Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Lessons and Teachings from

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Lessons and Teachings from

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime of Golf
  • Harvey Penick
  • English
  • 03 October 2016
  • 9780684859248

10 thoughts on “Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime of Golf

  1. Kurtbg Kurtbg says:

    Anecdotes and advice from a golf pro for days of yoreThe game of golf has changed since then and he notes it near the end of the book when he covers trick shots He laments a bit that the game has become power biasedSome interesting notes very basic Practice your swing with a 7 iron most time is spent with irons and putting Don't over practice on a driver Relax and find what works for you there is no perfect swingstance etc that works for everyone It's your perfect swing you strive for Walk the grounds to learn the course feel the rhythm of the game and enjoy Golf carts take away from that experience Practice the 4 foot puttSee you in the fairways

  2. Brad Lyerla Brad Lyerla says:

    What a comfort this little book is for a golfer Simple and wise Penick makes golf sensible for expert and hacker alike It is a must read for all golfersA key take away for me is that Penick instructs us to take dead aim Of course And yet I bet the vast majority of shots I hit in a round are just approximations No I resolve to take dead aim That now is my mantra

  3. Ben Margraves Ben Margraves says:

    This book was released while I was in high school in the 90's I was a golfer and it consumed my life most of the time This book was like my bible I read this book to improve my game by taking notes from it and writing them on my hats bags scorecards and anything else I could imagine The lessons in this book were not only applied o golf but to life as well

  4. Ryan Blevins Ryan Blevins says:

    This book was amazing Harvey Penik is my hero in golf after Arnold Palmer Harvey is from Austin TX which makes everything all that much better Who would have though that a little eight year old could get a job caddying for the middle aged rich white men golfing for fun Austin Country Club has found themselves a gem Eighty One years of caddying and he is still at the Country Club doing what he does best caddying He spent little time on Tour but all the time in the world coaching those on tour he coached grates like Tom Kite and many This book includes a span of sixty years worth of notes and markings he made while coaching professionals and amateurs What are some of the juicy notes he has made in those sixty years well your gonna have to read this and find out for your self reading this book lead my to take ten strokes off of my own game I felt like he coached me just from reading this book He is the John Wooden of Golf so read enjoy and you too could be playing better Golf in no time

  5. Joshua Thompson Joshua Thompson says:

    I read this as it was recommended to me for it's nuggets of wisdom about teaching and learning beyond the game of gold It didn't disappoint

  6. Eustacia Tan Eustacia Tan says:

    I read this book at the driving range and I like it enough that if the second book is still at BookOff the next time I visit I'll probably get it I obviously didn't learn my lesson about having too many books when I movedHarvey Penick's Little Red Book is basically a collection of golfing tips and stories and even one poem Harvey Penick is supposed to be this really great teacher although I haven't heard of him before But he sounds really kind and like a good teacherBasically Harvey's philosophy is that golf is a game you can spend your whole life learning agree and that although each person has their own style of playing there are certain principles that can help you play a better game So while he talks about people who are exceptions to the rules he does give you the 'rules' that can help you improve golfAnd a lot of stories I think there are stories about golf than tips about golf in the book I found most of them interesting but I have a feeling that I'm supposed to be impressed at the people who wrote the introductionare mentioned in the book Then again I like playing golf but not really watching it so that probably explains my ignorance regarding those peopleThis is definitely a book that fans of golf would like But I don't think this is a good book for people looking to get into the game because it uses uite a lot of golf terminology do the words hook your putts and suaring the club face mean anything to you? In fact I would probably understand and appreciate this a lot when I was in MG because I was learning and using those terms regularly back then Reading it now I have to think hard to understand some sentencesStill I'm glad I got this book It's always fun to read about golf from someone who loves it and it serves as a good motivator for meThis review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

  7. Aidan Boyd Aidan Boyd says:

    Harvey Penick's Little Red Book is a book on a series of tips and instructions to make the reader a knowledgeable golfer The book covers almost any scenario an armature golfer will face and how to fix it Some teachings and lessons take up less than a page and others are extensive I would recommend this book to a new golfer or someone who does not know much about golf

  8. Ashley Ashley says:

    This book is really great but written for right handed golfers and I'm a lefty

  9. Susan Smith Susan Smith says:

    Harvey Penick's Little Red Book is as much about teaching as it is about golf One of the greatest golf instructors who ever lived Penick composed this book by compiling personal anecdotes golfing tips and descriptions of legendary golfers A would be golfer like me can learn much about the joy and beauty of the game while picking up tips as to what aspects of the swing are important and which ones are not worth worrying about Penick treated each of his students differently recognizing that there are many ways to swing a club and he worked very hard to get to know his students not only their individual swings but also who they were as individuals before offering advice I finished this book with great admiration for this man who uietly watched his students swing and offered maybe one or two pieces of advice that were game changing Highly recommend if you are taking up the game or if you are an avid golfer and just need some direction to get you out of your slump Tips that will stay with me Take dead aim Clip the tee and Swing the bucket This book along with Ben Hogan's Five Lessons has found a home on my coffee table where I can refer to it often

  10. Linda Kelly Linda Kelly says:

    This little book can delight a reader whether a golfer or not The organization into specific topics makes this book useful as a resource If I were a golfer I would really use the book as an ongoing resourceAs a history buff I really enjoyed reading the history of the Austin Country Club which opened in 1898 as well as the many historical anecdotes about the history of golf and golf players Harvey became the pro there in 1923 and stayed for over 50 years Harvey coached at the University of Texas Since I am from West Texas I really enjoyed the story about his college players from West Texas their grip was different due to holding club steady for shots in those fierce winds I just loved reading this book

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Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime of Golf[BOOKS] ⚣ Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime of Golf By Harvey Penick – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk THE CLASSIC BOOK OF GOLF WISDOM FROM THE GAME'S GREATEST TEACHER The Little Red Book has become reuired reading for all players and fans of the game of golf from beginners to seasoned pros The legenda Little Red Kindle Ö THE CLASSIC BOOK OF GOLF WISDOM FROM THE GAME'S GREATEST TEACHER The Little Red Book has become reuired reading for all players and fans of the game of golf from beginners to Harvey Penick's PDF/EPUB ² seasoned pros The legendary Harvey Penick who began his Penick's Little Red Book Lessons MOBI :å golfing career as a caddie in Austria Texas at the age of eight worked with an amazing array of champions over the course of Penick's Little Red ePUB ↠ nearly a century dispensing invaluable wisdom to golfers of every level Penick simplifies the technical jargon of other instructional books and communicates the very essence of the game and his Little Red Book Penick's Little Red Book Lessons MOBI :å is full of inspiration and homespun wisdom that reflects at once his great love of golf as well as his great talent for teaching.