Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart PDF ä Ways a Boy

Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart PDF ä Ways a Boy

Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart ❮Epub❯ ➟ Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart Author Cate Ashwood – When Trey and Liam meet in boarding school they couldn’t be different Liam is a classical violinist with a scholarship and Trey is a punk rocker with famous parents Despite their conflicting backgro When Trey and a Boy PDF/EPUB ç Liam meet in boarding school they couldn’t be different Liam is a classical violinist with a scholarship and Trey is a punk rocker with famous parents Despite their Five Ways PDF/EPUB ² conflicting backgrounds they hit it off and bond over their love of music But after spending every waking hour together Liam is devastated when Trey leaves school without an explanation Worse yet Ways a Boy Epub Ú Trey capitalizes on a song they wrote togetherSeven years later they bump into each other at a charity benefit in New York Old sparks fly but Liam hasn’t uite recovered from the Ways a Boy Can Break PDF \ pain Trey caused Liam doesn’t know if any explanation Trey can offer will be enough or if he can find it in his heart to forgive the only man he’s ever really loved.

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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    25 starsThis wasn't bad But it was nothing special either The word that comes to mind is GENERIC sweet enough best friends to lovers heartache coming together after a long absence But it's all been done and done betterI don't usually love rock stars in my books anyway fame is highly overrated as an aphrodisiac although Trey being a rock star something not mentioned in the blurb is almost an afterthought The conflict is that Trey took a song that he wrote with his best friend Liam when they were teens and sold it as his own building his fame on the song after leaving and breaking Liam's heart The guys are best friends in high school and meet again seven years later when they're 24 Trey is a rocker and Liam a classical violinist Sparks fly; they share a kiss and spend the night together Then they have breakfast and hang out Trey tries to leave again after misunderstanding Liam's conversation with his younger brother Only then do the two talk about what happened when they were younger and what prompted Trey to be so callous in deserting Liam The whole thing was over before it started The reconciliation was too easy Liam was a pushover and Trey barely sorry enough He did a really shitty thing and the reasons behind it just didn't resonate We get a few flashbacks but not enough to build a solid foundation of friendship between the MCs and make me think that they truly belong together At the beginning of the book Liam is so busy teaching violin and playing in an orchestra that he hasn't seen his then boyfriend for a month Yet this issue magically resolves itself when he sees Trey Trey's touring or recording isn't mentioned either; no one recognizes him as he's walking around New York with Liam If you're gonna do a rock star story make it believable This one just lacked any oomph If you like super easy no angst stories you might enjoy this one fine If you prefer grit and a truly earned HEA this book won't have much to offerIf rock stars float your boat I recommend Piper Vaughn's lovely Lucky Moon series particularly the first two books and Rowan Speedwell's edgier Illumination

  2. Trisha Harrington Trisha Harrington says:

    This was really really good Trey and Liam were a lovely couple and the connection between the MC's was there The only complaint I have is the length I would have liked a bit of the couple It isn't super short so you do get a satisfying amount of story I just felt like I would have loved of themThe emotions in the story were really strong and I was rooting for the two of them to get back together Trey really seemed to be sorry for leaving and I liked that Liam wasn't a total ass about forgiving him He could have been and it would have been justifiable but he wasn't That was another bonus for meThis is a really lovely story by two incredible authors Highly recommended

  3. Bev Bev says:

    4 stars for this one from me I do like the childhood friends to lovers trope throw in some angst and misunderstandings and I'm a goner plus this one was sweetAs I'd really liked Cate Ashwood's 'Keeping Sweets' I thought I'd give this one a go when I saw it on the DsP website Liam is the poor boy made good on a scholarship to a posh school and Trey is the son of a very successful businessman who doesn't actually care a lot for his familysounds familiar doesn't it Unlikely friends obviously but they 'get' each other they're really in tune with each other and as they both like music in all its forms Trey finds it easy to ignore his rich brattish and nasty friends and spends all of his free time with Liam As they get older Liam's feelings begin to mature into something else entirely and he thinks that maybe Trey feels the same They write a song together and Liam's words should have clued Trey in as to how Liam really feels about him but before anything can happen Trey is pulled from the school by his father due to failing grades He doesn't get a chance to explain anything to Liam and feels embarrassed anywayrather than explain he laughs off his friendship with Liam and leaves We then take up the story 7 years later I'll leave this one here

  4. Riina Y.T. Riina Y.T. says:

    ♥ `•¸•´ ♥ º ☆¸¸•´¯`♥ I'm ready to fall ♥ `•¸•´ ♥ º ☆¸¸•´¯`♥ “When you left you broke my heart In a hundred different ways You ignored my feelings for you dismissed me when I tried to figure out what was wrong lied to me about why you were leaving exploited our song and you never once explained yourself”“That’s only five ways” Trey Impulsive and wild Confident and unattainable Loves music especially playing the guitar and singing than anything Always had lots of friends but nobody who actually cared about him or gave shit and saw beyond his money Except for LiamLiam Sweet and innocent Unpopular – everyone thinks he's a complete charity case Liam loved school and hated summers Especially those when Trey would be traveling He's obsessed with playing the violin and later becomes an instructor Liam learned how to play the guitar with Trey Spent most of free time with Trey Fell hopelessly in love with Trey thought it was impossible the other boy'd ever feel the sameLittle did he know
Trey's Mother It hurt It shouldn’t have after all these years but it did He stared across the table at the woman who gave birth to him and it was like looking into the calculating eyes of a stranger eyes that had never warmed to him or looked at him with love had never wiped his real tears away 

 Trey's Father You’re lazy I can’t believe I have a son like you Do you know how hard I worked at your age? I had two jobs and I still found time to make straight A’s But you? We give you every advantage every opportunity and you still fail” 
Liam's family is the complete opposite of Trey's – not rich but all the kind welcoming loving – he also has a younger brother who's always a good friend to LiamThe story begins with Liam and Trey in boarding school just one chapter one scene but it spoke volumes Both have been best friends for a while and had the most fun making music together The second chapter takes us already 7 years laterWe find out Trey became one very popular idol who kinda lost himself in pretty fucked up situations for example now An amateur sex tape Random underaged boy getting busy with Trey in a bathroom stall To fix this scandal Trey agreed to visit talk shows and play at some random benefit gala the same he then meets Liam again after he walked out of his life those 7 years agoLiam is also playing the benefit with his violin When they meet it's Trey who is determined to talk and sort things out maybe even come clean why he left all those years ago without as much as a single honest word All he really wants is to fight this time and not let Liam get away againLiam doesn't want to listen to anything and he had never planned to acutally see Trey again less forgive him for breaking his heart with those words that had hurt so much After both Liam and Trey finished their performances the worst happenedLiam got really drunk and acted out Trey wanted him always had ButHell Not like this Not with Liam intoxicated He might regret it in the morning being with Trey and if Liam regretted it that would shatter Trey into a million pieces 

Eventually they make up at least for now a tiny bit since both want each other and it's just been so long Liam isn't really convinced though and Trey well Trey slowly shows his true colors very much to Liam's surprise There were so many times when I wanted to call you or just show up on your doorstep but I was so afraid I knew I’d hurt you hurt both of us with stupid decisions and a bruised ego But I just didn’t know how to fix it I wanted to fix it So bad” Keeping things light was costing Trey too much “I want to feel you tomorrow”“I want to make you feel me forever” His heart itched to give 

They’d spent less than twenty four hours together and already Trey could feel himself falling hard falling back in love with Liam He wondered how he would feel if they had timeWhat if they had forever? 


“I’m here now”“Me too But where does that leave us?” Trey took Liam’s hand and intertwined their fingers“Together” 

 Slowly Liam started to sing a song about first love about time and about boys who break your heart Their eyes met and the song began to change The melody picked up as Trey’s voice merged with Liam’s in perfect harmony and together they sang of hearts mended of being bound together of a future within their grasp I absolutely adore Liam and Trey Together they are simply wonderfulThere is this gelato scene I just can't get enough of – sweetness overloadTrey has a special place in my heart because well because I like his type He's spoiled and lonely hates the world and everything in it except Liam He's acting out because of how messed up he feels and thinks he can run away from everything knowing it won't make it better Trey wants to be happy he wants Liam and when he finds his second chance he slowly overcomes his fears he falls hard and fast and it's wonderfulSometimes I thought Liam was giving in too fast and all and I wanted of that great sexual tension that would have been there if the story would have been longer but in the end it was perfectly fine Thinking if I were in his shoes I'd probably act the same screw everything and just go for itAll in all Trey and Liam's story was uite wonderful sweet and full of great chemistry I enoyed the big deal of music and friendship and the sex was incredibly hot – and sweet L O V E All I really wished for was pages story fleshed out scenes and deeper emotions maybe? Enjoyed the writing style easygoing and simple but very engaging It's a wonderful book and I will read it again ♥ ♥ ♥If you wondered no it's not really GFY since both are into men from the start only they never shared that little information with each other

  5. Nikyta Nikyta says:

    This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site35 starsThis was a cute little story about two friends reuniting after seven long years filled with hurt betrayal guilt and longing Trey has made a life as a famous rock star but still yearns for the one person he can never have – his old best friend Liam who he spent years with at boarding school After Trey hurt Liam beyond repair Liam went on to make a successful life as a violinist and teacher They’re both living half lives miserable in their yearnings for each other But what will happen when a chance meeting pushes them together? Will they be able to work through the myriad of feelings that have been building over the years?The story tells the tale of Liam and Trey finally reuniting I’m just as much a lover of second chances as the next person so when I picked this story up I was excited to have it based around ex best friends I loved that the characters were so different but yet they bonded over their love of music Where Liam is sensible and classical Trey is out of control and really doesn’t give a fuck Even with their differences though they balance each other out While Trey gives Liam life Liam grounds Trey It’s very sweet and simplistic and I loved that the authors’ writing styles went so well together to the point that I didn’t even notice there were two authors writingWhile I liked that the authors we able to successfully merge their styles I had a few issues with the story Mainly I felt like with how much emphasis was put on Trey hurting Liam Liam shouldn’t have taken Trey back so uickly I wanted a little grovelling talking and firm decisions instead of sex Aside from that readers should note that there are three flashbacks in this story and that aside from one of them they didn’t progress the story in anyway To me they felt like they were put in to show the depth of Trey and Liam’s feelings as kids but I don’t think it managed to accomplish that and I can’t help but feel that could have been done with them in the presentAll in all this was a good story I liked that the writing styles were so cohesive and I ultimately did like the characters I wished we had gotten of them working out their problems instead of it being resolved so uickly but as it were I enjoyed the story Those who like plots centered around second chances and friends who long for each other will enjoy this as well

  6. LiveYourLife BuyTheBook LiveYourLife BuyTheBook says:

    4 StarsA Live Your Life Buy The Book ReviewI knew right away I had to read this book I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by the authors so a team up by them seemed like a for sure thing AND it was This was pretty damn good A good angsty read for those of us who love a reunited love type of storyTrey and Liam were both in love with each other in high school but never told each other They were best friends and afraid to come out or ruin what they had Liam was the poor kid on scholarship at a prestigious private school Not popular and looked down upon by the other guys Trey was rich cool and popular Everyone wanted to be his friend They’d seem an unlikely pair but they were best friends from practically the first day they met Both guys have a deep love of music It makes Liam happy and it’s all he wants to do besides hang out with Trey Trey needs it like he needs air They spent their free time writing a song together The lyrics practically screaming out the unreuited love both guys feel for each other Trey has to leave school suddenly basically abandoning all the plans they’d made together Leaving Liam thinking he wasn’t important to Trey after all Only small portions of the book occur with the MCs in high school so don’t worry about this being YA It most definitely is notFast forward seven years later Trey is a bad boy rock star and a PR nightmare He’s discovered a lot about himself and adopted the I don’t give a damn attitude Trey has never really gotten over running out on LiamLiam has had a string of relationships that never work out He’s too busy with his career as a music teacher and musician in New York Liam has never gotten over his one true love Trey Fate throws them together one night and all the anger and lust comes slamming back into the guysI really liked this book I don’t think there was a minute of it I wasn’t all in with these MCs There was so much history anger and love between Liam and Trey you couldn’t help but cheer for them to finally get all out and make it right All the emotion swirling around made the sex scenes intense and meaningful I loved the lyrics they guys wrote together It really helped me understand how they were feeling at that point in time That song It had to crush Liam every time he heard it on the radio I recommend this one

  7. Ro Ro says:

    I have such mixed feelings about this book On the one hand I love friends to lovers stories On the other well bad behavior reuires well anywayTrey and Liam were friends in boarding school They room together and they become friends then best friends Liam wants nothing than to fit in Trey wants nothing than someone to like him for himself They get that in each other The two are best friends writing songs together and getting through high school Then one day just as Liam puts the perfect finishing touch on their song Trey announces he is leaving school and does it in such a hurtful way I actually wanted to slap him This is where the bad behavior made for an unlikeable character Yes Trey was young but still Trey goes on to be a famous rocker his success initiated by yes stealing their song When the two are reunited at a benefit concert Liam playing violin Trey as a singer the attraction is still there and I really didn’t want it to be The way Liam just jumps back in no discussion of the song until way later even the whole “why did you rip my heart out with your horrible words” doesn’t occur until later I can say immediately what I needed to make this higher rated groveling I needed to see Trey had actually remorse for the years in between His check was to me and to Liam a way to just assuage his guilt for theft of something that was intimate personal and precious Dedicated second chance friends to lovers fans may love this but I myself needed feeling that true remorse was felt

  8. Elizabetta Elizabetta says:

    uick and easy read about boarding school friends whose shared love for music helps guide them through hardships and misunderstandings Familiar characters and predictable foibles don’t mar a nice delivery of the plot And hey NYC and a mention of the wonderful Highline park don’t hurt eitherview spoileroh there is the issue of the disappearing violin When Liam finishes his orchestra gig at the charity where he and Trey meet up Liam packs up his violin hits the bar gets drunk etc There's no mention of the violin what he does with it That really bothered me No serious musician would treat their instrument so cavalierly This is an continuity error that could have been cleaned up pretty easily in editing hide spoiler

  9. F.E. Jr. F.E. Jr. says:

    I had the distinct pleasure of being the beta reader for this book Are you jealous? You should bejust kidding and I can tell you its uite a wonderful read As this is my very first contemporary malemale romance novel these two authors were so believable and so passionate about their craft I think I finished in a day and begged More MORE I love serendipity I love romance being a gay man I have a particular interest in gay romance believe it or not and these two deliver I am sure you will love this and I look forward to another collaborative effort between these two again in the future

  10. Anke Anke says:

    35 starsNice read captivating in spite of some flaws at least for me I liked both MCs both voices drew me into the development The whole thing felt rushed and in the end the final flashbacks were unnecessary; even the epilogue was a bit unsubstantial Nevertheless I liked it

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