Dragon Dawn Dinosaurian Time Travel Book 1 PDF/EPUB ç

Dragon Dawn Dinosaurian Time Travel Book 1 PDF/EPUB ç

10 thoughts on “Dragon Dawn Dinosaurian Time Travel Book 1

  1. Paul Paul says:

    What an enjoyable read that was Yep there’s a complex plot but no deep hidden meanings that only the most cerebral of us mortals can glean This is to me an adventure story I like cooking so here’s what you get Take about a pound of Star Trek and an eual amount of Dr Who then mix in a cupful of Land of the Lost and a handful of Deep Impact Sprinkle this liberally with Raiders of the Lost Ark and a soupcon of Gone With the Wind Shove that in the oven and out comes a nicely digestible version of Dragon DawnFrom page one it’s obvious the author has researched her topic as anyone with the smarts of Deborah O’Neill would This makes for an eminently readable story spiced up with believable science I liked her writing style and at times I found myself laughing out loud With a delicate techniue like the kind her terriers used on a particularly interesting turd the dinosaur sniffed her hair and face then her armpit At other times I found myself running for Google to read the latest theories on feathered dinosaurs or when exactly the big ol’ space rock wiped out the dinos or what we’d look like if we descended from Troodons a clever little dino Hmm would I look like a big chicken trying to type with just six fingers in total?If you like adventurous dystopian time travel space travel alien invasion pre post apocalyptic novels then this is your dream Put it on your to read list Great Job Deb

  2. Cheryl Landmark Cheryl Landmark says:

    Reading about time travel can sometimes make my head spin with its complexities and paradoxes But not so with this excellently written tale of space exploration time travel alternate universes and prehistoric times The author has obviously done an incredible amount of research into her subject and has woven it all into a fascinating rich lush tapestry that held me enthralled from start to finishThe world building was amazing whether it was the futuristic realm of spaceships and distant planets or the eually intriguing world of prehistoric dinosaurs Ms O'Neill Cordes effortlessly catapulted me from one world to the other on a thrilling breathtaking rideScience fiction can sometimes be a bit too technical and complex for my liking but this was a wonderful blend of hard science and mystical fantasy And I loved it I have no hesitation at all in giving this vastly entertaining book 5 amazing stars

  3. Richard Richard says:

    A very compelling and well written sci fi adventure Including dinosaurs space exploration and time travel what's not to love? The hard science mixed with action mystery and just enough romance combine to ensure you keep turning the page Can't wait for the next installment

  4. Benny Lewis Benny Lewis says:

    A book about a time travelling soul possessing reincarnating alien dinosaur from another dimension What's not to love?

  5. Lillie Roberts Lillie Roberts says:

    Awesomeness Waiting for Book 2Dawann Dracon is the royal consort it was what she was born for and all she's ever thought she'd be Until she starts dreaming of another Dreams of another universe different from her own within another's body Dawn She comes to realize that her life isn't her own She and Dawn a human are intrinsically entwined Not only that but she feels the need to save Dawn and her love GusThe Keeper expects all to bow down to him but most of all he expects his royal consort to be everything he desires After all he came to this planet to save himself and dominate it claim it as his own He will have it All of itDragon Dawn is a time traveling universe swapping sci fi fantasy suspense filled amazingly told story There were moments of breath holding sure the The Keeper was going to discover Dawann's betrayal discover her connection to the human Dawn The world building is uniue unlike anything I'd read before which is a lot to say considering the amount of books I read fully capable of making you believe you are really there On Mars with Dawann and Dawn On Earth as if humans weren't the favored species I am in suspense waiting for the next book in the series Highly recommended for epic novel lovers scififantasy fans and lovers of true romance because there's some of that here too Lovers of time travel novels this is a must read I immensely enjoyed itFive out of five fairy kisses for this readerI received a gifted copy and couldn't pass up reading

  6. Austin Wright Austin Wright says:

    I'm currently reading the Top 125 of the Best Science Fiction List 106 of 110 have ratings of 17000 or the one legit literary example that doesn't ualify for this statement is #105's CS Lewis' Trilogy with 6600 rankings the other three books ALTAS Starshine and Dragon Dawn #85 #92 and #110 have 1000 1000 and 150 reviews I doesn't take a genius to see that these books are artificially being pushed in order to rank high on the Best Science Fiction listIf it were up to me I would have removed these books I'm not saying they're bad books just that they shouldn't be on the Top 100 knocking down Gene Wolfe's Shadow of the Torturer #116 and Asimov's The Naked Sun #118Despite my obvious biases against these three books I went ahead and decided to read them anyway I purchased a physical copy of Dragon Dawn on It starts off very well with two Acts taking up the first half of the book an oppressive dinosaur civilization and then humans exploring Mars However the second half of the book just drags and was in dire need of a strict editor There are better ways to show the Russians as Russian besides Nyet Nyet Nyet and after the 10th time the French dude started a sentence with Oiu it was just painful to read The ending was good and exciting I actually liked this book than Dragonflight which I gave 1 star but it was still amateur in my eyes so I'm giving it a 2 star rating

  7. Tara Tara says:

    The rich detail in this sci fi fantasy both feed and starve the underlying mystery at the heart of the story Across time space and species things are comforting and familiar— yet eerily differentDawann dracon finds herself intimately connected to divergent potentials straddling both worlds without belonging in either Her need for answers to settle the gnawing disuiet inside her leads Dawann to peel back the layers until she learns even she isn’t who she seems Stirred to respond she risks it all for an outcome that’s far from assuredIf sci fi fantasy is your genre don’t miss this

  8. Erin Richards Erin Richards says:

    First rate Science Fiction Debut Being a fan of time travel and light science fiction I was instantly drawn into the exciting and imaginative worlds Deborah O’Neill Cordes created in DRAGON DAWN From Moozrab Mars to a slice of modern Arizona to the Cretaceous period of Earth the author enthralls the readerInterweaved in the unfolding story between pre historic Earth and Moozrab are two impeccably drawn species humans and dinosaurians My favorite character was Dawann dracon I loved her fierce innocence and curiosity as she discovers surprising and mysterious things about herself and her worldthoughts and emotions that belong to someone else Underlying the time traveling mystery is an enticing and malevolent being called The Keeper who moves the beings around these worlds and time periods like pawns on a chessboardDRAGON DAWN is a multifaceted and fascinating mix of science fiction history and fantasy It was obvious that Ms Cordes spent a great deal of time researching planet Earth and its various time periods pre historic dinosaurs the solar system Mars even DNA Her expert research awe inspiring details and lush descriptions whether real or fictional brought the story to vivid life from manufactured life on Mars to the dinosaurs and verdant Cretacean period and even on a dig site in present day Arizona I can’t wait to read what happens next with Dawann dracon Dawn Gus and the crew of the Destiny First rate plotting research characterization and writing will make DRAGON DAWN a story for your keeper shelf

  9. Stephanie Freeman Stephanie Freeman says:

    From the moment I opened Dragon Dawn I felt myself being drawn into this mystical world like none other Long after I closed the book I found myself haunted by the characters The Keeper is beguiling yet deadly He seemed to bathe in a particularly gruesome kind of cruelty that gave his skin and his regime a chilling sheen DawannDawn is the perfect heroine terrifically torn between two worlds and two lives Her dilemma and her decisions make her one of my favorite heroines of all time I marvel over Deborah O'Neill Cordes' ability to create two worlds and weave them so effortlessly together It isn't often that I compare an author with another but in this case Dragon Dawn has matched the skill and the wonder of CS Lewis and his beloved tales of Narnia Mystical Ethereal Lyrical Beautiful While I was gifted with an uncorrected galley for an honest review I was so moved by the story that I actually purchased a copy for my kindle I look forward to the next installment of this instant classic Excellent work

  10. Terri Herman-Poncé Terri Herman-Poncé says:

    Michael Crichton Meets Carl SaganWhere to beginwhere to beginthere aren’t enough things to say about this story to do it justice Complex vividly drawn and fantastical Dragon Dawn weaves together a time travel tale that in my opinion is so much Multiverses paleontology evil forces and action all play a part in Deborah O'Neill Cordes’ intricate but very believable tale that mixes the suspense filled dinosaur genre penned by Crichton with the scientific suppositions presented by Sagan More than that it’s clear that the author has done her homework and has a true love for science fiction – to the point that one can’t do anything but imagine this book playing out on a big screenGive this one a ride Dragon Dawn will take you on a trip beyond your wildest dreams

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Dragon Dawn Dinosaurian Time Travel Book 1 ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Dragon Dawn Dinosaurian Time Travel Book 1 By Deborah ONeill Cordes ✓ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Time snakes between alternate universes Ever watchful an alien intelligence survives on Mars waiting to be found by spacefarers from Earth The alien’s ultimate goal is to send human astronauts back Time snakes between alternate universes Dinosaurian Time PDF ☆ Ever watchful an alien intelligence survives on Mars waiting to be found by spacefarers from Earth The alien’s ultimate goal is to send human astronauts back in time where they will alter the past and thwart the extinction of the dinosaurs A race of intelligent dinosaurs resembling the alien’s extinct species subseuently evolves to rule the world But a human female astronaut through a strange twist of fate survives the change in the space time continuum After finding herself Dragon Dawn PDF/EPUB ² in a dinosaurian body she must race against time – and the formidable alien – to restore the universe to its rightful course Dragon Dawn takes the intriguing plot device of time travel and uses cutting edge science to produce a new spin on the evolution of intelligence The subject matter blends fields of study the author Deborah O’Neill Cordes loves in eual measure; she holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology and a master’s degree in history She offers her readers a window into exotic Dawn Dinosaurian Time PDF Î worlds lushly beautiful often terrifying – and wholly compelling.