of books

  3. Cindy Smith Cindy Smith says:

    Well this was a totally unexpected story I was drawn in in the Prologue Ren has died and Death says he should not have It doesn't change the fact that he is dead He has been living in a cemetery in Colgrove KY for 5 years On Halloween the ghosts get to come back to life for the day Hannah sees ghosts and has been in and out of mental institutions because of it She moves to Colgrove KY to start over hoping for a normal lifeWhat happens when Hannah meets the living Ren at a Halloween party Wellget this book and find out A truly well written novella Amazing talent

  4. Michelle Stein Michelle Stein says:

    Ridener has created another amazing story that easily transports you into the shoes of her characters Transition had me hooked at the first Chapter didnt let me go until the very end I can't wait to read about Ren and Hannah and what happens next This story is about a boy Ren and his unexpected death and the answers he will find when he meets Hannah a girl that can see and talk to ghosts during her walk through his graveyard one day Ren unexpectedly sees her again on Halloween the one and only day he can walk amongst the living and has the sudden need to get to know her Hannah feels the same way but has hard time getting around the fact that he's dead That can't possibly be a good relationship can itHe later talks her in to walking her home so begins their story togetherI don't want to spoil this story for you so you'll just have to buy your copy and see for yourself ;

  5. Ivette Smith Ivette Smith says:

    I was pulled into this book from the beginning This book made me cry for the characers Just when you think the end is there the plot TOTALLY changes and a new beginning emerges SHOCKER to say the leastIt was well written The Plot was original I certainly can't wait to read the next one

  6. Nikki Cullan Nikki Cullan says:

    Wow I truly love stories about ghosts and mediums This book was intriguing and filled with unexpected twists and turns I cannot wait for her to write a seuel to experience the new land

  7. Gypsy Madden Gypsy Madden says:

    I LOVED this story It’s such a sweet romance starring a gawky boy I saw a lot of myself in him with his love of science fiction pizza and awkwardness and a girl who had turned her back on a lot of the world because of her ability to see ghosts and they have to overcome the obstacles of Hannah's prejudice of ghosts and the fact Ren can only interact with mortal humans on Halloween I loved Hannah’s opinions of her work place and the kindly ghost baker And the other ghosts in the graveyard were a pleasure to read of like Abigail from the Victorian age and Todd the excitable little boy and even Death I honestly would have given this 5 stars except for the total reversal at the end when from one page to the next the story abruptly flipped into a high fantasy without any sort of ‘transition’ from one to the other they went through a gateway and suddenly all the characters were vastly different and surrounded by bizarre talking creatures It felt like the author didn’t know where to go from the cliffhanger and decided to mash another completely different story to it since the first one was working so well But overall I would highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a sweet paranormal romance

  8. Debbie Debbie says:

    Ren died a few months before his 24th birthday and has spent the last 5 years in Colgrove Cemetery But he aint supposed to be dead of that he is sure Hannah moved to Colgrove to get away from her past Unfortunately it follows her Hannah can see ghostsOnce a year on Halloween the ghosts of Colgrove Cemetery can walk the world OUTSIDE the Cemetery This year though proves to be somewhat of a game changerI am a BIG fan of this author's work and this does not disappoint It has all the hallmarks of Ridener the wit the story telling the one liners from characters like Death and his internet ANDthose darn cliff hangers with a flipping twist at the end i did not see coming no ma'am i did not see that one not at all Not saying what just go read it its well worht the 77p99cI look forward to catching up with this series as and when they appearI've filed it on the over 18 shelf some sexual implications and swearing BUT also some smoking of the funny stuff

  9. Pamijo Perkins Pamijo Perkins says:

    Tonya can come up with her characters as easily as anyone I've seen yet From Vampires to Mediums she has so much information about each character in every book she writesHannah Benoit is a medium Ren is a ghost What transpires between these too is greatI've read books about being able to see and communicate with ghosts and spirits before but none as good and vivid as this Thumbs up Tonya Would love to read in a series on this

  10. Sue Fahey Sue Fahey says:

    I loved this bookIt had me after the first paragraphIt went along the story line very smoothly and the twist in events were greatI simply had a tough time putting it downI even tried to sleep and had to get up to finish reading itAwesome and easy to followthank you for such a great readingI look forward to from a great author

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