The Positively Pleasant Pirates PDF/EPUB ✓ The

The Positively Pleasant Pirates PDF/EPUB ✓ The

5 thoughts on “The Positively Pleasant Pirates

  1. Jade Jade says:

    I received this book from Goodreads First Reads giveawayThe Positively Pleasant Pirates are sailing the sea to find treasure but they have one rule that they must stick by The pirates must not steal the treasure like stereotypical pirates instead they must ask politelyI think this is a great picture book and like how the typical view of pirates has been challenged It is great to show children that you can get out of being friendly and politeI enjoyed reading the book and how the words flow I much prefer rhyming books and this one was a very good rhyming book but I also really liked how as they continued on through the sea there was a repeated paragraph which children can join in withI thought the ending was brilliant as it showed the children that there was a use for there treasure however useless it seemed to begin with It is also nice to see the pirates setting a good example and helping others in needThe pictures in the book are a fantastic uality and they show the pirate and the setting in a lot of great detail I particularly liked the small details like the happy looking skull and crossbones and the ships name 'SS Pleasant' The uestions at the end of the book are great to ask the children to help them recall what happened in the book but I struggled to remember what colour the octopus happened to beOverall I think this is a fantastic book which children love because of the pirates and adults love because of the message of politeness it gets across

  2. Robin Rowles Robin Rowles says:

    This is a very nicely written short story picture book which has great and colorful illustrations throughout The story is presented in a highly entertaining rhyming style and I'm sure that young children will happily enjoy and engage with this charming and fun pirate story The story line includes some important messages that will hopefully help your child learn that it can be rewarding to share and be polite I believe that this book is ideal for bedtime reading and I would place it in the age range of three to eight years All purchases of this book creates a donation and support to the children's charity 'Rays of Sunshine' Granting Magical Wishes EverydayI received a free copy of this book through the Goodreads websiteRobin Rowles Author of “Anne and Stan's Magical Salt and Pepper Pot Adventures”

  3. Abbey Abbey says:

    The story is easy to follow and the repetitive element makes sure that it's both understood and that there's an element of anticipation The rhymes are simple but clever The characters are lovable and the tale is good lesson for those reading it be polite The book is bright and engaging even the text changes colour and font Very enjoyable read and engaging for young minds The sale of the book also helps the Rays of Sunshine charity so you can feel like you've done something good while you read about being good

  4. Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France says:

    My 5 year old daughter and I read this bookWe loved the rhyming story and wonderful illustrations which added to the fun of the storyMy daughter loved the idea of breaking the stereotype of nasty pirates and agreed 'it's nice to be important but far important to be nice'She also enjoyed answering the uestions at the end although neither of us could remember the colour of the octopus

  5. Jill Jill says:

    Wonderfully illustrated book I read it with my 3 nearly 4 year old son and he enjoyed the story not least because he is madly into pirates at the moment He liked that the pirates were nice and said they were different to other pirates as these ones said 'please' He also enjoyed answering the uiz at the end I was surprised how much information he had retained and it gave us a chance to discuss the importance of being nice polite

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The Positively Pleasant Pirates ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Positively Pleasant Pirates Author Greg Dobbins – This fun rhyming children’s book tells the story of a swashbuckling pirate and his crew Unlike other pirates the captain of this ship doesn’t steal treasure but teaches his crew to simply ask poli This fun rhyming children’s book tells the story of a swashbuckling pirate and his crew Unlike other pirates the captain of this ship doesn’t steal treasure but teaches his crew to simply ask politely This bright and colourful children’s book won’t only entertain children but will teach them that being polite and kind to others will mean that others will show the same courtesy to them This is the first published title by author Greg Dobbins who has teamed up with Illustrator Simon Morse to create a fantastic literary experience to be enjoyed by The Positively PDF/EPUB or children around the world Every time you purchase a copy of a tia publishing book they donate money to the Children’s Charity Rays of Sunshine.

  • Paperback
  • 36 pages
  • The Positively Pleasant Pirates
  • Greg Dobbins
  • English
  • 17 February 2016
  • 9781909772038