Precog in Peril MOBI ☆ Precog in eBook Ú

Precog in Peril MOBI ☆ Precog in eBook Ú

9 thoughts on “Precog in Peril (Precog in Peril, #1-#3)

  1. K K says:

    I’ve been kinda bored with reading lately Nothing seems to really grab my attention and hold it hostage as it has been known to do in the past I read so much and have for so long that sometimes I wonder if isn’t time to hang it up for awhile Then I come upon a book such as Precog in Peril The Complete Series by Theo Fenraven and I wonder how I could even entertain the idea of hanging it up This book was such a breath of fresh air and it completely rejuvenated me from the stagnant cycle I was finding myself in Precog in Peril is a fascinating story with two incredible yet entirely different characters Gray and Cooper the main characters of this story find common ground that pulls them to each other Eventually they find themselves completely absorbed with one another Theo when telling a story will have you enraptured with his words his descriptions and his penchant for detail I have a few of this author’s titles in my library and each time I read a new one from him I find myself and amazed with his ability to tell a story I love his writing style and the pride he exudes in his stories Anyone can write words fill a page Not everyone however has a gift and talent to do it correctly Theo Fenraven is a masterful storyteller that will hold you captive from start to finishFirst thing I feel I should mention is this is 3 books sold as a complete set There is a lot of story here with a lot of twists and turns suspense mystery and intrigue The story brings together Gray and Cooper two completely different personalities different lifestyles different families But what starts out as different turns into two men finding common ground being allies companions friends and lovers They set out on a journey together on a houseboat once owned by Gray’s grandfather Graham who was murdered Gray has a gift known as “the sight” which allows him to see visions of past present and future He doesn’t know that much about it and unbeknownst to him his grandfather also had it One of the reasons behind this journey he wants to find out about his gift and how it will affect him What does it mean to have the sight and does he really want to know They soon discover Cooper has a gift as well so working together finding answers soon take on a new meaning and precedence to get to the bottom of this newly found information They will meet some wonderful people on this journey people who will help them in seeking their answers but just as many people trying to take them down use them for their own purpose It will be up to Gray and Cooper to sort through who is telling the truth and who is out to destroy themThere are many side characters in this story making it impossible to mention them all and everything they do What I will say is they are all fascinating and each one play a crucial part in the development of this story Harper Gray’s cousin is absolutely hysterical She is definitely the life of any party and her character adds a bright light in their journey As they travel up and down the river seeking the answers and mysteries of their gifts they go through and around many obstacles twists and turns There is so much adventure and excitement mystery and suspense as the story unfolds There were many times I found myself completely transfixed almost afraid to breathe as things come to the forefront As clues and facts are discovered the you hang onto every word completely captivated As the suspense builds I was so intrigued at times my heartbeat actually felt as though it increased in speed I was so enthralled with the story line that hours passed by uickly making it seem as though it had been minutes As Gray and Cooper learn about each other they form a bond outside of their gift that you hope as the reader will be lasting and permanent Their sexual relationship was amazing from the beginning They’re not together long before they experience the pleasure of each other They have sex in one form or another uite freuently What is so different in relation to other books I have read most of it is off the page However and maybe because of you can feel the strength of their emotions that connect them to each other You know what they are doing or have done even though the details are minimal It actually seems sexy with the lack of details I found it to be sexually stimulating as the details were left up to my own imagination You can feel their connection emotionally and mentally and the pleasure they give and have with each other As the reader you feel this pull a tug and give of emotions that keeps you entranced in their worldThis is a beautiful story of mystery and intrigue but at its core I feel it was still a love story Two souls connected in ways than one stronger when together When apart they were always reaching for the other to keep their connection strong whether it be in heart or in mind The author has amazing ability to keep you fully invested from one page to the next The story is constantly moving forward showing growth and maturity in both of the MC’s The author makes you believe in the power of his words His facts whether true or not make you believe they were true When I read a story I want to believe and this author has done that on every level of this book Where will this journey take them will they find the answers they seek? This is an incredible story that will hold your attention make you believe and most of all will make you love love reading As Gray and Cooper set out on their adventure you are right beside them rooting them on laughing crying and smiling every step of the way

  2. Jaycee Edward Jaycee Edward says:

    Once again Theo Fenraven has taken me for a ride away from my comfort zone I'll be honest and say that the three books contained in Precog in Peril were on my TBR list but only because he wrote them They are not my usual type of read I hadn't gotten around to buying them yet When all three stories became available in one book last week I jumped on itPrecog in Peril is a MM story but unlike my usual reads the love story is not the central focus That said the mystery and adventure that ensues does not take away from the romance at all which kept me content while reading The chemistry between Gray and Cooper ohhhhCooperI love him sooo much is vivid and beautifully written While the story is told from Gray's POV and his love for Cooper is obvious because he tells us as much I felt Cooper's love for Gray even It shone through his words and his actions and the little concerned looks He worries about Gray's Irritable Bowel Syndrome which sounds icky as I write this but in the context of this story it's a totally beautiful sweet thingOne thing I always notice about Theo Fenraven's writing is how he introduces us to the characters There is never that typical paragraph that describes them to us but instead he shows us little characteristics all throughout the story The characters come to life gradually as if Theo were a painter and with each brushstroke he reveals a little to us For example this uote about Cooper which is almost near the end of the bookI loved the clean lines of brow and cheekbone and the soft smoky shadows that appeared under his eyes when he closed themI smiled when I read that because it showed me one tiny piece of Cooper face that I hadn't known before and it made me want to run my finger across those shadowsDon't get me wrong I despise reading descriptive passages There are none of those here yet the mystical world in which this story takes place is painted in my mind nonetheless There is a simplicity in Fenraven's writing style that makes all his work enjoyable to read The words flow and images paint themselves effortlessly as you read But it's his mastery of dialog that truly lets us as readers come to know the characters He keeps it real by throwing in little unexpected things often out of context that often make you chuckle Yes Azerbaijani IS a fun word to sayThere is an entire cast of fascinating characters and an exciting twisting turning plot I hate writing reviews so I won't delve into the meat of the story because you can read it in the synopsis and no doubt in other reviews I'll be honest and say that just based on those I wouldn't have clicked simply because as I stated before I gravitate toward love stories than mysteries or fictional worlds Thankfully Theo Fenraven is a must read author for me otherwise I would have missed out on this wonderful journeyI've never once in my life thought about owning a houseboat but I'm thinking about renting one nowbut only if Gray and Cooper can come with me Thank you Theo for another wonderful read

  3. Helena Stone Helena Stone says:

    People following my reviews will know that I’m in love with Theo Fenraven’s words I fell hard and fast when I read Blue River the love grew when I devoured Transgression and solidified while I enjoyed Wolf Bound and Lavender Rose I love an author who can lift me out of my daily life and drop me in another world It is even better when that other world becomes my reality while I’m reading even when the subject matter is otherworldly This author manages that trick every single timeEach book by Mr Fenraven I’ve read so far has been uniue He doesn’t write according to a formula Every story is a completely new adventure of discovery for the reader as I imagine it must have been for the author tooEach and every book by this author has also left me impressed with and envious of his ability to use words to their best advantage Where others need a paragraph he can convey the message in a sentence or two Not a single word is superfluous and most of them are exuisitely beautiful The dialogue sounds true and sparkles and descriptions leave the reader with a clear picture of what they are looking at “Watching him I felt longing bloom in my belly or maybe it was flowering lower down”There is a lot going on in this book This is one of the sweetest love stories I’ve ever read Cooper and Gray are beyond beautiful together Their love for each other the way the worry about the others health and happiness and the interaction between them kept an almost constant smile on my face But there is so much The paranormal angle is thrilling yet plausible Gray initial reluctance to accept his abilities and his slow journey towards learning about and eventually embracing them made it feel like something that could happen to any of usAnd finally there are the mysteries Who killed Graham and the Crystal Lady? Who is after Gray and Cooper and why? And most vitally how far do Gray’s powers really reach and will he be able to fully embrace and utilise them when it is literally a matter of life and death?There isn’t a boring moment in this book The sweet tender and on several occasions scorching hot love between the two main characters will have you smiling “That night I found out how ticklish he was”The tension resulting from the mysteries and dangers the characters face as much as Gray’s fear of and reluctance to use his ability keeps you on the edge of your seat“My nerves were stretched so tight Cooper could have played an adagio in D flat on me with his violin bow”Cooper has to be one of the sweetest characters I’ve ever read And before you think that makes him sound boring let me reassure you Cooper was also one of the most fascinating characters ever Because we see him through Gray’s eyes we get a real opportunity to appreciate his kindness While his role is to protect Gray from psychic attacks the younger man is protective of his older lover in every possible way For personal reasons I loved how we changed their diet in the hope of helping Gray’s IBSThe cliffhangers at the end of the first two parts of this story would have killed me if it hadn’t been for the fact I had the seuels ready and waiting If I’d had to wait months for the revelations I would have uttered one or two obscenities From my description so far you may have gotten the impression that this is a sweet romance come paranormal tale of suspense And you’d be right However it is so much Theo Fenraven manages to open our eyes to things we know but prefer not to think about in the most gentle of ways regardless of the shocking nature of the revelations These tales aren’t told for their shock value – although they do shock – they are here to make the reader aware of what’s happening in this world to kids who are different from ‘the norm’ It is a wake up call delivered in the most beautiful of wordsYour heart gets broken early on in the book when you learn about Cooper’s past and the way his parents treated him when he came out You think it can’t possibly get any worse and then you meet Wade and hear the ordeal this character had to go through at the hands of their father and find yourself in the middle of a battle between despair and pure hate Knowing this is fiction doesn’t make it any easier The author may have invented this character he didn’t invent the situation It happens Kids are living those nightmares and the world looks away not wanting to know I started this review by confessing to my love affair with Theo Fenraven’s words This book deepened that love I know this author has found a fan for life in me It’s about time the rest of the world woke up to the beauty they’re missing out on While something tells me it’s unlikely I can’t help hoping these characters will start talking to their creator again one day soon I would love to spend time with Cooper and Gray

  4. Suze Suze says:

    Have read as separate books looking forward to the re readI read the individual stories 18 months ago Got a copy of this when published mostly for the great photo which really encapsulates the river journey theme in the first bookI picked up on the relaionship between Gray and Cooper this time If asked I'd have said there was very little intimate scenes between the two and I could only recall the incident in the park but that is so not true I think last time I focussed on the mysteryparanormal elements and I know spent a lot of time on google maps looking at the locks and river to see where they wereThis is the three books in one edition rather than one long story so when books two and three start there are some references back to events that seems odd when read as a continuous storyPerhaps because I focussed on Gray and Cooper and those close to them the two groups wanting to use them seemed sinister And I had forgotten view spoilerthat Wade is transgender and blossoms into Wendy hide spoiler

  5. Brandilyn Brandilyn says:

    This is my first Theo Fenraven novel I have read shorts from him I guess technically it isn’t a novel; it is 3 separate novellas That being said if I had to read them with months in between I might have just had a fit The first 2 parts end on cliff hangers so you need all 3 for the full story As I said earlier Gray and Cooper have been added to my list of favorite literary couples don’t ask me for the list it is all mental ; but Precog is that just a cute couple Fenraven has a gift with both words and world building alikeFind the Full review at Prism Book Alliance

  6. Allison Allison says:

    Read the three books that make up this book but I loved the cover so much that I bought this book so I could have it The stories behind the gorgeous cover make it even worth it

  7. Aure7ia Aure7ia says:

    45 loved Gray and Cooper

  8. Kelly H. (Maybedog) Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    This was a good book but there was something missing some depth or something without which made it feel amateurish and shallow I can't really put my finger on it but maybe my notes will helpVery cool that he has a traditional gay job I'm not sure I've ever seen a regular guy who's not flaming who's gay and a hairdresser in MM romance I'm not sure I've seen an MC who's a hairdresser than maybe one other time A little bit of an issue with the math half of ten is not four plus two and time Example They were going to leave in two weeks but it's been two days Later it's been months even though the actions are always on the heels of the previous thing More specifically view spoilerthey arrive in port after the first month they've been together Two days later they fly to New York where they stay two nights during which time we're told they've been together months No time between books either as the end of one is the first scene of the next hide spoiler

  9. Dee Dee says:

    Excellent seriesAbsolutely loved the stories The balance between the relationship between Gray and Cooper and the paranormal story was enough to make me want to finish the entire series in one sittingWill look for from this author

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Precog in Peril (Precog in Peril, #1-#3) ❰Read❯ ➯ Precog in Peril (Precog in Peril, #1-#3) Author Theo Fenraven – Gray Vecello meets Cooper Key and the adventure of a lifetime begins as they explore the river on the houseboat Gray’s grandfather left him in his will Along the way they will meet new friends and d Gray Vecello meets Cooper Key and the adventure of a lifetime begins as they explore the river on the houseboat Gray’s grandfather left him in his will Along the way they will meet new friends and dangerous enemies Three of Swords An old houseboat a hot young guy a couple of murders and mysterious keys than you can shake a stick at it's an adventure Gray Vecello and Cooper Key will never forget Gray has the sight just as Graham had but will it be enough to save Precog in eBook Ú them both Knight of Wands Gray Vecello and Cooper Key are back in the exciting seuel to Three of Swords Graham's treasure is only the tip of the iceberg as a thief helps himself to a hidden stash of cash Jolly Roger makes another appearance and the guys finally meet others with special abilities when an emergency meeting of the group is called Accompanying them on this new adventure is Gray's cousin Harper who's having problems of her own Peace and uiet will have to wait as they take another trip downriver on their houseboat The Constant Companion before flying to New York City to beard a lion in his den and unexpectedly meet the SOS The Lightning Struck Tower Gray Vecello and Cooper Key are back in the last book in the Precog in Peril series Snatched by PsiOps a covert arm of the government they’re offered training in exchange for their psionic help Will they take the deal and if they don't what will PsiOps do to them Gray and Cooper meet new friends and enemies in this final chapter in the trilogy The story takes the reader from New York City to Ely Minnesota and back to Gray and Cooper's marina in Red Wing where they will face the ultimate test of their powers Someone will live and someone will die.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 342 pages
  • Precog in Peril (Precog in Peril, #1-#3)
  • Theo Fenraven
  • English
  • 13 September 2016

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Theo Fenraven happily lives in south Florida where it is hot and sunny much of the year.