Paperback ✓ Mending Dreams Kindle å

Paperback ✓ Mending Dreams Kindle å

Mending Dreams ❮Read❯ ➵ Mending Dreams ➹ Author Bonnie Schroeder – Susan Krajewski seems to have it all career boyfriend strong social network She's even stayed friends with her ex husband Frank despite the fact that he left her when he fell in love with another man Susan Krajewski seems to have it all career boyfriend strong social network She's even stayed friends with her ex husband Frank despite the fact that he left her when he fell in love with another man Beneath the surface however you'll find a different Susan a woman masking seriously damaged self esteem and great emotional pain When Frank is diagnosed with terminal cancer Susan's carefully structured world begins to disintegrate Although she's convinced herself that she's no longer in love with Frank when he and his life partner Clayton ask for her help Susan can't refuse She stands by Frank in his final days juggling his needs with those of her boyfriend Noah and with the demands of her career Susan pays a steep price for her loyalty Caught up in his own family crisis Noah abandons her She loses her job Then Frank dies and Susan is ambushed by a riptide of grief she can't control In the aftermath of Frank's death Susan uarrels with her best friend Margaret who doesn't offer the kind of sympathy Susan wants But how could anyone know the depth of Susan's loss She's worked hard at hiding her feelings As Susan sifts through the wreckage of her life she wrestles with her fears and emotional scars and comes to accept that she can't heal without help She acknowledges all that she's lost and realizes all that she still has Along the way she finds love and support in unexpected places and as she begins to heal she comes to understand that painful as they can sometimes be it's her ties to others that make life worth living.

6 thoughts on “Mending Dreams

  1. Paula Paula says:

    This is a grown up book The characters are not perfect but rather uniue human beings with the flaws and blind spots we all have Many of the relationships and conflicts will be familiar to anyone who has lived long enough to have experienced loss I was really rooting for Susan and liked the ending The story is very visual—I was sort of casting the movie in my head I am holding back one star because I know the author and don't want her to get a swelled head She needs to keep working on her next book

  2. Heather Ames Heather Ames says:

    Excellent Contemporary Women's Fiction An emotional ride through Susan's life as she deals with problems faced by so many women in modern life the lover who can't seem to separate himself from his ex a big shake up at work and growing apart from friends who seem to have moved on with their lives and remaining alienated from family who although well loved can only be tolerated in small doses Susan's own ex who hurt her deeply needs her continued love and support at the end of his life I finished Mending Dreams ahead of two other books by well known authors as I became invested in Susan and her emotional journey toward peace and enlightenment

  3. Chuck Holler Chuck Holler says:

    The author Bonnie Schroeder is a neighbor and dear friend We are so proud of her for this first publishing of a novel milestone She is a gifted story teller and the storyline here supports that fact A light number of 'f' 's' bombs are mixed in and may be 'heartburn' to some; they add 'earthiness' and reality to these characters as they come to life off of each page It is one of my recommended reads to friends family My wife Jamie and I hope for tremendous success for Bonnie this novel and cannot wait to read her next offering

  4. Janet Aird Janet Aird says:

    Susan is a fragile woman who is in love with her gay exhusband than she is with her new boyfriend When her ex asks her to help him through his last days her precarious world falls apart It's only when she finds the strength to help him that she realizes that she’s capable of healing herself

  5. Gayle Bartos-Pool Gayle Bartos-Pool says:

    Finding Susan – A Beautiful JourneyBonnie Schroeder’s debut novel Mending Dreams is a contemporary story about a young woman’s journey to find herself amongst the ruins she might have created in her own lifeSusan Krajewski has a good job friends and a new boyfriend But that is about to change She hasn’t gotten over the bitterness she feels about her husband leaving her for a man but now her job security is in jeopardy when a new corporate strategy is about to weed out a lot of her co workers and maybe Susan too Then her boyfriend starts making excuses to be with his ex wife and their son To top it off her ex Frank Krajewski calls and tells Susan he is dying Susan has been putting up barriers for some time and she dreads Frank will ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do The call comes and now Susan has to rise to the occasion but can she will she? She is already snapping off heads at work building a fortress around herself that won’t let anybody in But the boss a real creep is crossing the line as far as eual employment standards go It’s Susan’s job to know when the company is not in compliance But will she care? She has her own job to considerWhen Frank does make that call Susan gives in reluctantly She’ll do Frank the favor but no But is asked of her Will she do the right thing?She seeks out her friends ladies she has known for years They’ll help But will they? Are they really her friends? Does she deserve their friendship? Then the woman she thought was her best friend leaves the country to help her wayward daughter get her life sorted out Susan is devastated that Margaret didn’t think of her But should she?Susan gets a chance to take a good look at herself through the eyes of her co workers who depend on her wisdom through the eyes of her dying ex husband and his family; and through the eyes of her friends But mostly Susan sees herself who she really is Will she like what she sees?This is a beautifully written journey with heartbreak and anger and truth It shows that we aren’t alone unless we can’t find ourselves A very good read

  6. Beverly Diehl Beverly Diehl says:

    Love is one of those flexible things we don't always love who we're supposed to love and despite marriage or divorce or other societal bonds sometimes we are linked to those whom we should not still be emotionally tied toDisclaimer I'm personally acuainted with Bonnie Schroeder who's an absolutely lovely personSusan still loves her ex Frank despite their divorce despite the reality that Frank iswas gay and left her for another man Yet with his terminal lung cancer he NEEDS her in his lifeThere are many excellent themes in this book which will resonate with anyone who has deeply mourned someone they still loved despite whatever it was that was supposed to end that love However the pace is slow and the style writing in first person both limits and distances us from the main character Susan rather than making ither intimateI really liked that this was not one of those books that was formulaic and tied everything up with a bow that Susan was trying to figure out her love life with than one false starts And her despairdepression felt very real to me not to mention made me want to go pour myself a drink though things ended on an upbeat noteThis debut novel is not for everyone but if you enjoy work that is off the beaten track and are up for dealing with some darker subject matter like loss of a loved one and challenges within women's friendships you will enjoy this book

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