Elogio dell'imperfezione MOBI å Hardcover

Elogio dell'imperfezione MOBI å Hardcover

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  1. howl of minerva howl of minerva says:

    It’s 1939 and the Second World War is kicking off As an Italian Jew you have been denied the right to practice medicine by race laws The training for which you sweated blood for years and which as a woman it was especially difficult to obtain has been nullified You have been denied the right to carry out any scientific research or any other professional activity; such activity on your part is now illegal The news you hear is frankly terrifying Your community has been specifically targeted for persecution At first just the usual discrimination and vilification but now dispossession and even death A reward of several thousand lira has been offered to anyone denouncing a Jew What do you do?If you are Rita Levi Montalcini you beg borrow steal or jury rig some basic scientific euipment put together a makeshift laboratory in your bedroom and carry on with your experiments To obtain eggs you are interested in the development of the chick embryonic nervous system you cycle from farm to farm and claim that you need them to feed your children You are aware that if caught by or reported to fascist authorities your life may be on the line A distanza di tanti anni mi sono domandata come potessimo dedicarci con tanto entusiasmo all'analisi di uesto piccolo problema di neuroembriologia mentre le armate tedesche dilagavano in uasi tutta Europa disseminando la distruzione e la morte e minacciando la sopravvivenza stessa della civiltà occidentale La risposta è nella disperata ed in parte inconscia volontà di ignorare ciò che accade uando la piena consapevolezza ci priverebbe della possibilità di continuare a vivereMany years later I have asked myself how I could have devoted myself with such enthusiasm to the study of this obscure problem in neuroembryology while the German armies poured through Europe like a deluge spreading death and destruction and threatening the very survival of western civilisation The answer lies in a desperate and partly unconscious will to ignore what was happening when full consciousness of it would deprive me of the possibility of continuing to live These experiments now considered seminal in developmental neurobiology put Rita Levi Montalcini on a scientific path that would eventually lead to the discovery of Nerve Growth Factor NGF and the award of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1986 Her autobiography traces her upbringing in Italy and her personal and professional life through the Second World War and afterwards when she moved to the University of Washington to continue her work with Viktor Hamburger Hamburger did not receive the Nobel Prize for work which he largely conceived and directed Levi Montalcini de emphasises his role here; a fact which would later lead to some tension between the twoHer title is a play on YeatsThe intellect of man is forced to choosePerfection of the life or of the workAnd if it take the second must refuseA heavenly mansion raging in the darkWhen all that story’s finished what’s the news?In luck or out the toil has left its markThat old perplexity an empty purseOr the day’s vanity the night’s remorseLevi Montalcini praises imperfection of the life and the work Il fatto che l'attività svolta in modo così imperfetto sia stata e sia tuttora per me fonte inesauribile di gioia mi fa ritenere che l'imperfezione nell'eseguire il compito che ci siamo prefissi o ci è stato assegnato sia più consona alla natura umana così imperfetta che non la perfezione The fact that our work unfolds in such an imperfect way has been and remains for me a source of inexhaustible joy It reminds me that imperfection in carrying out the tasks we have set ourselves or have been assigned is fitting to human nature – so imperfect – than perfection As she says in her prologue the nervous systems of many invertebrates have not evolved for hundreds of millions of years precisely due to their perfection Rita Levi Montalcini died in 2012 aged 103 At that time she was still leading an active research laboratory Who would have dared to stop her?

  2. Miriam Miriam says:

    What a pity that this book is out of print I borrowed it from the library but would love to own a copy see NB below I'm about 23 of the way through and this woman is not just a Nobel prize winning scientist but a brilliant writer and meticulous historian She like me was a Jew She lived in Italy the country of her birth through Mussolini's fascist regime in Italy and managed to escape the Nazis while conducting experiments on developing chick embroys in a tiny bedroom among other amazingly makeshift laboratories As a developmental biologist by training with particular interest in neuroscience I had been aware of this amazing woman for many years but was prompted to pick up this book when I read her obituary in the New York Times If you love science women scientists and history you will not be disappointed by this bookNB After I finished reading this book I was so deeply touched by it that I did something I've never done before I bought a copy for 22500 from rare out of print but I had to have it I have never paid so much for any book and hope I don't do it again

  3. Katherine Gorman Katherine Gorman says:

    Really one of the best biographies I have ever read Simplistic and honest style is very poignant The first woman to win the nobel prize in neuroscience she lived through two world wars survived the Holocaust as a young Jewish scientist and achieved the highest honor in science in the face of extreme sexism and still seemed like a person I would have loved to meet

  4. Bethany Sharon Moore Bethany Sharon Moore says:

    Ah this woman is one of my heroes This autobiography explores Montalcini's life and her work towards discovering NGF nerve growth factor the discovery that earned her the Nobel Prize A victim of world war II Montalcini worked in her bedroom laboratory in Turin Italy while bombs were being dropped all around them she worked studiously on chick embryos to discover the factor that allows their nerves to repair when damaged form a growth cone release the factor etc Very fascinating read

  5. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    The title of this book caught my eye The back cover says that this is A warmly engaging self portrait of the fourth woman in history to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine

  6. Emily Emily says:

    A book mentioned by my friend's boss she was his mentorhttpwwwnhlbinihgovrecoveryres

  7. Bob Gustafson Bob Gustafson says:

    This is an ordinary autobiography of an extraordinary womanI have read three autobiographies in the last year Rita Levi Montalcini's Carole King's and volume 2 of Mark Twain's What is interesting is what the author's choose to include or exclude In the case of this book it is the most puzzling but that is OKIf you have nothing better to do you can read this book but you probably have something better to do

  8. Briankiwi Briankiwi says:

    A nicely written memoir by a humble but great scientist The challenges of doing scientific research in wartime Italy were especially revelatory but also worth reading for the insights into the single mindedness and determination that a scientific career can demand and for the glimpses into the joys of discovery

  9. Matteo Ricci Matteo Ricci says:

    It's a biography of Rita Levi Montalcini an amazing scientist and woman it's interesting even how she lived during the Jews persecution in Europe and how even during those tough years her passion for medicine made her keep studying medicine even if it was forbbiden for JewsIt reallys motivates yourself to do your best Great Book

  10. Núria Núria says:

    Amazing life and amazing strength She is a woman that not only is a great scientist but she also knows how to communicate beautifully her emotions and fears A must read for all feminists a nobel prize winner talking with humble and poetically

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Elogio dell'imperfezione [Read] ➻ Elogio dell'imperfezione ➸ Rita Levi-Montalcini – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Senza seguire un piano prestabilito ma guidata di volta in volta dalle mie inclinazioni e dal caso ho tentato come risulterà dalla lettura di uesto libro che è una specie di bilancio o rapporto fina Senza seguire un piano prestabilito ma guidata di volta in volta dalle mie inclinazioni e dal caso ho tentato come risulterà dalla lettura di uesto libro che è una specie di bilancio o rapporto finale di conciliare due aspirazioni inconciliabili secondo il grande poeta Yeats; Perfection of the life or of the work Così facendo e secondo le sue predizioni ho realizzato uella che si può definire imperfection of the life and of the work Il fatto che l'attività svolta in modo così imperfetto sia stata ed sia tuttora per me fonte inesauribile di gioia mi fa ritenere che l'imperfezione nell'eseguire il compito che ci siamo prefissi o ci è stato assegnato sia più consona alla natura umana così imperfetta che non la perfezione Considerando in retrospettiva il mio lungo percorso uello di coetanei e colleghi e delle giovani reclute che si sono affiancate a noi credo di poter affermare che nella ricerca scientifica né il grado di intelligenza né la capacità di eseguire e portare a termine con esattezza il compito intrapreso siano i fattori essenziali per la riuscita e la soddisfazione personale Nell'una e nell'altra contano maggiormente la totale dedizione e il chiudere gli occhi davanti alle difficoltà in tal modo possiamo affrontare problemi che altri più critici e acuti non affronterebbero.

  • Hardcover
  • 269 pages
  • Elogio dell'imperfezione
  • Rita Levi-Montalcini
  • Italian
  • 27 May 2015

About the Author: Rita Levi-Montalcini

Rita Levi Montalcini Italian pronunciation ˈrita ˈlɛvi montalˈtʃini; April – December was an Italian neurologist who together with colleague Stanley Cohen received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of nerve growth factor NGF Also from until her death she served in the Italian Senate as a Senator for LifeRita Levi Montalcini had be.