Magic Within PDF å Kindle Edition

Magic Within PDF å Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 214 pages
  • Magic Within
  • Marcy L. Peska
  • English
  • 05 September 2014

4 thoughts on “Magic Within

  1. L L says:

    This wonderfully rich and imaginative story is an enjoyable read Having read book 1 Magic all around and loved it I was delighted upon receiving a free complimentary copy of book 2 ‘Magic Within’ from the author It was great to have the chance to delve back into this enchanting world and continue the story from where it left off including being reunited with the colourful cast of characters This book is highly readable; due to the simplicity and fluidity of prose that draws you into such a magnetic storyline The story picks up from after the death of Cecilia and following on that journey of inner self discovery as Vivian searches for answers Filled with an array of fantastical creatures myth and magic this fabulously fun tale is a true delight that will enchant both readers’ young and old I loved the inclusion of the ‘Pandora’s Box’ mystery and the danger and temptation surrounding itso deliciously enticing This brilliant Young Adult series ideally targeted towards the younger YA reader is compelling satisfying and deftly woven If you love scintillating stories with action adventure and that touch of magic then this is a book not to miss as it contain all the ingredients for a magnificent creation Having now read both books 1 and 2 of this spectacular series I cannot wait to discover book 3 and see where the story leads This may not be of the same standard as ‘great’ YA novels in the vein of JK Rowling or Phillip Pullman for instance but nevertheless it is an accomplished and assured visionary masterpiece that I would rate on average around 35 stars I would highly recommend this book to all adventure fantasy readers I would like to thank the author for sending me a free copy of her second novel in the Magic all around series; Magic Within to read and review

  2. Wulfwyn Wulfwyn says:

    I am enjoying this series so much I live in Juneau where the series is set The author does an excellent job bringing the scenery and uirks of Juneau to life I love her characters who really do seem like people I would meet here Book 2 Magic Within picks up the story after Cecillia was killed Vivian is discovering who she is what she can do and learning about the prophesythe one that has her marrying a stranger and becoming the leader of his family Now the entire family is coming in for the wedding and her mother is trying to tell her about a curse This book is filled with wonderful colorful magical shifting characters an enchanting Pandora's Box and loads of family fun love and spats Oh yes there is also the problem of someone trying to wrest the family leader position and the Pandora's Box from Vivian This is a fun and interesting series that can be safely shared with the YA crowd including the younger ones The author brings to life the adventure and keeps it at a steady pace When you reach the end you are both satisfied and left with a longing for The author's writing is a mix of easy laid back style and attention to detail This makes a fast read that you can easily picture I am eagerly waiting for Book 3

  3. Laurie Hopkins Laurie Hopkins says:

    Great storyLoved this storyline I wasn't left hanging but am disappointed she hasn't written Would love to read from this author

  4. Laura Laura says:

    A fun seuel to Magic All Around by Marcy Peska This book is shorter than the first of the series and I startedfinished the book within a few hours It's just as addictive as the first story though I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it My only disappointment is that it's over but I'm hoping that there will eventually be another book in this series

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Magic Within[PDF / Epub] ☃ Magic Within By Marcy L. Peska – Vivian Marshall is feeling pressure from all sides Should she explore her rediscovered magic and embrace the roles of wife and matriarch that she’s been prophesied to fulfill or should she forsake h Vivian Marshall is feeling pressure from all sides Should she explore her rediscovered magic and embrace the roles of wife and matriarch that she’s been prophesied to fulfill or should she forsake her magic and return to the life she knows and loves the simple life of an introverted artist As Vivian navigates the choppy waters of her conflicted desires she also finds herself at odds with her mother and trying to accommodate fifty houseguests and prospective in laws while coming to terms with her heritage Book in the Magic All Around series Magic Within brings you Alaskan scenery weredogs Daisy the Pandora’s box Teak and of course LJ and his pony tailed Uncle Norm.

About the Author: Marcy L. Peska

I'm a dog loving rain preferring curry crazy indie author I live with my husband and our pitsky pit bullhusky mix Jeb in Juneau Alaska.